AS I SEE IT - 8/18/2002:
Deception as an Artform... More on XPW

by: Bob Magee

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The soap opera involving XPW's attempt to run a wrestling show at the ECW Arena on August 31st continues.

Rather than use online media to get free publicity to break in to a new market, they've attacked three online writers who've reported on them, including Phoenix Championship promoter and writer Donnie Bucci, and's Steve Bryant. I've even had a crude graphic dedicated to me that was substituted for the original graphic of the surety bond XPW was to use for its 8/31 show, the bond later reported by The Hartford to have used a falsified address.

The promotion has also had at least one (and possibly two) examples of cold feet by the Delaware County (Pennsylvania) based independent Heritage Wrestling, the promotion that appears to be permitting XPW to use their license to run the August 31st the extent that XPW Vice President Kevin Kleinrock flew to Pennsylvania this week to again meet with officials of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission to attempt to secure XPW's own license.

Further, to show the lack of confidence that XPW has in their ability to draw with their lineup on August 31st...they've been involved in the following dirty tricks with Philadelphia area promotions over the last few weeks:

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