by: Bob Magee

The events of this past week give an added poignancy to the "Curtis Comes Home" show, in terms of the need of telling people who are special to us how much they DO mean to us while they are with us.

Three talented people, John Kennedy, Jr., Carolyn Bissette, and Lauren Bissette lost their lives while traveling to what should have been a joyful and celebratory time; the wedding of Robert Kennedy's daughter Rory. Instead, they became part of a wave of national mourning and searching back within our collective memories.

Additionally, many of you may have read of the car accident in which Brian and Pam Hildebrand were involved in last Saturday. While their vehicle was destroyed, both of them were uninjured. One has to assume that the Lord above has something special in mind for Brian and his wife, Pam, given what might have happened.

I also had the experience of finding out this week that a student of the school I work at...someone I'd spoken to only 18 hours before, had been a victim of random violence, shot to death on a Philadelphia street.

This week has been a powerful reminder to me of the fragility and preciousness of life. Accordingly, I'd like to again lend the remainder of the column over to reminding you about the "Curtis Comes Home" benefit show for Brian Hildebrand on July 30th at the Ice Gardens in Rostraver, PA.

If you can't attend the show, please help out by checking out the Renfield Merchandise website of the Hildebrands. It sells classic SMW tapes and gimmicks, as well as some indy tapes. It's located at

Here's one last review of the show....On Friday, more names from the WWF and WCW have been added to the "Curtis Comes Home" show on July 30th, the fundraiser for WCW referee Brian Hildebrand. This is the updated lineup as of Friday afternoon:


A reunion of the original ECW Triple Threat...
Shane Douglas/Chris Benoit/Dean Malenko vs. Tracy Smothers/Chris Candido/Tim Horner (with Tammy Sytch)

Chris Jericho vs. Terry Taylor

Al Snow vs. D-Lo Brown (with Mick Foley as special guest referee)

Shark Boy defends his 1999 Pillman Memorial Cruiserweight Tournament Title against Eddie Guerrero.

Dominic DeNucci vs. Lord Zoltan

The Public Enemy vs. Death & Destruction (Beau James & Roger Anderson)

Cody Michaels (with Jim Cornette) vs. WCW's Hugh Morris (with 'The Duke of New York' Al Getz)

Sheriff Steele vs. Big Dick Flanagan

Frank Parker vs. Julio Sanchez

Additionally appearing at this event will be Les Thatcher, Bruno Sammartino, Sandy Scott and others.

Tickets are on sale now at all Pittsburgh area Ticketmaster outlets (all National Record Mart, Giant Eagles, Kaufmann's and Music X).

You can order online through Ticketmaster Online at:
Brian Hildebrand Tickets

(NOTE: If your browser doesn't support linked text, just cut and paste the above address into your browser, and proceed with your order.)

Those in the Pittsburgh area can also purchase ticket in person at The Ice Garden Box Office, or by phone at (412) 323-1919.

Ticket prices are:
First Row: $50.00
Second Row: $40.00
Third-rest of floor: $30.00
General Admission (the bleachers): $20.00

If you can possibly attend, please consider doing so. Help out a person who is special to so many of us.

Until next time.....

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