AS I SEE IT - 7/02/2002:
10 Million Hits and Onward...

by: Bob Magee

As you're reading this..., the parent website of the AS I SEE IT column, has just achieved the goal of 10 million hits.

That's not too bad for a enterprise that started out as a wrestling newsletter back in 1996 read by at most, a couple hundred people... then added a wrestling website in 1997 to promote the newsletter... and went strictly online after late 1997.

According to Hitbox records, PWBTS has had readers from 39 countries: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, New Zealand, France, Belgium, Italy, Poland, Sweden, Mexico, Chile, Russian Federation, Taiwan, Denmark, Argentina, Ireland, Lithuania, Niue, Austria, Malaysia, Portugal, South Africa, Brazil, Columbia, Finland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Republic of (South) Korea, Norway, Singapore, French Southern Territories, India, Switzerland, and Tonga... and has gotten correspondence from as far away as a US Navy ship... the guided missile cruiser USS Yorktown.

Promotional websites such as Jersey All Pro Wrestling, Ohio Valley Wrestling,, NWA Jersey, Chaotic Wrestling, Phoenix, Oklahoma Pro Wrestling, World Star Wrestling, and the former Liberty All-Star Wrestling....

News and opinion sites like,, Chairshots, Start Wrestling, Wrestling Scene, Wrestling, Wrestling Express, Wrestling Nation, Wrestleview, The Rock, Impact, Wrestling Belt World...

Wrestler websites such as Robbie, Steve, Chris and fan sites from abroad such as Luttemedia,, and Pro

All of the above and more have all been kind enough to link to PWBTS, and send some traffic our way over the years.

As I said back in October 2001, the thought of people reading PWBTS with everything from their morning coffee, to their evening tapas, to their Buffalo wings watching a PPV... is pretty mind-blowing when I think about it for something that just started as a labor of love.

It also reminds all of us that there are plenty of wrestling fans around; whether or not wrestling is the entertainment "flavor of the week", or is the cult form of entertainment it's been over much of the last three decades I've been a fan of it.

Whether in fashion or not, information like that above proves that wrestling fans are all over the place...including you and I. We're at places ranging from the Skydome and the Egg Dome in Tokyo all the way to bars, flea markets and bingo halls, and everywhere inbetween...and many of you have come to join us during part of your day or night.

PWBTS has covered stories and offered (hopefully) thoughtful opinion on subjects ranging from:

All the way along, we called things as we saw them, and played no favorites, despite what our critics might tell you.

There are many individuals who are a part of our little labor of love, those in the past, and those currently involved with us...

Much thanks to all of them... they make PWBTS what it is... a non-aligned site where fans can get unbiased news and unabashed opinion.

10,000,000 hits... here's hoping that there's at least 10 million more in the years to come.

Until next time...


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