by: Bob Magee

First, let's have a little PWBTS dictionary time here this week:

Opportunist (n.) is defined as a person taking undue advantage of a unrelated situation that has occurred, in order to benefit themselves.

Hypocrite (n.) is defined as a person whose real life actions are counter to their strongly professed religious, moral, or personal beliefs.

Now to the meat of this week's column. The subject: Rena Mero and her lawsuit against Titan Sports, Inc.

The following quotes are from an article from writer Bridget Byrne of E! Online:

"Sable is body-slamming the World Wrestling Federation.

Her lawsuit, filed Thursday in Connecticut federal court, alleges sexual harassment and unsafe working conditions in an 'obscene' atmosphere fueled by 'roid rage.'

The blonde wife and mother, whose real name is Rena Mero, wants out of her contract with the WWF, which made her famous. She's asking for $100 million in damages, the right to retain the name Sable and profits from future merchandising of that moniker."

An "obscene" atmosphere? Obviously, posing in Playboy with your surgically enhanced breasts doesn't qualify as "obscene" in your mind does it, Ms. Mero? Not even when you're a professed born-again Christian?

I should note that I don't have anything against Playboy Magazine; and yes, I have seen the "Sable" pictures. But for a professed born-again Christian to be posing nude in Playboy Magazine? Does the word "hypocrite" come to mind here to you, readers? It does to me.

I make no claims to be a born-again Christian. But Rena Mero does.

Wonder how those softcore shots seen by millions come across in her religious witness at her local Baptist or Assembly of God congregation?

"Mero, recently seen in a nude Playboy spread, has helped fuel the WWF's top ratings on cable television.

But her lawsuit--followed by a strongly accusatory TV Guide interview, in which she also discusses steroid abuse, peep holes between men's and women's dressing rooms, and an incident where someone put feces in her gym bag--could present a significant setback for the wrestling organization.

The accusation of unsafe conditions comes just after the accidental on-air falling death of WWF wrestler Owen Hart last month.

Now, here we come to the word "opportunist" I defined earlier. Does anyone think that the timing of Ms. Mero's lawsuit might be just a LITTLE convenient? REALLY convenient? Just after the wildly publicized death of Owen Hart?

Rena Mero's timing comes off as nothing more than profiting off of the death of Owen Hart. Period. Perhaps the Hart family would be better off having Bruce Hart train his guns on Ms. Mero for such a blatant disrespect of Owen's memory by using the timing of his death to make her money, than constantly going after Vince McMahon and Titan Sports on media outlet after media outlet. Perhaps those who have rightly gone after low-lifes like Craig Kilborn and those disk jockeys in Dallas should also focus some of their attention to Ms. Mero.

Disgusting as what they did is, at least they weren't making a buck off of a dead man. Rena Mero is. That's even worse.

"I was asked to go in to the ring and perform things I was very uncomfortable with--doing jumps from high ropes in five inch heels," Mero tells the magazine.

"Each match has a predetermined outcome," she adds in the publication. "But it doesn't always turn out that way. A lot of tempers get very heated in the ring."

Oh, come on, Ms. Mero....what are you telling us? That Luna Vachon shot on you in the ring? If she did, you'd likely be in a hospital, not in a lawyer's office. As for what happens to people who do stupid things to Luna Vachon, ask Tamara Sytch. She'll tell you what happens when Ms. Vachon loses her temper.

As for "performing", let's not dignify what you did in the ring by calling it that.

"As for whether the WWF's athletes use steroids, Mero was a little less direct, but she did tell the magazine that organization owner/showman Vince McMahon no longer insists his wrestlers take drug tests.

'I can't say for certain. But's common knowledge that you do not look like the people in our sport without enhancement. The wrestlers, the crew that we count on to set up the ring and the ramp--I believe may be on drugs.'"

Does the phrase "defamation of character, libel and slander lawsuit" come to mind here? From any one of several people in Titan Sports? Such a blanket accusation without concrete proof is something her lawyers should have had the sense to warn her about.

As for whether or not I think steroid/HGH use is likely prevalent in professional wrestling, as she suggests...longtime readers of this column know my feeling on that subject. That, however, isn't the issue at hand here.

"Mero also alleges that her refusal to expose her breasts in the ring led to the downgrading of her status and the removal of her championship belt.

'There is a time and place for that,' she adds. ' the middle of a wrestling arena where they're serving alcohol and there are screaming fans--including children--in the front row, I don't feel like that is the proper place to be exposed.'

'Posing for Playboy for me was a classy and tasteful thing to do,' adds Mero, who insists she's a responsible parent who doesn't let her young daughter, Mariah, watch wrestling on television."

Bullshit. Pure, utter, unadulterated bullshit.

Did any readers watch a certain WWF pay-per-view? You know, the one where Rena Mero came out in nothing but glorified pasties that were the shape of hands? "Refusal to expose her breasts"? Please..... In how many states is it required (if alcohol is served) to have exactly what Rena Mero had...AT STRIP CLUBS? It is in all of the states in my local area.

Does Rena Mero actually think that the kids at school won't be eventually letting her know that her mother posed in the world's best-known softcore magazine? And if she's so "responsible", what in the hell is she doing performing in such a business in the first place if she finds it to be inappropriate?

As for "the proper place to be exposed", apparently there's only one: the place that will help make Ms. Mero the most money.

Readers, there's an old story about a lecherous old man who offers a young woman a large sum money to have sex with him. She seems interested. Then he offers her a smaller sum of money, than a smaller sum of money. She then says: "What kind of a girl do you think I am?" His response: "We've already established that. We're just haggling over the price."

So have we, Ms. Mero. So have we.

Until next time....

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