by: Bob Magee

It's nice to see that ECW lemmings are still alive and well, even though their company may or not be, depending on the status of the TNN deal.

A little charmer posting under the name "W*ING Higley", decided to take potshots at PWBTS's own Carrie (Messantonio) Zohn in a posting on (the message board). Along with posting on PWBTS, Carrie also posts on the SCOOPS website, seen by many readers daily; as well as working with her new husband, Ed Zohn in the LAW promotion in Pennsylvania.

"W*ING" decided to rip on everything from Carrie's singing of the National Anthem at the Break the Barrier/SCOOPS independent show last week to her opinions of particular workers to her personally.

Then "W*ING" decided to take shots at myself and my brother John, known by most people in the Philly wrestling orbit by his nickname "Sarge".

My brother and I were described by this obsessed individual as "traitors to the cause". One assumes "W*ING" meant that I've frequently pointed out in this column the fact that the Emperor Paul wears no clothes (figuratively speaking). Heaven knows what my brother is seen as guilty of.

OK, "W*ING"....let's talk.

Let me smarten you up a bit, friend.

ECW, good or bad, right or wrong, is a WRESTLING COMPANY. No more, and no less. Even Paul Heyman would tell you that.

ECW exists to make a profit for its owners Steve Karel, Paul Heyman, and unnamed others (which it seems it may be doing if you believe Scott Bigelow and Troy Martin). It exists to pay the workers (which it ISN'T doing as often as it should lately). It exists to provide quality entertainment for its fans (which it has done over the years tremendously well, and like any wrestling company, fails to do on occasion).

But a "traitor to the cause"? That comment sounds like some juvenile crap from a mark at a Southern indy show. At least they could be excused for not knowing any better. I would have assumed that you would know better.

ECW's a wrestling company, not some "Heyman's Gate" religious cult, where 1,039 people think they're dying and going to heaven from a Bingo Hall (and yes, W*ING, I'm the one who gave Jim Cornette that line 3 years ago for use on the New York edition of Shotgun Saturday Night).

If in your mind ECW has become a "cause", and not just a form of entertainment, I truly feel sorry for you, and anyone you presume to be writing on behalf of.

Now as for your ridicule of Carrie Zohn...

You see, W*ING, Carrie's what used to be called a lady. Not just in the character "Lady Miss Carrie" she's used at ringside, but in her real life. I guess, since you apparently live at the ECW Arena, you haven't seen many of those around recently, for oh, three years or so. Heaven knows, no one in their right minds would confuse certain women in the ahem..."ECW office"... with being a lady.

Be a wrestling fan of whoever you want to. Enjoy ECW as much as you want to. But remember it for it was, and enjoy what you can for what it is now, for as long as you can.

Don't try and blame fans like myself who were at ECW shows back in 1992, when Tod Gordon ran shows at the Chestnut Cabaret and the Philadelphia Original Sports Bar... who were there at that first SportsChannel TV taping with 60 others at Cabrini College in March 1993...who were there for the glory years of ECW from 1994 to 1996 and saw entertainment beyond our wildest hopes out of a crew of workers with guts beyond imagination and world-class talent... and who have seen before their own eyes the promotion they loved turn into a cult of personality, of drug use, of ego, of financial loss to workers who have given their physical and emotional health for the fans.

No, W*ING. Blame Paul Heyman instead. Blame him for what is now, as well as praise him for what once was. Because if ECW goes under, the fact will be that ECW died for Paul Heyman's sins. Not ours.

And if you look at the situation with clear eyes, you can hear the words found in a song by Jackson Browne, called "For Everyman"....

"Everybody I talk to is ready to leave
with the light of the mornin'...
They've seen the end comin' down
long enough to believe
That they've heard their last warning..."

Ask Scott Bigelow.

Ask Jim Fullington.

Ask Troy Martin.

Sadly, they've heard those words now, too.

Until next time....

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