AS I SEE IT - 4/01/2003:
How wrestling fans can help those in Iraq,
their families, and refugees

by: Bob Magee

The readership of this column, and its flagship website PWBTS, comes from 61 countries, just in 2003 alone. Many of those countries and their people have different opinions on the war in Iraq. This AS I SEE IT column isn't going to try and convince you of the truth of either side of the argument.

But it seems to me that regardless of one's opinion of the war in Iraq, it should be reasonably obvious that those who provide service to the United States and to other allied countries are deserving of regard for their efforts, and of material assistance while in the field.

One of the mistakes that those against the Vietnam War made was to target some of those who served in Vietnam, rather than target solely the American government that fostered the war. Hopefully, people that oppose the Iraq war have learned from those mistakes, and will confine their opposition to those in the leadership positions that have made the decisions to invade Iraq.

Whatever your viewpoint, there are several ways that wrestling fans of whatever political persuasion, as well as wrestling promotions at their shows; can provide material assistance or send greetings to those serving, provide material assistance to the families of those serving, or provide material assistance to refugees of the war.

Here are some of the ways that you can do so:

To conclude... a reminder that this Saturday, April 5th, is the seventh annual Super 8 tournament, sponsored by Jim Kettner's East Coast Wrestling Association, takes place at St. Matthew's Parish Center in Wilmington, DE with a 7:00 pm belltime.

This year's tournament features:

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