AS I SEE IT - 1/05/2002
by: Bob Magee

A happy New Year to all of the readers of PWBTS who have come from 34 different nations in 2002, a list that includes the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Netherlands, Japan, Sweden, New Zealand, Taiwan, Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Republic of Korea, Norway, Niue, Hong Kong, South Africa, Brazil, Denmark, Switzerland, Mexico, Columbia, Poland, Chile, Finland, French Southern Territories, India, Russian Federation, Spain, Lithuania, Malaysia and Portugal.

Here's a list of New Year's resolutions that many wrestling fans hope certain people in wrestling make in 2002:

For Vince McMahon: a resolution to remember that there are still wrestling fans that appreciate wrestling matches, to provide fans with storylines that have a beginning, middle, and end, and to have his writing team create character development that provides the conflict that allows for the above.

For Linda McMahon: a resolution to remind her husband and daughter that an entertaining product is a profitable product...even if their product is the only show in town for most fans.

For Stephanie McMahon: a resolution to ask Paul Heyman why he's said for years that bookers shouldn't put themselves on television too listen to what he says...and then to act accordingly.

For HHH: a resolution to stay healthy in give us the great matches he's capable of...and to remember in the New Year that when others get over in his company, that means he can make more money too.

For Bret Hart: a resolution to get counseling, so he can deal with and get past four plus years of accumulated hatred and bitterness toward members of his family and the wrestling community.

For Undertaker: a resolution to begin the process of gradual and graceful retirement, with one last run as the old school Undertaker.

For Chuck Palumbo and Billy Gunn: a resolution to beg Vince McMahon for a new gimmick to spare us (and them) any further embarrassment seeing them as the "Ambiguously Blonde Duo".

For Bradshaw and other nameless members of the WWF locker room: a resolution to ease up on the vigilante justice for major locker room and real life offenses, and to take any real life offenses (such as those reported in the Torch) to WWFE Human Resources and other appropriate parties.

For Eddie Guerrero - a resolution to be and stay clean and sober, and to be entertaining us all on a major stage in 2002.

For "The Rock": - a resolution to spend more time in a wrestling ring than in front of Hollywood cameras in 2002 and entertain the millions know the rest.

For Bill Goldberg: a resolution to enjoy collecting his Time-Warner checks, and avoid using national tragedies to talk trash about the only major national employer in his field of work.

For the XWF and World Wrestling All-Stars: a resolution to do what is necessary to be a success in 2002, so North American fans (and wrestlers) can have an alternative.

For John Collins of MECW fame: a resolution to contact a recruiter at the Wharton Business School, so he can begin that badly needed course in business management.

For APW's Roland Alexander: a resolution to run his wrestling promotion more like a real business in 2001; including paying his employees, acknowledging his failures as well as his successes, and accepting business opportunities from those who offer them.

For Mike Womer: a resolution to keep smiling after the ribbing he's bound to get from the boys (and more than a few fans) after taking part in the skit with Stephanie McMahon on the live Smackdown from DC.

For Jim Kettner: a resolution to give wrestling fans within driving distance of Wilmington, DE another great Super 8 this March...say, with A.J. Styles and Michael Modest...then send the tape to his friends up in Stamford to remind them of the kind of wrestling they can provide us as part of their sports entertainment product.

For Reckless Youth: a resolution to get healthy in 2002, so those of us in the Northeast can see his talent and sense of humor.

For L. Brent Bozell: a resolution to tell the truth at least 50% of the time...

For wrestling fans to take the time to remember those wrestlers they once watched...long after their careers have ended. You can start on that resolution right now by sending get-well wishes or providing help to Superstar Billy Graham (currently in need of a liver transplant) and family by writing to 15402 North 28th Street, Suite 105, Phoenix, AZ 85032 or via e-mail at

And a resolution for our world in general...a resolution to treasure the things that are both important and fun to us...without the kinds of tragedies that have forced us to treasure them in 2001.

Until next time...


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