Ever think Brian Danielson would win the WWE World Heavyweight Title...and have it not be the primary subject of discussion from a Wrestlemania 30?

Nope. Not me.

Everyone who writes about wrestling from the mega-sites like the Wrestling Observer and to the smallest message board figured they'd be writing about Brian Danielson this morning.

But then again, no wrestling fan thought The Streak would end last night either.

None. Nada. No one. No wrestling website that I'm aware of suggested that this was even possible. Everyone was stunned last night. In the post-kayfabe era of wrestling, I've never seen a crowd react like that to the finish of a wrestling match. Ever.

Some of the camera shots of fans (and the pictures online this morning) were a wrestler's and a wrestling promoter's dream for getting a reaction. Anytime you hear wrestling isn't about telling stories...and is about a succession of them April 6, 2014 at the New Orleans Superdome.

A lot of people online were really upset at last night's finish. This included fans...but also more than a few promoters and wrestlers. A lot of people wanted Undertaker to retire with it intact as a tribute to the character and the man who plays him. Even those who understand that The Streak is a storyline and plot device...thought that if were going to end... it should have been used to get over a young talent...a Roman Reigns type who is clearly heading to the top.

They don't see Brock Lesnar as that talent. That's another discussion altogether.

The Undertaker has been the Dead Man for 20 plus years...he may well be immortal.

But Mark Calloway isn't.

I think the reason people were stunned last night, was that The Streak ending reminds wrestling fans that Mark Calloway isn't immortal...and neither are they.

Ironically (or never know) the commercial for Wrestlemania 30 with the "Then, Now, Forever" theme featuring "Joey" the prototypical WWF/E fan. It showed him being a 7 year old Hulkamaniac gradually getting older as the various WWF/E eras went on, ending as the 37 year old Joe Sr. with 7 year old Joey Jr. along with wife and daughter watching who else... but John Cena.

Well, readers, we've all gotten that much older. So did Mark Callaway....well, 21 years older.

We don't like to admit it. But that Wrestlemania 30 advertisement told more than one story, although we didn;t know it at the time.

The first meaningeveryone was OK with. But part two it showed its other side on April 6, 2014.

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