AS I SEE IT 7/15

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

On a weekend where equal justice under the law is a foreign concept in America, where the life of a young black man is worth less than that of a white or Hispanic…in the eyes of a Florida jury…I think I’d like to feature someone doing some GOOD in the world.

Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows presents “Double Main Event Madness”, Friday 26th July 2013, Luton; raising money for ‘Action For Children’ – featuring Luton’s professional wrestling ‘World Of Sport’ era legend, Johnny Kidd!

The event benefits the UK charity Action For Children Information available at; and will be held at the Stopsley Working Mens Club, Putteridge Road, Luton, LU2 8Hg (venue has a fully licensed bar)..

Doors open 7:00 pm with a 7.30 pm belltime.

Tickets are �5 each, four for �18. Reserve by calling 07827 274819.

CAWS (Charity Appeal Wrestling Shows) are the exclusive UK affiliate of the UIWA (United Independent Wrestling Affiliates), who have member promotions in America, England, Puerto Rico, Australia, and Nova Scotia. The UIWA website can be visited at

Matches Announced So Far:


(British Wrestling Legends Match)
Luton’s hometown hero, ‘Mr Smooth’, Johnny Kidd vs Former WWE & TNA star, James Mason

It doesn’t get bigger. It doesn’t get better. It needs no hype. It’s a main event anywhere in the entire world. No more words are necessary. The word you’re looking for to describe this match,.is “unmissable”. Perhaps the last time you’ll ever get to see this match….


(CAWS Lightheavyweight Title Match)
Darren Saviour (c) vs former TNA star ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm w/’Perfect’ P.T. Player

Four days after this show, on July 30th, it is the arrogant, self obsessed, and man who’s ego has it’s own postcode, ‘Perfect’ P.T. Player’s, birthday. And he has gone on record publically by saying that he will manage his new client/new member of the L-Town Mafia, former TNA & ROH star ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm, to winning the CAWS Lightheavyweight Title, as a birthday present to himself. How can one man be so downright conceited to do this? Well, that’s P.T. So, will his arrogant ways pay off, or will CAWS Lightheavyweight Champion Darren Saviour give the CAWS Wrestling fans the thing they would truly love the most – a successful title defence, and the chance to make sure ‘Perfect’ P.T. Player has an unhappy birthday? Be there, to find out….

* (CAWS Wildcard Title – Triple Threat Match)
‘Dazzling’ Darrell Allen (c) vs Ultimo Tiger vs ‘Lord’ Edward Winchester

CAWS Wildcard Champion ‘Dazzling’ Darrell Allen is now scheduled to be taking on not one, but two top contenders for his title belt, on the show; in a triple threat match against Ultimo Tiger, and ‘Lord’ Edward Winchester, that despite the incredible double main events on this show, could still steal the limelight. Expect high flying, high paced action!

For further information, go to CAWS Social Media at; Facebook /a>, or

Until next time….

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