AS I SEE IT 12/22: Happy tidings..and not so happy ones

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

This week brings Christmas Day...from PWBTS, a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers. May you and yours celebrate the season that gives us the birth of the Child who came to liberate the world, and a Happy Hanukkah... the season of the Festival of peace, in safety, and in joy.

Looks like we have at least one set of happy tidings to report in this week's column, with news on the Toys for Tots collections at the ECW Arena. The Toys for Tots collections at the ECW Arena were a success with many toys donated at events including the Evolved Fighting Muay Thai MMA card, Combat Zone Wrestling's year-end Cage of Death X show, Velocity Pro Wrestling show, and the CHIKARA December shows.

It just goes to show you that wrestling fans DO have a heart. Thanks to all the fans that contributed. As Christmas approaches, its a nice thought that this column contributed, even in a small way, to children having some joy during the holidays.
Congratulations to the promotions whose Toys for Tots efforts this column was able to publicize during this holiday season: WWE, as well as CZW (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware), CHIKARA (Pennsylvania), Velocity Pro Wrestling (Pennsylvania), United Wrestling Coalition (New Jersey), Devastation Wrestling Federation (New Jersey), Funkadified Wrestling Federation (Delaware), 3XWrestling (Des Moines, IA), Carolina Wrestling Showcase (North Carolina), Kentucky Championship Wrestling (Kentucky), High Profile Pro Wrestling (Florida), NWA Liberty States Wrestling (New Jersey and Masschusetts), Chaotic Wrestling (Connecticut and Masschusetts), TNA Wrestling (Florida), Wolverine Pro Wrestling (Michigan), and New England Championship Wrestling (Masschusetts).

Unfortunately, not all news this week is happy. The following was posted online by American Kickbozer...quoting wrestler Bull Pain:

I'm going to visit my dear friend rollin hard and brother wrestler today. He is in the hospital and is not doing very well. He has been fighting terminal cancer for the past few years and as much as I hate to say or admit it, I think he is losing the battle.

It truly breaks my heart to see such a good man and friend be eaten up and destroyed by this terrible and disgusting disease. He has been struggling for the last 8 months and I think he is finally getting tired. All I can say is that he is my hero.

To go through what he has and to still try and have a good attitude about life is amazing to me. He has endured more than any man should ever have to, and I am totally devastated to know that this might be the last time I ever see him again. I hope that I am totally wrong and that a miracle happens, and that God spares this great man, but I am trying to prepare myself for the possibly worst scenario.

Just thinking about it brings me to tears, and I don't cry very easy. It makes me very mad to know that such a good guy and person has to go through this torture. God, if your listening I am begging you to please spare my friend. He is a good man and he doesn't deserve this. Not only will his wife and kids miss him dearly...I, too, and many others will consider this a terrible loss. If you can find it in your heart. please help him out. Thank you.

Bull Pain

As we approach Christmas, hold your dear ones extra tight...and whatever the economy is bringing us as 2008 ends, appreciate the lives you do have.

Until next time...

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