AS I SEE IT 6/9: Your thoughts, plus news on a worthwhile cause

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

After last week's column, it's good to see that e-mails from trollz haven't completely died out, even if just for the amusement value they provide.

Believe it or not, there's actually a human (I guess) who defended Mark Madden and his repulsive comments about Senator Ted Kennedy:

Tom Scheel, with an e-mail of (in past columns, I've warned anyone who sent this kind of crap that is sent to me can be reprinted in full...look at my page), said the following in defense of Madden's repulsive comments about Senator Ted Kennedy:

"I donít understand your beef with Madden. Kennedy is a festering hemorrhoid who should have died years ago in the chair when he murdered Mrs. Kopechne."

From Merlon Mayrand:

"I thought what Mark Madden said was tame compared to the vile stuff that's submitted by left wingers on the Huffington Post and the Daily Kos. Most notably comments directed to Tony Snow and his struggle with cancer. This playground bickering by the left and the right has made me a registered independent."

So this means it's OK to ridicule someone with cancer, why exactly? I mean, what's next: "Waaaah..... Mom, he hit me first"?

Then, there 's "Dave the Barbarian" at entitled:
"Subject: Mr.Magoo"

"dear bob magee,

i've read your stupid column ever since i was in the 8th grade, hoping that the next column i read would actually mean something. besides our yearly christmas thing you got goin on with the brian pillman ghost, your column is never good. i am now graduated from high school and i realize i hate your column. it sucks." cute. I heard "Mister Magoo" cracks back in fifth grade.

So you've read me for four years, and because I dared question Hulk Hogan and Mark Madden, you now realize I suck? Tell me, do you own a Hogan feather boa and a foam finger? You also feel so warm and cuddly about my column that you refer to "our" column.

From Burt Hollobaugh:

"GIVE ME A BREAK, IT WAS A JOKE! A tasteless joke? Well, yeah, but that has been his calling card for years. Heís said worse.

I canít believe all of the 'holier than thou' backlash with this, itís ridiculous. We have freedom of speech in this country. Well, at least we used toÖ.

I wonder if "freedom of speech" would extend to making a similarly sick joke about President George Bush. If I made such a "joke", I'd have the Secret Service breaking down my door within 30 minutes and would be a guest of the Bush Administration down at Guantanamo.

That, and Brent Bozell and his knuckle-dragging friends would be up my ass again.

Then there are those of the opposite opinion:

From Artie C. Kidwell:

"I couldn't agree more. Both of those individuals have shown their true selves",

Sadly, this is true.

From Kevin Sherman:

"Mr. Magee,

I applaud you for being able to put your feelings about Hulk Hogan into this article, for I would not of been able to without it looking like a bunch of #@$! due to being censored. I could not agree with ya more on what a piece of crap this jackass is, not to mention his entire family. I am with ya that CMT should never air this show of his. Also, if I was the head of NBC, I would pull the plug on American Gladiators, or better yet, bring back Larry Csonka and Mike Adamle. (I am a sucker for nostalgia)

I also applaud your article due to it is good to see people in the wrestling community coming out against the Hulk and what he is saying and doing. "

You can keep Mike Adamle, thank you. But thanks for your thoughts.

By the way, it sounds if NBC might well be on their way to pulling the plug on American Gladiators, as its being cut to an hour.

On a more positive note that restores my faith that humans with fully developed brain stems exist in and around the world of professional wrestling, and do things to help others; Dr. Keith Lipinski, noted online wrestling presence (and contributor) sent the following along to me about his efforts to raise funds to fight AIDS as he runs the Chicago Marathon this autumn:

Friends, Family, Associates, mortal enemies, members of the wrestling elite, etc...

Yup, the page explains it all. On October 12, I will be running the Chicago Marathon. This either the greatest idea I have had in this fiscal quarter (sorry I blame my new job on this non-Keith like terminology) or the worst idea since the slinky shorts (a fashion AND physics disaster).

Five weeks into AIDS marathon training program, I have already become a faster runner, my distances have improved greatly, and I have dropped around 12 pounds. At least 1 of those pounds is blood loss from the nipple area.

Yeah, too much information I know. Now, I need your help. I'm raising money to fight AIDS like I'm Kimbo Slice. I would appreciate a donation of any size. Every little bit helps.

Donating to the cause is easy, just click on Donate now link and give your credit card information. Or just send me blank checks - as it makes it easier for all parties involved.

I appreciate it.

Until next time...

If you have comments/questions, or if you'd like to add the AS I SEE IT column to your website, I can be reached by e-mail at


If you have comments/questions, or if you'd like to add the AS I SEE IT column to your website, I can be reached by e-mail at