AS I SEE IT 12/24: Happy endings and tidings

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

As this is Christmas Eve (or Christmas Day for those reading this in Asia), a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our readers.
May you and yours celebrate the season that gives us the birth of the Child who came to liberate the world, and the season of the Festival of peace, in safety, and in joy.

Looks like we have some happy endings and happy tidings to report in this week's column, with news on the Toys for Tots collections at the ECW Arena, another charity event at the ECW Arena to start 2008; and on the reprieve this past week for Georgia independent wrestling fans.

The Toys for Tots collections at the ECW Arena were a success with hundreds of toys donated at events including the ECW Arena's Thanksgiving weekend comic/sci-fi/wrestling/collectibles convention, the Evolved Fighting Muay Thai MMA card, Combat Zone Wrestling's year-end Cage of Death IX show, and the Pro Wrestling Unplugged December shows.

Just goes to show you that wrestling fans DO have a heart. Thanks to all the fans that contributed. On Christmas Eve, it's a nice thought that this column contributed, even in a small way, to children having some joy during the holidays.

Even after the holidays officially end, the holiday spirit goes on at the ECW Arena.

On Sunday, January 6th the MBA, LLC, in association with Philly SOS, The New Alhambra, and presents "Wii Appreciate Your Donation", a charity event supporting the Jeff Duck Memorial Fund to help a child suffering from a very rare birth defect that causes the organs to grow on the outside of the body.

The event will also benefit the SOS Anti-Violence Program at the ECW Arena, on Sunday, January 6, with a 2:00 pm belltime with a requested minimum donation of $6. The show features DJ Hyde, Maven Bentley, Greg Excellent, Team AnDrew, and some of your favorite CZW, GBW, and Chikara stars, including:

  • MBA Promoter Maven Bentley, who has multiple personalities on MBA shows.

    Fans voting will be able to pick which persona Bentley plays out of the following: The Ultimate Lawyer, Maven Hogan, The Great, Bentley, Fit Bentley, The Big, Bentley, MBA's Booker...T, Mavdig, and "Lightning" Maven Quackenbentley.

  • From CZW and the CZW Wrestling Academy: DJ Hyde, Current CZW World Jr. Heavyweight Champion Sabian, CZW World Tag Team Champion Jon Dahmer, Andy Sumner, Drew Gulak, Ryan McBride, LJ Cruz, Joe Gacy, Alex Colon, Whacks

    Indy stars from Eastern Wrestling Alliance, FOW, GBW: Ace Delic, Tim Donst, Rockin' Rebel, Greg Excellent, Simon Rhyme, Darth X, Goldthumb, Jimmy Starz, Bruce Chan, Zack Matthews, Doyle Day, Teddy Stigma, Orange Cassidy...and Rockin' Rebel

    From CHIKARA: Fire Ant, Soldier Ant, Worker Ant, Amasis, Ophidian, Ultramantis Black, Hydra, Crossbones, Vin Gerard (aka Equinox)
    To benefit the Fund and the SOS Program, there will be a Nintendo Wii raffled off with raffle tickets at $3 a piece for your chance to win a Nintendo Wii, along with an extra controller and a copy of Wii Sports, Wario Ware: Smooth Moves, and Super Mario Galaxy! and fans who inquire to Maven Bentley and are willing to donate more will be entered into a raffle to LEGIT book the show from the talent lineup above.

    A Paypal account has been set up and all donations may be directed to

    For general information, e-mail

    Now, news on the proposed regulations that would have destroyed wrestling in Georgia.

    Wrestling fans, promoters and wrestlers throughout Georgia and surrounding states made their feelings known since the proposed regulations were announced. The regulations would have shut down independent wrestling in the State, as most promoters indicated they would either shut down, or move their shows across the border to neighboring states.

    Even with this storm of objection; it seemed as though the proposed Georgia regulations would be enacted, and that the legal action suggested by Georgia promoters would be required; until the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last Monday, the day before the hearings. that WWE attorney Jerry McDevitt announced that "If those regulation are applied to us, we won't do Georgia,"

    This changed things altogether, as the report from Georgia Wrestling
    History's Rich Tate shows:

    The public forum with the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Commission today resulted in a reprieve for professional wrestling in the state of Georgia. After a session lasting about an hour, the board declared the proposed regulations on the business would be delayed until its February meeting.

    It was decided by the board to hold off on making any movement toward passing these rules, disputing what Farr had told GWH earlier. In an earlier report, we noted that he had declared a vote would be held today, and that everything that passed would go into effect on January 7, 2008. However, prior to the meeting, Biello reiterated that would not be the case. "There will be no vote today", he informed the audience of about fifty who had gathered to defend the business.

    Upon conclusion, they suggested the local wrestling community create a board of its own, and work to put together alternatives to bring forth in an attempt to create a resolution that would work for all parties. Following the hearing, several key members from various wrestling entities around Georgia met in an informal discussion, in an effort to form a group that would assemble its recommendations prior to meeting again with the GAEC.

    There were several representatives from the wrestling business who spoke directly to the commission, including Jerry Palmer, Daniel Mayne, Rob Adonis, Thunderbolt Patterson, Scott East, Bill Behrens, Darrell Gower, the Unknown Soldier, Todd Sexton, Frank Aldridge, Fallon Waddell, Iceberg, Rocky King, and Curtis Hughes...

    ...An informal gathering of the wrestling community was conducted afterward to address the forming of its own committee, as requested by the GAEC.

    Later in the week, a group of promoters and interested others from Georgia's independent wrestling community have formed the Georgia Wrestling Promoters Advisory Committee. This committee will be working to create its own idea of what regulations should be in place for logical purposes of policing local wrestling, and hopes to finalize these items through dialogue with the GAEC prior to the February 2008 meeting of the commission.

    In an informal gathering following today’s hearing at GAEC headquarters in Atlanta, GA, Bill Behrens was unanimously chosen to head the Georgia Wrestling Promoters Advisory Committee.

    Behrens stated that "Our committee will help the Georgia Athletic and Entertainment Committee register all wrestling promoters and develop a system of reporting from the wrestling promoters to the Committee as required by Georgia Law. We will discuss and present recommendations to the Committee of rules and regulations we believe will protect wrestlers and fans consistent with the nature of professional wrestling as a popular entertainment form and as required by Georgia Law. Our intent is to help the Committee and in the process help ourselves and the many that enjoy professional wrestling events in the state of Georgia."

    Until next time...

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