AS I SEE IT 12/18: Your thoughts on the WWECW PPV

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Coming in the next few weeks will be the TENTH annual AS I SEE IT Year-End awards.

I thought that this year, along with my own picks; I'd add a fan vote for certain separate awards to add to my picks.

Here are the categories I selected for fan votes:

  • Best US wrestler (not your favorite, but the most talented)
  • Best US independent promotion
  • Best match of the year/independent
  • Best match of the year/WWE or TNA

    Your votes MUST be marked with "AS I SEE IT anniversary awards" in the subject header and your category; and submitted by the morning of January 5th. All others will be discarded. Votes can be sent by e-mail to

    Please note: I do reserve the right to throw out votes if I start to get e-mails that are clearly ridiculous and just designed to spoil the fun (such as 500 votes for MVP as Best Wrestler of the Year).

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    Your letters:


    "I, for one, am boycotting any WWE television. This means no WWE PPVs, no RAW, no SD!, and no ECW. Which sucks, because I've been watching WWE for ten years and usually enjoyed the product. I stopped buying PPVs long ago due to there being too many duds and few reasons to spend my money for only one or two intriguing matches.

    To be fair, the original ECW never announced more than one or two of their matches.. but this is WWE. The ECW-of-dead could never fully promise wrestlers to show up where in WWE, they have contracts that make pretty everyone show up. I expected a lot better build up than what they gave.

    Also, the original ECW always pushed the younger guys ahead of veterans. Sandman and Dreamer are veterans. Sabu can't have a good match without tables-which is too dangerous for WWE, as a business, to invest in. And RVD screwed up by being a druggie. However, the original ECW did it in such a way that the veterans could walk out with pride and reputation while WWECW seems to only care about pushing the younger guys.

    As for ECW being without Heyman, that's what people probably said about WWWF without Vince Sr. Fact is, promoters and storyline writers move on and are succeeded by someone else. However, Heyman never fully had the chance to take WWECW in any direction in which a new booker could take it.

    If people are willing to spend up to $200+ for PPVs that have always been disappointing in one way or another (in WWE's case) then all the power to them, but it just proves that they're not willing to show Vince that they mean business. As long as anyone keeps watching and buying their materials, Vince will never take them seriously.

    As long as Paul Heyman isn't involved with WWECW, no one should take it seriously...not that therre are that many who are were before, anyway, thanks to Vince McMahon.

    From Joseph Shay:

    " I read your column on the atrocity that was WWECW's December to Dismember and really appreciated it. It got me thinking about an interesting thing I read the other day and how it ties in to a rating ploy Vince McMahon used several years ago when trying to trump WCW.

    I was reading Forbes list of the Richest Men in America and it had Vince's worth at a sickening 555 Million Dollars. This, along with your column today, made me ponder the reasons for Vince's second decimation of ECW. I believe it is because he sits on one fat pocketbook, and has no competition to worry about that he can't buy-out. This reminds me of the Billionaire Ted skits that the WWE used in the mid 90's to get under Ted Turner's skin. Granted the Huckster and the Nacho Man are not extraordinarily clever ideas, but they worked to wake Turner up.

    It seems to me though that it's no longer Billionaire Ted that the Wrestling fans have to worry about it's Millionaire Vince who now controls what the fans get. It's sad and trivial that a promoter doesn't listen to the fans and for me if I am going to spend money for a wrestling Pay Per View TNA is looking better and better all the time. They, at least, show some of the same qualities that ECW once possessed and the stars are not all ex-bodybuilders who happened to learn to wrestle.

    Until there is a second promotion that gives Vince McMahon a run for his money, McMahon can do whatever he wants. TNA isn;t yet it, and doesn't appear to be heading in that direction. The only real challenger for PPV dollars and fan interest is UFC...which isn't even a wrestling promotion, but MMA.

    From "":

    Let me start by saying that your opinion on WWECW is very true and it is obvious you are from Philadelphia as I am. I was at Survivor Series,and I hope McMahon takes into consideration how true wrestling fans felt about Cena and Batista.

    Where I was sitting, there were "Harlem Heat" chants going on throughout the Booker T-atista match, which was the worst PPV main event I have witnessed in quite some time. The only reason I think Lashley even got a pop from the crowd is because he is in "ECW". CM Punk received a bigger pop from the crowd than DX, which is WWE's pride and joy.

    I was wondering what your view on the Cena/Umaga feud is. I mean if McMahon really wanted to push this match down our throats then why not have Umaga pin the champ at Survivor Series? Why have Umaga disqualified in the beginning and then, why, in Philly, have two of the most loved and original ECW superstars, RVD and Sabu, be the first from their team eliminated?

    McMahon wants his ratings back as high as they were during the attitude era, which was full of controversy. The original ECW and Paul Heyman are nothing but controversial. When I heard ECW was being brought back, I was excited. But when I heard that not all matches were under "Extreme Rules" I wondered what the point of this WWECW was. Now this WWECW barely even has "Extreme Rules" matches, and why isn't the title at least only defended under these rules?

    I feel McMahon doesn't give two shits for ECW or what it stands for, the old ECW. If he did, he would have made Benoit's comeback be on ECW, not Smackdown. He would have moved Super Crazy to ECW and not to Raw where he can have matches on HEAT that aren't even the main event. Further, why not combine the Tag titles? Or at least let the Smackdown Titles be defended on ECW since they tour and tape together now?

    Why did they have RVD and Sabu eliminated? Because Vince McMahon doesn't care about WWECW in anything but name....not even apparently as a revenue source. If he did, he'd have SOME version of ECW...even if it were an ECW with some old faces and a lot of new faces that would be made into distinctive stars....not performers cut out of the WWE cloth.

    With all I've said in defense of ECW, I'd like to make clear that it's not necessarily a personal defense of Paul Heyman.

    Longtime readers known that I've seen up close how Heyman screwed a lot of people along the way...notably ten years ago in ECW. Well, there's an old saying that your karma goes along with you. According to this past week's Observer, the same guy who screwed people years ago is now being ridiculed behind his back with nervous breakdown jokes much the same way he went after people years satisfy personal agendas.

    Karma's a bitch, isn't it, Paul?

    The only problem is...the wrestling fans that were developed ten years ago are the ones being being forced to watch this sub-standard garbage called "ECW" that is now being put on the air; instead of something that even vaguely resembles the product of 1993-2001. If you buy my karma theory, Heyman's not the only one being burt for his past actions...we are.

    Until next time...

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