AS I SEE IT 9/25: The Boogeyman isn't gonna getcha anymore...

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

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January 16, 2006:

"Vince...Stephanie... do we REALLY have to watch Boogeyman playing cannibal with the face of Jillian Hall? I'm picturing someone getting home late Friday night and eating dinner, or sitting at the local bar after a hard week at work...looking at a character essentially eating something off of someone's face. For those who didn't see Smackdown on Thursday (Canada) or Friday (United States), Boogeyman essentially licked, then BIT the 'mole' off of the face of Jillian Hall, then took it out of his mouth, played with it, then ate it. This, after dumping worms down the back of Hall's dress the previous week.

Note to Vince: this isn't 'The Devil's Rejects', 'Saw' (or even 'Saw II'), or 'Hostel''s a Friday night wrestling show in prime time. Ease off the cannibal routine, OK? You've already done attempted suicide on your show, so ease off on attempts to re-enact the Donner party."

January 23, 2006:

"Forget about columns on issues like steroids and drug abuse in wrestling.

Forget about columns on the deaths of wrestlers too numerous to name.

Forget the campaign of the Parents Television Council against wrestling in general and the then-WWF in particular.

The most letters I have ever received in response to one column, have come over the last week, when I asked readers to write me about the Boogeyman."

For all those of you who were so interested in Marty Wright aka "The Boogeyman"...The Boogeyman isn't "gonna getcha" anymore as Marty Wright was released last Wednesday by WWE.

Earlier this year, I actually received more e-mails about my columns complaining about the Boogeyman character than anything I've ever written in 7 plus years...with a shockingly large number of people telling me I "didn't get it".

It's been reported that Wright had been rehabilating his recent leg injuries, and was close to being ready to get back into the ring (the reason for the Booegeyman skits that had been appearing until about a month ago). WWE management apparently felt he had been doing the bare minimum in rehab, hadnít been checking in with physicians when he was supposed to, continued on with the behavior and was eventually released.

Wright started out getting in trouble with WWE management, even back in his initial appearance on Tough Enough". He was removed from "Tough Enough" for lying about his age. He was then given a chance in Ohio Valley Wrestling two months later, where WWE created the "Boogeyman" character.

Now he's gone.

Guess The Boogeyman isn't gonna getcha anymore.

Your thoughts on last week's column...

From Merlon Mayrand:

"I guess the deaths of Rick Rude, Kurt Hennig, Brian Pillman, Eddie Guerrero, Miss Elizabeth, etc., etc., etc., just aren't enough to wake up the knuckleheads in the WWE.

As it relates to Randy Orton, doesn't Bob Orton Jr. have a "liver" (hepatitis) problem? One would think that Randy would wake up. Superstar Billy Graham got hepatitis from another wrestler who bladed (that's what's claimed) and had to have a liver transplant. All the preaching he's done hasn't woke anyone up. I guess it's human nature to be continually stupid...not everyone...but a lot of folks just don't get it.

On another plane, and as an another example of dumb, I have a friend whose grandson was killed by not wearing his seatbelt...he was thrown out of the car. She will not wear a seatbelt. She has a daughter (aunt of the grandson) who refuses to wear a seatbelt as well. In spite of all the crying and bawling at the funeral, nothing sunk in.

Dave Meltzer said it right...'non-suspension suspension'. Excellent oxyMORON for the WWE...emphasis on the moron. They (WWE) will slide along like that for awhile until the next 'superstar' dies. Then what? More political backsliding? Probably..."

From Robert Garver:

"Aren't the consequences of violating the new drug policy more severe than the consequences of violating the old one? Both involve pay stoppage, but with the new one the offender still has to work whereas before they basically got a 30-day unpaid vacation."

You are all needed to show your support to a friend and wrestling fan who has fallen ill. Brian Butler, a long time friend and wrestling fan, especially Liberty All Star Wrestling, who has been going through some serious medical issues the last few months needs your help & support. Here is his Myspace page. He would love to hear from everyone.

Also...The Wrestling Voice, which carries As I See It, has its Wrestling Hall Of Fame starting up again (last year was it's first year) on the 15th with voting open to anyone who wants to and staying open from September 15th to October 15th.

Last year, their Wrestling Hall Of Fame got about a thousand votes, but I'm really hoping to at least double that this year. The link is here with the voting link live now. Please participate.

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