AS I SEE IT 4/24: Even more Vince and God

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

This week...even more comments on Vince McMahon wrestling with "God".

First, the person whose name I lost last week...Tom Morelli.

"I appreciate that you used my work in your weekly column. I dunno what will come out of the God/Vince angle from this point forward, but I'd rather just see it dropped. If the WWE continues with these meaningless storylines, I'll continue writing to you."

Then, again from Thelma Miles:

"Excellent column again. Thank you for publishing my thoughts again. With people being touchy about religion, itís refreshing to see someone printing what people really think about a subject so sensitive. What the guy from Great Britain wrote actually brought a chuckle from me.

Bob, is it possible for you to find out what other wrestlers who confess to be Christians think? They donít have to be from WWE; Iím just curious why they arenít speaking out. Or if they are, is Vince just crazy? He had better watch outÖGod may just send someone to do his dirty work (maybe TNA, ha ha).

If there are any wrestlers who'd wish to send their thoughts (and I have no problem with concealing names, considering that someone working for Vince McMahon, or even those who hope to do so some day may not want their names out there); please feel free to drop a note.

From RAWADM2020:

"About your overall God Views.... Yes, I think depicting God in a bad light is wrong, however, you cant blame the WWE for doing it. Plenty of shows make a mockery of religion for ratings. You say kids may watch it, well that's what parents are for. Parents should know what their kids are watching and shelter them for it if need be.

I'm a 17 year old male who is watching wrestling. Why should I not be able to watch things that may be unsuitable for kids? I have no kids! Therefore, a TV show that I love to watch shouldn't be censored because other people may find it offensive. This whole God thing is just to make Mr. McMahon look crazy, judging by Shane's reactions. It adds a new part to this angle, so that HBK's match is somewhat different."

No one suggested it ought to be censored. What I suggested was that Vince McMahon come up with a storyline that might actually draw money through athleticism and interesting drama. Pretending you can wrestle God, either literally or figuratively, isn't one of those types of drama. WWE's roster includes some of the most talented performers anywhere. Just for something different, perhaps WWE could try using them in something called wrestling matches.

From Andrew Renaldo:

"I read one of your columns recently where you spoke of Vince McMahon and his recent storylines involving God. As a practicing Christian I am outraged that not only he is allowed to say things like this and do things like this but that more people haven't complained about it. It is sickening that just because of who he is he can get away with saying these rediculous things.

What also makes me mad is that Shawn Michaels, who claims to be a deep faithed Christian, would allow himself to thrust into this sort of storyline without complaint. I know that "HBK" probably does not have much say in what goes on, but you would think if it is an attack of his religion that he would protest it more..."

From HBK540:

"I'm actually kind of suprised so many people are shocked at Vince Mcmahon's behavior. We've seen him beat up his son, choke out his daughter with a pipe, cart his wife around in a wheel chair, drugged out of her mind for months, and then make out with another woman in front of her. Now he says some stuff about God and he's crossing the line?

Vince has been playing his character very well over the last couple of months, and he's pulling off this slip into insanity very well also. Michaels and Vince put on one of the more entertaining matches at Wrestlemania, and Backlash should be just as entertaining. You can't tell me your not interested in seeing how this plays out.

Another thing, did somebody actually say that this is worse than the Katie Vick storyline? Wow. Very hard, un-imaginitive people. Loosen the hell up.

One last thing. Shane's recognition every Monday night of his fathers increasing insanity would seem to nullify any persons claim to religious offense, as its being made obvious even by the people on Vince's side that hes losing his mind."

It's not worse than Katie Vick. I doubt networks would allow anything to air that was worse than that to air...I mean... having sex with a corpse? For that matter, the choking out of Stephanie McMahon with a pipe by her father creeped me out in ways I can't describe.

I've gotten more reaction about the God angle and the suicide stuff with Tim White than anything in recent memory, with the weird exception of the Boogeyman. When I said that the Boogeyman stuff was gross to watch, I found out how many people apparently get some sort of stange kick out of it.

From the UK's Rob Crowe:

"I was brought up a Catholic myself and although I agree some of Vince's antics may be a tad disrespectful we all need to put this into perspective. Vince booking the Almighty in a tag team match is not perhaps a sensible move but is it really on a par with the casual blasphemy and disrespect for organised religion on both sides of the Atlantic?

And besides, I think it is healthy to poke a little fun at religion from time to time. What Vince has done is little more than childish at best, and I think this rush to the green ink is a little extreme.The whole point is to make Vince look as ridiculous as possible before HBK destroys him at Backlash. Those offended by this are taking this far too literally in my view, our religions and faith should be strong enough so that a few immature and humourous stabs at the Lord should be shrugged off with a smile."

Obviously, McMahon is being set up as the ridiculous megalomaniac. It doesn't take a Harvard education to figure that out. But with Vince McMahon having the arrogance, whether in storyline or reality, to book "God" on your own wrestling show; he's making some wonder just how much of a character he's really playing.

From Harry Hills out of Australia:

"I'm not a very religious person. But I totally agree with most people's belief that this is an incredibly stupid idea. In my books, getting involved with the "lighter side" of religion is a huge mistake. No matter what the context. Most of the world's worst problems and fights occur because of religious differences or arguements (Palestine's war with Israel has been going on for about 50 killing huge amounts of people over their supposed holy land.) Vince cannot seriously see this as a good storyline, somebody need's to get this guy a copy of "Dummies guide to not running a huge franchise into the ground".

That being said the only way I could see a decent (I'm using this term loosely) storyline come out of this is if JBL himself turns up on Raw as the wrestling 'God' that Shawn Michaels needs effectively turning him face to fight top Raw guys after like Edge and Trips.

Religion is an area that McMahon would be better off staying FAR away from. His show airs all over the world, and there are more than a few religious fanatics of every stripe (not just Islamic ones as Americans seem to assume) who profane God's name with their actions. Since wrestling is supposed to be a fantasy...maybe he'd be better off staying away from a subject that can do little more than offend people with strong attitudes and ideas.

I gather the idea of all this nonsense is to paint him as this insane megalomaniac. Well, they're succeeding.

From Bob Smale out of Bristol, UK:

"I have always been a little wary of these 'Born again Christian' types and that's why I am VERY surprised that Shaun Michaels, who is a 'changed man' because of his new found religion, would agree to this storyline.

What Vince does fails to surprise me anymore and whilst I do not mind one way or another, I do agree that it is in bad taste. Most of WWE programming these days is in bad taste. Vince is an egomaniac who loves to be able to show that he can do just whatever he wants.

However. Michaels, as a 'Born again Christian' should have told Vince where to put his storyline, but it seems that the almighty dollar is more important to him.

As for the Tim White storyline, that is far more damaging and is extremely in poor taste. I only saw the first one and would never watch the rest of them, as a matter of principle. The subject of suicide is not to be dealt with lightly and for someone to take their own life, they must be in a very bad way.

However, Vince appears to have NO MORALS whatsoever and the only way to give him the lesson he deserves is not to buy the PPVs.

Unfortunately, what we all want to see is just some WRESTLING...

Amen. All we want to see is wrestling FLAVORED with storylines, not storylines flavored with wrestling. If I want just soap operas and storylines, I'll tape an episode of General Hospital.

From Mike Hensley:

"I personally think it's just an angle to prove that good will over come evil. Kinda like playing out God vs. The Devil...but in a more toned down kind of way (if you can believe that... haha). In the end, of course, HBK will overcome McMahon and all I can say is....HOT TAG TO GOD!"

With Vince McMahon, don't assume the team with God is going over.

From Dan Rogers:

"I honestly don't mind the whole segment in the church. I think people should learn to loosen up and not get offended so easily. If you don't like something,you can simply change the channel. It's freedom of speech and if someone is against someone else making fun of a religion,then that's just going against what America stands for.

I'm an Atheist, so I guess it's easy for me to say that. I actually thought the segment was funny in a way. WWE has had worse moments/segments before. So this is a step up for a change. About the match though. I don't see anyone teaming with HBK at Backlash. HHH already has a match and having Foley do it wouldn't make much sense except for the fact that people call Foley "God". I see Vince and Shane somehow taking the victory or maybe Shane or Vince will cause themselves the victory and go after each other. Wouldn't God be able to predict the outcome anyway? I wonder what his finishing move would be."

Assuming you beleive in God, you'd have to assume that God can dictate the finish of a match, even with Vince thinking he runs the show.

From "Scott from Scotland":

"I don't see why you never concentrate on the positives of the wrestling at the moment instead of every column just moaning.

I have to say that I found the church 'skit' funny and I dont see why it is a great problem fair enough people have there beliefs but the WWE is not the only program to poke fun at religion.

Think of South Park, another program I enjoy and I just dont see whats the problem if you dont like it dont watch it. Simple as that. I have now gave up reading your columns as all they have become is bitching and moaning about the WWE and especially about Vince McMahon. Even though the storylines can be ridicolous at times you just need to remember the magic that the WWE can create, instead of your constant moaning. I apoligise for being so harsh but you do really need a slap before your columns just became constant hate mail about Vince.

Uh huh.

Anyone notice that anytime someone criticizes WWE, they're painted as WWE haters?

I'd LIKE Vince McMahon to create the magic they're capable of creating. But they aren't. We're getting lame "Divas" on our TV who couldn't work a match on the level of a 18 year old wrestling school trainee; instead of some of the women from SHIMMER who can both fill the role of eye candy (in many cases) AND work a decent match. Why does Canada's Sarah (Dark Angel) Stock have to work down in CMLL, instead of being featured on Monday or Thursday nights?

I give Trish Stratus all the credit in the world for not falling into that trap. She was a wrestling fan before she got in the business (and used to guest on Canada's Live Audio Wrestling radio show), and did all she could to develop into a worker of the American style. She could have very easily fallen into the trap of being no more than a nameless piece of eye candy, but didn't.

From "Nathan":

"In all fairness to Vinnie Mac, it's not like he's portraying God as if he's a false prophet or in any negative way at all! He's simply making it look like if you dont follow God, then your a crazy ass. And that isn't a bad plug for Christianity if you ask me.

On that note, there is a couple of rumors floating around, first being that the Summerslam main event will be Vince & Shane vs. God and Jesus Christ, and the second that I've heard, and this is late breaking stuff, is that Vince is going to book an angle where John Cena and Triple H fight over who is the father of Stephanie's baby, only to find out that she had an "Immaculate Conception"! ....Looks like we have a lot to look forward to, I cant wait!"

Heh heh heh. Since HHH is "King of Kings", I think we know who goes over in that one.

Until next time...


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