AS I SEE IT 5/30: The real action June 10-12 may not be where you think

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Nearly everyone that calls themselves a wrestling fan has heard of the June 10 "Hardcore Homecoming" show at the ECW Arena; with a large number of former ECW talent featured; including Terry Funk, Sabu, Bill Alfonso, Shane Douglas, Francine, The Sandman, Raven, Justin Credible, Jerry Lynn, CW Anderson, Kid Kash, The Eliminators, Axl Rotten, Chris Chetti, Danny Doring, Roadkill, Don E, Allen, Don "Cyrus" Callis, Jason, Joey Styles, Joel Gertner, Johnny Grunge, JT Smith, Pitbull Gary Wolfe, Terry Funk, Tod Gordon, Tommy Rich, Tracy Smothers, Mikey Whipwreck and several surprises!

Such a good marketing job has been done by organizers that the event has sold out...largely because many seem to view the event as the "final show" ECW never had.

And of course, WWE has made sure you've heard about the WWE "One Night Stand" ECW-themed PPV featuring Lance Storm, Dawn Marie, Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Psychosis, Super Crazy, Tajir, "Sinister Minister" Jim Mitchell, Little Guido, Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, The Dudley Boyz, Paul Heyman, Rob Van Dam, Bill Alfonso, Tazz, Spike Dudley, Al Snow with Head, Sabu, Balls Mahoney, Danny Doring and Roadkill, CW Anderson, Rhyno, Joel Gertner, Axl Rotten, Justin Credible, Kid Kash, Masato Tanaka, Mikey Whipwreck with Sinister Minister, and The BWO - Big Stevie Cool, Hollywood Nova, and The Blue Meanie.

There may indeed be an "ECW PPV"...but many of you aren't jumping at the $400 front row tickets. As of 5:00 pm Saturday, May 28, two $400 floor seats TOGETHER were available from

But those aren't the only wrestling shows that weekend by any means. Some might argue that the best action seen that weekend won't be promoted on either WWE TV or promoted by Shane Douglas, Steve Karel, and Dan Kowal.

Here are shows you can see that weekend, instead of the two super-hyped events (or even if you ARE going to to one or both of the events):

IWA Mid-South Wrestling presents its debut in Philadelphia in an 2:00 pm card on June 11 at the ECW Arena that begins the CZW/IWS/IWA/CHIKARA "Aggression Doubleheader Series".

The event will take place before the CZW show at the same venue later that night. Tickets are available at the CZW ticket reservation site (select the IWA show in the "Event Date" screen); and will be available at the door the day of the show.

Advance tickets are also available at Ontario Street Comics, 2235 E. Ontario St. in Philadelphia.

Here's a look at the card, should each champion still hold their respective titles come June 11:.

First Time Ever Meeting
Samoa Joe vs. Th Necro Butcher

IWA World Heavyweight Title/Gauntlet Series
Champion Jimmy Jacobs will attempt to run the gauntlet and walk away from Philadelphia still champion, as he must face three former IWA World Champions in Chris Hero, "Anarchist" Arik Cannon and Danny Daniels

Six Man Tag Team Match/Hardcore Rules
Ian Rotten and Axl Rotten, and Balls Mahoney vs. Mad Man Pondo, and JC Bailey and "Mr. Insanity" Toby Klein

IWA Light Heavyweight Title Match
Champion Delirious defends against Josh Abercrombie

NWA Midwest/IWA Mid-South Women's Title Match
Champion MsCHIF vs. Winner of Knuckles/Haze on the IWA May 20 show

IWA World Tag Team Title/Five-Way Elimination Tables Match
Champions Ryan Boz and Trik Davis wilo defend against four other teams. The match will begin with two teams. Every two minutes another team will enter the match. Once one member of a team is put through a table, the team is eliminated. The team standing at the end will be the IWA World Tag Team Champions.

The challenging teams are:
  • "The Iron Saints" Vito and Sal Thomaselli
  • "Underwear Model" Eric Priest and Silas Young
  • Brandon Thomaselli and "The New Age Punisher" B-Boy
  • Eddie Kingston and BJ Whitmer

    Special Attraction
    CM Punk vs. "The Notorious 187" Homicide

    Ultra Mega Swiss Homicide
    "Wild Eyed Southern Boy" Tracy Smothers vs. "Double C" Claudio Castagnoli

    Then, that evening, CZW returns to the ECW Arena on Saturday, June 11, as part of the Violent By Design, Act 1 of the Aggression Doubleheader Series with an approximate 7:30 pm belltime.

    Matches announced thus far:

  • CZW World Heavyweight Title
    Sexxxy Eddy challenges CZW World Heavyweight Champion Ruckus

  • CZW Tag Team Titles
    Necro Butcher & Toby Klein will get to meet The H8 Club in the middle of the CZW Arena for the CZW World Tag Team Titles, and also just announced

  • J.C. Bailey takes on "Spyder" Nate Webb in a match to get his hands on Bailey since he turned on Team Ca$h all the way back in February at Only The Strong: Scarred For Life.


    Tickets are: Front row SOLD OUT/$30 second row/$25 third-fourth-fifth row/$20 General Admission.

    Tickets are available through CZW's Online Ticket Reservation System.

    Discount Doubleheader packages are available when you place your reservation on-line in advance.

    *Full ticket prices will be enforced on the day of the show for each show if planning to attend both.
    Reservations can also be made by emailing

    (NOTE: All online or phone orders/reservations for tickets to LIVE CZW events must be paid in full prior to the night of the event for which the ticket was purchased. Payment is accepted in the form of cash or money orders ONLY! Payment can be sent to: Sabine Kernaghan, PO Box 901, Sicklerville, NJ 08081)

    General admission tickets are also available at these remote ticket locations:

    Pennsylvania outlets

  • Somerton Beverages, 13510 Bustleton Avenue, Philadelphia, PA - Call (215) 673-1900 for information

  • Ontario Street Comics, 2235 Ontario Street, Philadelphia - Call (215) 288-7338 for information.

  • Bulls-eye Dart Supply, 4740 Frankford Avenue, Philadelphia - Call (215) 831-0860/(877) 409-3591 for information.

    New Jersey outlets

  • Play With This Collectable Toys/Pennsauken Mart- Call (856) 486-4556 for information.

    Finally...on the afternoon of the ECW-themed PPV, Ring Of Honor returns to Manhattan on the afternoon of June 12th at The Supper Club, located at 240 W 47th St New York, NY, located in the heart of New York's Theatre District in Times Square with a special 1:30pm belltime, allowing fans attending the event at the Hammerstein Ballroom, to get dinner, then attend the ECW-themed event, which takes place literally down the street.

    Tickets are on sale now at,, and by telephone at (215) 781-2500.

    Matches scheduled are:

  • Non-Title, Non-Sanctioned Match
    ROH World Champion Austin Aries vs. Brooklyn's own Low Ki of The Rottweilers

  • ROH Pure Title Match
    The winner of the Samoa Joe/James Gibson June 4th winner will defend vs. Nigel McGuinness

    "The Franchise" Shane Douglas will be there... Shane has stated that he has something to say that every ECW fan needs to hear. ROH will be the only place to see this ECW legend on June 12th...

  • Grudge Match
    CM Punk vs. Roderick Strong

  • New York City Street Fight
    The Ring Crew Express of Dunn & Marcos vs. The Carnage Crew of Loc & Devito

  • Six Man Mayhem
    Jack Evans has already been signed to this match. The other participants will be announced soon!!!

    Much more to be signed with: Brooklyn's own Homicide & Julius Smokes of The Rottweilers, Colt Cabana; Lacey's Angels of Deranged & Izzy; Dixie; Azrieal and The Embassy featuring Jimmy Rave.

    Until next time...


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