AS I SEE IT 4/25: Vince's PR nightmare, and other thoughts...

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Vince McMahon has a PR nightmare on his hands.

Even worse, if he consciously had decided to do everything wrong in handling it, nearly everyone except Vince McMahon would agree that he has succeeded.

I'm talking, of course, about the PR nightmare that the Amy Dumas-Matt Hardy-Adam Copeland...and now Lisa Ortiz Copeland real-life wrestling soap opera has become.

The situation started with the public revelation that Copeland has become romantically involved with Amy Dumas behind the back of supposed best friend Matt Hardy; after Dumas's pictures were removed from Hardy's personal website, and Hardy confrmed the facts of the situation.

Fans harassed Copeland and Dumas on RAW tapings, despite the best efforts of WWE to hide that fact, with blatant sign sanitizing to the extent of taking a Matt Hardy sign from the hands of a little girl at a recent well as sound sweetening/sanitizing each time Copeland or Dumas came out, along with blasting Copeland's entrance music to down out the boos from the crowds.

Then, if that wasn't bad enough...2 weeks ago, Vince McMahon and John Laurinatis made the mistake of firing Matt Hardy over the fan reaction and Hardy's having gone public over the situation (which had becone nearly impossible for Hardy to ignore), creating an even bigger firestorm among wrestling fans.

Last Monday night's RAW/Smackdown double taping showed wrestling fans everywhere what online fans have known for weeks. The fans at Madison Square Garden turned into a lynch mob as Adam Copeland and Amy Dumas were nearly booed out of the building on a level with the Goldberg-Brock Lesnar fiasco.

Copeland has apparently become McMahon's golden boy, a situation that became painfully obvious at last Monday's RAW when the crowd sound was killed bigtime when Edge was out there...but as soon as the next match took place, the crowd sound was noticably back up to normal. Yet, when Lita came out, McMahon apparently decided to make Lita the scapegoat for the situation (did she screw around on Matt Hardy with herself?) and let the "You screwed Matt" and "We want Hardy" crowd chants be heard full volume, loud enough that Dumas appeared to be fighting back tears at one point during her skit with Trish Stratus.

Let's're Vince McMahon. You have a wrestler who screwed around on TWO of your workers; Val Venis (Copeland was married to Venis's sister Alannah Morley...seen in the WWE coffeetable book "Unscripted"... AND with Matt Hardy's girlfriend, Amy Dumas), not to mention screwing around on his current wife, Lisa Ortiz-Copeland.

Ortiz has now gone further, going public with accusations of steroid use and domestic violence by Copeland.

So with all this... WHO is made out by McMahon to be the bad guy in this?

Matt Hardy.

Yep....makes perfect sense to me.

WWE could have so easily had Hardy "drafted" by Smackdown in their upcoming "draft lottery" and dealt with things that way...separating Hardy from Copeland and Dumas (except for joint brand PPVs). This would have been so much smarter than canning Hardy and handing him over to TNA and independent promotions, and making him a popular hero.

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