AS I SEE IT 12/6: More news on another Sabu benefit event

Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Following last week's column, for those who'd like to contribute to Sabu's health expenses, Devon Storm is running his second show under the banner of New Millennium Wrestling, to serve as "A Tribute to Sabu" on December 26th, 2004 at the St. Mary's High School Gymnasium, 64 Chestnut Street, Rutherford, NJ with a 7:00 pm belltime.

ALL of the profits from this show will go directly to Sabu to help defray an overwhelming medical bill accumulated by a lengthy hospital stay. It's notable that Storm's early career featured matches with Sabu, and commendable to see Storm attempting to pay back an early mentor.

Already scheduled to appear are: Crowbar, Simon Diamond, Danny Doring, Road Kill, Josh Daniels, Matt Stryker, Rob Eckos, Vic D.Vine, Scotty Charisma, The Patriot, Abuni, Wicked, Ace Darling, Matt Stryker, Ace Darling, Billy Bax, "The World's Greatest Cruiserweight" Keenan Creed (with Chile Home Loaf), The Solution, Johnny Thundar, The Kodiak Bear, Rick Fuller.

Tickets: $12 (general admission), $17 (floor) $20 (Golden Ringside: 1st row)

St. Mary's High School Gymnasium is directly behind the Meadowlands Sports Complex.


St. Mary's High School Gymnasium is easily accessible by car via the Lincoln Tunnel. After exiting the Lincoln Tunnel, continue on Route 3 until Exit 6B/Rutherford-Service Road.

Take the first jughandle off of Route 17 onto County Route 32/Meadow Road (which becomes E. Erie Avenue. Veer left onto Union Avenue, and continue one block, turning left onto Chestnut Street.

Mass transit

Those fans attending from New York can easily reach the venue via NJ Transit bus and train, which drops fans off within blocks of St. Mary's High School Gymnasium.

NJ Transit Bus:
The 190 bus drops off on Chestnut Street, one half block from the gymnasium.

By NJ Transit train:
The Bergen County Line drops you off in Rutherford's Station Square, which is located 3 blocks from the St. Mary's gymnasium.

To reserve tickets write to: Tickets will also be available at the door.

Additionally, in association with Georgie Makropoulos, Chad Minnes will be doing an auction on E-Bay, with part of the proceeds will be going to Sabu. The auction can be found at here.

In other news...

Paul Heyman was removed from the WWE Smackdown writing team yet again late last week. It seems Stephanie McMahon got upset by something Heyman said (exactly what that something IS, wasn't clear)...and we all know what happens when "Daddy's Little Girl" gets upset...even if the ratings for Smackdown have risen from the lowest point in the show's history in September to the highest level in over a year less just two months later.

It also seems oddly coincidental that this happens just as "The Rise and Fall of ECW" is flying off is the shelves around the United States, so much so that it'a unavailable in many areas.

Maybe it's just a coincidence..but could there be a little old-fashioned jealousy here?

Nah...that would never happen in wrestling.

Well...there WAS that little problem Jeff Jarrett had with Ring of Honor, the one about the promotion's online popularity. Not to mention the fact that AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels spoke up for ROH after the Rob Feinstein sex scandal of earlier this which was followed by many reports of upset within TNA...shortly followed by TNA talent being banned from appearing on ROH shows; with the claim that the reason was that Feinstein was "still working for ROH". Styles and Daniels are still banned from working these shows months later.

Wrestling promoters would never let their egos get in the way of business, would they?

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