"Straight Shooting"
by: Fritz Capp

Straight Shooting
by : Fritz Capp
November 21, 1999

What a week it has been. Computer crashes which took me off the Internet until today really screws with things when your trying to keep a website going. Luckily everyone at PWBTS 2000 picked up the slack and I want to say right here thank you to everyone on the staff for helping me out.


Now the good news about all this is that the site will be adding 7 new columnists next weekend and we have added 10 new reporters this week. So I want to welcome Calvin Martin, Eric Loy, Patrick O'Connor, WeirdKevin, Steve Cimorelli, Nima Darouian, Michael Payton, Tyler Rebalkin, Justin J. Cryder and Dave Miller. I am sure that everybody knows some of these name and some you may not but believe me all are very capable at delivering the news you want. I want to welcome everyone publicly to the site. This is a very exciting time here at the PWBTS 2000 site and we hope that everyone like all the new people who are here, I know we do.


Now let's touch on the subject that has everyone from Micasa to Bob Magee up in arms, the parody of Jim Ross on this past week's Nitro. While I also think they may have gone a bit too far let me ask everyone a question, "Did you think that Russo and Ferrera were going to play with kids gloves?"

WCW has historically taken low class shots at the WWF since the time of Eric Bischoff giving away the finishes to RAW when it was a taped show. Tony Schiavone's remarks about Mick Foley when he won his first World Title was to some people appalling. Suffice it to say though, Mick "did put asses in the seats" making Schiavone's remarks reveal to everyone what a horses ass he is.

What Russo and Ferrera have done though is exactly what they wanted to do, they have everyone talking about WCW. I remember an old adage that Paul Heyman said, "Publicity is publicity!" It doesn't matter to Russo and company whether or not it is good publicity or bad, all that matters is that people are talking about their product.

What did the WWF do when they were getting beat week after week in the ratings? They resorted to "Crash TV". The WWF put it's product over the edge so people would hear the buzz and tune in to see what was happening. The same thing is going on right now in WCW.

Questions and remarks have been thrown around about the WCW fans and their acceptance of the new format in WCW. They are being taken to task because while they trashed the WWF week in and week out about the content of their programming they seem to be ok with what WCW is doing right now, although it is basically the same type of programming that the WWF does. Well let me ask this, "After getting beat for almost a year straight in the ratings and having to endure the product that WCW was force feeding them for that time, doesn't it make sense that they are now elated with being able to see a show that is actually interesting to watch?"

Sure the WCW fans are going to eat this up right now. What else are they going to do? Are they supposed to turn their back on something that finally is decent? It is not the fans that are fickle. The fans want what all fans want, a good show. No, it is the upper management that are the hypocrites. It is also the webmasters who trashed the WWF for it's content but now "giggle like little school girls" because WCW has a product that is becoming competitive. They can and will justify the format in WCW while trying to distance themselves from their previous comments.

You also cannot blame the likes of Mark Madden and Bob Ryder for their sudden change in their morality. Their morality is bought and paid for by WCW and thus they must do what the company wants them to do for fear of losing their cushy little paychecks. The majority of you would do the exact same if in their position. Those of you who wouldn't would never have a position in the company to begin with because your scruples and morals are not for sale and thus you would never put yourself in a position to have to compromise what you really believe in. People like Madden and Ryder have no moral fiber and live for the paycheck, something which is their right to do. It takes all kinds to make up the world we live in and we must even allow the morally challenged to have their place.

All in all I believe that the shot at Jim Ross and his medical afflictions were only the tip of the iceberg. Given the chance I believe that Russo and company will sink further down the ladder to create interest in their product. They have shown that in the WWF and will now show it in WCW. The bottom line is that the lower you go the more appeal their is. That is not their fault, that is the fault of our society who accept and even revel in this form of entertainment. It will not be until the wrestling fans themselves show the bookers and promoters that this form of entertainment is not wanted by not purchasing or viewing their product that these people will finally "Get It". Only then will they understand that it is once again time to change the way they think because they will be noticing the only the really matters to them, a lighter bank account. Believe me the only time they notice anything is when you hit them in their pocket.


And now...although I usually don't do "shameless plugs" I have to for this one event coming up:

You have all heard the hype surrounding the new CD-ROM, "WWF EncycRAWpedia Volume One. Well folks you may not have to run out to your local mall to pick one up.

PWBTS 2000 and Ken Goldstein have reached a promotional agreement so that PWBTS 2000 will have a few of these soon to be "hard to find" CD-ROM's to give away to you, the Internet wrestling fans.

While we are not sure as to the exact number of CD's we will have to give away you can be sure we will have a contest so that everyone will have an equal chance at winning one.

I will be talking with the other PWBTS staffers to see exactly what kind of contest we will be having.

As soon as all the particulars are worked out we will announce the contest.

Stay tuned to PWBTS 2000 for further announcements on the contest.


And with that I am outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be.

Fritz Capp is the editor of Pro Wrestling's Between The Sheets - for comments or opposing viewpoints please e-mail to Fritz Capp

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