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Straight Shooting - Issue #97
Since 1997 - The Standard Bearer For Wrestling Columns
by Fritz Capp
November 10, 2000

As of this writing the governmental games are still being played out in Florida. I mean, let's get real here for a second. I would swear that L.Brent Bozell III was running this last election with as screwed up as it is. Gore is president, then Bush, then no one knows? This is nothing more than a game being played on the American public. The sad thing is it is a bit more interesting than a WCW television broadcast and it has about as much behind the scenes stuff going on as an ECW staff meeting. Needless to say, in my humble opinion, no matter who hits the office of the President I feel that we are going to get screwed. It is not going to be a pretty upcoming four years. Besides, the Democrats are all up in arms about this 19,000 votes that were declared ineligible and they are worried about the people's rights, why didn't they worry about that in 1996 when 16,000 people had the same thing happen to them? Things that make you go hmmmmm....

First let me do all of the upcoming show info for everyone :

Pennsylvania Championship Wrestling will be holding its 2nd Annual Giorgio Foods Tag Tournament. This year the tournament will be held on Friday, November 10 at the Hamburg (PA) Field House. Doors will open at 6:00 PM and the event will have a belltime of 7:00 PM. Tickets have already gone on sale for this event with Ringside Reserved seating being priced at $12 if purchased prior to the event and $13 the day of the show. General Admission tickets will cost $10 in advance and $11 the day of the show. This years participants will includeThe Ballard Brothers, Death & Destruction, The Holy Rollers, The Haas Brothers, Cheetah Master & JJ, Touch of Reality, The Kings of the PCW and another as of yet unnamed team taking the place of the Shane Brothers. Also on the card will be a heavyweight title match between Ty Street and Buck Wylde. Others set to appear at the show are Gillberg and Teri Byrne. If you are in the area be sure to stop in and catch this show as it promises to be a good one.

The Eastern Wrestling Federation is going to be at Embassy Roller Skating Center in Pennsburg, PA on Saturday, November 25, 2000 with a belltime of 7:30 pm. On the card you will get to see RIC BLADE, New EWF Heavyweight Champion the HUNGARIAN BARBARIAN, a ladder match featuring The BAD CREW who will face the BACKSEAT BOYZ , EWF Hardcore Champ THE BUTCHER, LOVE BUG AND MARSHAL LAW, JIM MESSENGER ( of Touch of Reality) and many more superstars. Tickets are $15.00 Reserved (Rows 1 thru 4), $8.00 General Admission in advance, $10.00 at the door To contact and info about this show you can contact the EWF at (610) 502-1184 or EMBASSY at (215) 679-3800. Directions to the show are : From The North To South: Take The N.E. Extension of the PA Turnpike To exit 32 (Quakertown/Pottstown). Follow 663 South Approximately 5 miles to Pennsburg to Rt. 29 at traffic light, make a left on Rt. 29 South (Main St.) and follow approximately mile to 1st light. Make a left at this light (labeled 8th St.) and follow about mile to Skating Center on Left. FROM RT. 309 Pick up 663 South, follow and you will pass over PA Turnpike and Continue with above directions.

ECWA's "BATTLE at the Bob" on Saturday evening NOVEMBER 25, 2000 at the Bob Carpenter Center located at the University of Delaware - Rt 896 -Newark, Delaware looks to be another hot indy show going on in the month of November. WWF SMACKDOWN HOST MICHAEL COLE WILL HOST THE ECWA EVENT AT THE BOB CARPENTER CENTER that will see The HASS BROTHERS defend their ECWA Tag Team Championship against Delaware's own BRISCOE BROTHERS. For the ECWA Heavyweight Title you will see J. J. "The Ring Crew Guy" take on the challenge of THE CHEETAH MASTER in what promoses to be another great match. Jim Kettner historically puts on great shows so be sure to attend if you can. For more information go to

Ringmasters Wrestling School has just booked it's first show under the name Ringmasters Promotions. It takes place on January 20, 2001 at 7:30. The venue is the St. Francis Parochial School gym in Vineland, N.J. All seats are just $10, and the proceeds go to the schools physical education department. Some of the matches for the night are as follows: Trooper Mottola w/RJ vs. Mikey G., Breaker Morant vs. Ricky Bauer, Pain w/Amy Lee Rose vs. Cannonball, Diego DeMarco vs. "Flamboyant" Steve Devine Other matches are being worked on as we speak. Press passes will be available for those members of the media who wish to attend (There are regulations involved, and will be included when the passes are issued). Rick Bauer, Vice-President of Marketing,

Want to know how I feel about the current state of pro wrestling? To be honest I am getting sick of it. Between the tired indy promoters who book shows a few miles away from an already established show just to try to cut into the competitions take for the night to the indy bookers who bleed the local guys by paying them $20-$30 so they can bring in some tired old names that have no drawing power whatsoever, to the consistently bad programming of WCW, to the WWF starting to run out of ideas and cannot keep anything fresh anymore and finally with ECW, who at one time was the catalyst for all the changes we saw in pro wrestling over the past five years but due to bumbling management decisions is now a complete non-entity, all I can do is shake my head in disgust at what I am seeing. It is no secret that I said over a year ago that wrestling had peaked but everyone thought they knew better. Now what do you say?

All I know is that the WWF should have had the mastermind behind Austin's hit and run be Steve McMichael. With the tie in to Debra it would have been perfect. Sure, now we'll get to see an Austin/HHH program that could end up in a match like Hell In A Cell or something like that but in reality so what? Too much saturation combined with the same basic storylines just different faces is really starting to get to me I guess.

And with that I am outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be but also remember a quote from James Billington, "Intellectual and cultural freedom is the most important single precondition for the breakdown of the kinds of tyrannical and totalitarian systems that periodically threaten us."

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