There Is A Difference Between Taking Shots And Outright Lying
by: Fritz Capp

***Disclaimer: To the PWBTS and "Straight Shooting" readers who do not want to hear a tirade and expose' on one of the biggest frauds on the Internet today then pass on this column. This is meant for two people who do not have a clue as to what is going on in the real world and it's time that someone tried to bring them back to reality.***

I have said many time that I hate going into a war with unarmed people. It appears that some think that this means that I won't go into a verbal war at all. Nothing could be farther from the truth.

Time and time again since I have been on the Internet and even before that in my newsletter I have come across many untruths that I have taken it upon myself to show the less informed what really happened or what is going on. Time and time again I have be shown to be the one who will tell it like it is, not how I think it should have been or how I selectively remember it. The following is going to be one of those cases.

Now unlike the times when I showed Eric Bischoff to be an outright liar or Paul Heyman for being the asshole we have all come to grow to hate this has to do with the Abbott and Costello of wrestling journalism Dave Scherer and Bob Ryder. These two buffoons have taken names that they have built over time as credible and unbiased reporters and are now using them to work the visitors to their site and their imaginary fans. (Who the hell would idolize a wrestling reporter?)

To do this as only I can I am going to show you what the "Morons of the Year" have to say and then will respond.

Dave Scherer wrote: "A few readers of this page passed along word that another webmaster wrote a scathing tirade yesterday against my pal, and the owner of this website, Bob Ryder. Many of you have asked us why this webmaster is so obsessed with us. For the record, it is not the first time that this guy railed about Bob and/or me."

First do not let Dave fool you. While it may or may not be true that a few letters have been sent to him it is "fact" that Dave Scherer comes to PWBTS on a regular basis. Why? Because Dave has this obsession with seeing what I am up to so he can make sure I'm not attacking his buddy Paul Heyman or the promotion he covers for, ECW. For the record as long as these assholes try to "work" the fans I will rail them. Why? Call it civic duty, call it what ever you want to, but for the most part it is because I can. It's kinda like shooting ducks while they are locked in a pen, real easy. As far as obsessed? Yeah Dave I stalk you two all the time, you two are the cream of the crop, I have your pictures posted all over my walls and you two are all I ever think about. Forget my wife, child, job, friends, family, bills, hope dreams and aspirations, I am obsessed with you two out of shape egotistical assholes. I sit all day long wondering what I am going to say about you next. (That was a sarcastic remark in case you didn't catch it Dave)

Dave Scherer wrote: "Apparently, in this tirade, the guy called Bob a shill for WCW, because he works for them as an independent contractor, as well as a shill for ECW, I guess because he has done things like getting Jake Roberts a chartered jet to get to the PPV and flying to the ECW Arena, at his own expense, to do live play by play on Prodigy. He called Bob a shill, and said I was his flunky. I guess the irony of the fact that ECW and WCW hate each other was lost on this person, who again I refuse to name because I think his motive or these attacks is to get us to respond and get more hits for his website."

One it is easy to try to rewrite why I called these two shills. I originally called you an ECW shill Dave when you stopped doing what you did (reporting on ECW unbiasedly) and started not reporting all the news on ECW, but selective news that Paul Heyman OK'd first. This became real evident when you not only wrote for your newsletter but also for the ECW program. It was also evident you were doing this as there was no news coming from you or your site about anything negative about ECW. It was all positive corporate crap or results until I started pointing that out to everybody. (Read the early editions of The Lariat, then go to the later editions to see exactly what I am saying, it is there for all the world to see. More on this newsletter later) It was only then that all of a sudden you once again started to say a few negative things about ECW. Talk about kissing ass to keep a free seat at the shows. I never said you were his flunky (Bob's) but the term does fit now doesn't it oh so well Dave. And what the hell does ECW and WCW hating each other have to do with you or Bob? God your almost as good as Heyman is at spinning. Keep practicing, you just may get there one day.

As far as Bob I never had a problem with him until I found that he not only owned but also Talk about a conflict of interest. All I did was point that fact out. Doesn't mean I had a problem with him personally. In fact, it wasn't personal at all, just business. What really amused me was how after I let that little tidbit out all of a sudden everything over there changed. All of a sudden Bob's name wasn't on the site's info anymore as server administrator. I also pointed that out to everyone. Bob wrote me telling me he changed servers and that was what Internic (the administrator of all domains) did and he didn't know why. Bullshit. I have had extensive dealings with Internic and myself and anyone else who has had to deal with Internic knows that Internic DOES NOT just change things because they feel like it. You must file specific papers properly for them to change ANYTHING from what they originally received. I know this to be a fact as all I wanted to do was change an e-mail address. Believe me it is no easier to change the name of server administrator. So right there Bob Ryder is a flat out liar and has not liked me ever since because I showed him to be what he is. The question is,"Why lie about something so simple UNLESS you were trying to hide or cover something up? What's wrong Bob, ashamed that you owned ecwwrestling .com? Didn't you want anyone to know that small little fact? And why would that be Bob? You see, the simplest little bit of news became this big issue over there whether you want to admit it now or not. I still have the letters, just like I still have all of your pathetic e-mails Dave, especially the ones where you slandered my wife and friends. Did you happen to forget the letter my wife used to respond to your flagrant empty allegations Dave? The column she wrote is still on my site in case you want to refresh that oh so selective memory of yours.

As far as Bob flying to the ECW Arena at his own expense to do live play by play should ECW have flown him in? From what you have said it seems like they have at least on one occasion. Is this a standard practice of ECW now? If they do that for Bob why not for everyone? You see Dave, the more you try to cover your ass the more questions you raise. As far as chartering a plane to get Jake Roberts to a show, after what went down as far as product I do not know if I would admit to that. And what happened to the fact that you reported that Debbie Beaumont was instrumental in helping that along? Or was that just something you put in your report to get over with the same person you have trashed not only in private but also in your newsletter?

Dave Scherer wrote: "You can call Bob whatever you want, and in fact I often do, but I will go to my death bed believing he means everything he says in his columns. They are not a gimmick. They are how he honestly feels. To be completely straight with you guys, the blame for this person writing these articles falls at the feet of one man, and that is me."

Damn Dave, ever the perverbial God in your own eyes aren't you? You see Dave, my comments on Bob have nothing to do with you. They have to do with his own stupidity or are you going to try and take credit for that too? (I remember you telling me that Kimona dancing atop the ECW Arena was your idea but you let someone else have the credit. Now everyone who knows you knows that if that was actually the case because it went over so well your ego would want your name all over it) . Do you actually believe that the world revolves around you this much? I hate to be the one that points this out to you (not really) but not much revolves around you at all. Not much can...(insert any joke you want here)

Dave Scherer wrote: "You see, this guy used to sit in the bleachers at the ECW Arena in front of my group, the old Bleacher Bums. He cozied up to us, and repeatedly offered his services to do a house show report for the Lariat until I finally acquiesced and took him up on it. I guess, once he saw his name in print, it changed his view on everything. He even started a snail mail sheet of his own. The funny part is, for someone who repeatedly questions Bob Ryder's objectivity, he is not quick to tell you that he was on the ring crew, er make that the set-up crew, for ECW. At every Arena show, while he was telling the people who read his sheet that he was objective, he was also setting up the chairs in the building for ECW in exchange for a free ticket. He enjoyed it so much he even got "ECW" tattooed on his arm. He repeatedly asked me and Bob to critique his newsletter for him, and we did, nicely. We were always very nice to the guy."

I first went to the ECW for the "Three Way Dance" in April of 95 and sat to the side of the bleachers. It is no secret that I was an ultra-mark for the product. Everyone in the arena was at that time. As far as cozying up to Dave (make me puke) I didn't meet him until after I had received a complimentary issue of the Lariat (it was a weekly thing for awhile for Dave to hand out free issues outside before the show) and I went up to tell him how much I enjoyed the newsletter. Dave was running a deal in the beginning (I do not know if he still is) that if you had someone else subscribe you got a few free issues. So I subscribed to The Lariat and then set out to get him a lot of subscribers to lengthen my subscription. Dave could not believe the amount of subscribers I brought him. I do not know to this day if anyone ever got him more. Dave really liked the fact that I brought him business like I did (I have to admit, the early issues of the Lariat told it all and was better than the Observer or Torch who had their own agendas) So who cozied up to who? I was out for free issues.

It came to pass that one day it was raining outside and ECW did not have enough people to bring the ring in. I was outside standing in line. So stupid me volunteered to bring in the ring. Hmmm ..stand outside in the rain or carry the ring in and be dry? Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Must be because I was such a mark huh? Anyway while inside I worked my way around and got to set up the seats for a free ticket to the show. Again maybe it was just me but instead of standing in line for hours for the chance at getting a good seat or be inside to set up the seats seemed again like a no brainer. God it sucks I'm in the company of many people in the industry who started the same way. I guess Dave feels it is better to crawl up someone's ass so far that he could taste what he had for breakfast is better than to pay your own way in by doing some work for your ticket. Dave has forgotten to tell everyone that I had already had a meeting at Carver W. Reed with Tod Gordon about air brushing and merchandising so I already knew Tod. Must be that damn "mark syndrome" again. Dave is also forgetting to give a proper time frame as I had not started my newsletter yet.

I do have a question though Dave. You seem to take shots at me for getting "free" tickets. How many did you buy? Unless my memory is failing (and I know it's not) you got in under the guise of some form of reporter and because you were friends with Tod Gordon. In fact, you used to throw it in my face that while I had to set up the arena to get in I was less of a reporter than you were because you didn't have to do that. And how about the way you got to sit up top on the stage. Brilliant piece of work. Your back. Awww...I am so glad you got everyone up there to pity you. Funny how after your back healed you didn't come back down to the bleachers with your friends. Oh that's right, you were now too good to sit there. I got two of my friends in because they also set up the arena, how many of your friends did you used to get in to just sit there and do nothing. I always appreciated the fact and earned my ticket, I guess your still earning yours huh? (your new kneepads that are on order are still being reinforced, how do you go through so many pair in a year's time?)

As far as writing for The Lariat Dave would like to make it seem that I was always up his ass to do something for it as far as writing. Nothing could be farther from the truth. I told him what I was doing at the time (writing for Ross Marshall's Ringside Insider and also for Stefan Pickshaus's German Wrestling News and I told him if he ever needed a writer I would be more than happy to do it. I even had one of his friends co-cover one the ECW spot shows with me that was translated and published in Germany. I had sent in a letter to The Lariat and it was printed. Sure I got a kick out of it being printed but cover ECW for Dave? That was his baby. There is no way that he would allow that. Hell he was at every show just like I was. In fact Dave was at more shows than I was as I couldn't always attend all the spot shows. Funny I was covering ECW before the Lariat, my name was already in print and even being translated into another language so how did being in The Lariat change my point of view on anything?

On the night of ECW's fire incident even though it was a melee in there I understood what happened and wrote a column into Dave. In it I defended ECW as it was an accident. Dave has gone on record as saying he never received my column. I know for a fact he did. It just differed from his lambasting of ECW (remember when you used to be able to do that Dave?) so of course it wasn't printed. Far be it from Dave to present both sides of the story. As Tod Gordon told me at a later date "Dave picks and chooses what he wants his readers to see. It's just how he is". This was during a discussion of Meltzer, Keller and Scherer and how the first two will print any letter and Dave won't. It was then that I decided that I would never send anything into The Lariat again. To this day I won't and never will. (Like Dave would ever print it anyway considering how biased he really is)

Dave is obsessed with the fact that I have an ECW tattoo. All I can say is "get over it". He see's it as a shot at me for some reason. I hate to disappoint him but I laugh every time he points out that I have it. So what? I have about 6 tattoo's, does that mean there is something wrong with me? Dave, grow up. It's not an insult to me. I have the "first" ECW tattoo ever and even though the product sucks anymore compared to what it was that does not change a thing. ECW brought me back into wrestling. ECW gave me a couple of years of great enjoyment. ECW showed the world what U.S. wrestling could be like. I have no shame for the tattoo. I have no remorse for the tattoo. Come on Dave, your grasping at straws with this. Isn't this where you start to slander my wife or friends again?

As far as asking Dave and Bob to critique the newsletter? I asked them both what they thought when they got their first copy. Does that add up to constant asking for them to critique it? No, but then again we are talking about Dave Scherer the Ultimate Egomaniac. Now let's look at what Dave had to say to me when the first edition of my newsletter came out: " come you didn't tell me you were starting a newsletter?" (Add looking a little hurt into those words) Like I needed Dave's permission or approval. Like I needed to clear it with him first. Get real Dave. Tod Gordon comes up to me and tells me "Fritz, this is the best first edition I have ever seen" and Dave wants to know why I didn't tell him I was doing a newsletter. Give me a break. After that first edition came out Dave was a different person. Why? Professional jealousy for one. I had a full color magazine style front page. Although I did steal the design (at first) of his back page because it was a very good layout but the rest of the newsletter was mine although he has gone on record as saying I stole his whole design. (Geez, I had text and columns and "clear" photos..pretty much like every other newsletter is the business, but for the record according to dear ole Dave I stole his layout) For reason number two as to why Dave was different I was all of a sudden competition. And no matter how Dave would like you to think otherwise I was. Even Georgiann Makropoulos liked my ECW reports as she asked me to do an ECW article for her Year End issue. To quote Georgiann she said, "Fritz you do the best ECW report." (again it is no secret that I was a big time mark for the product) I did not do it though because Georgiann asked me for her 1996 Year End Issue and I was already completely disillusioned with the product by then.

Dave Scherer wrote: "Then, he had a falling out with the set-up guys at ECW, and turned on the company. I guess, since Bob and I didn't come to his rescue, we became his enemies."

This has got to be the biggest load of crap that Dave Scherer ever put on the site. Dave Scherer knows for a fact that the problems that started with ECW "WAS NOT" with the setup guys. It started when he turned his back on his friend and I didn't. I allowed a longtime employee of ECW to print a letter in my newsletter that basically said good-bye to the company and wished it well. Paul Heyman took offense to my printing that letter. Dave saw that the letter she asked us both to print could jeopardize his relations with ECW (to this day I cannot see why it would except for the fact that Paul Heyman is like a spoiled child) so he chose to not print the letter and thusly turned his back on her. I on the other hand after reading the letter saw that there was no malice in it what-so-ever so I printed it. What happened next was ludicrous at best. Paul Heyman was like an unsupervised child. Debbie Beaumont who took this persons place was adamant about it and was almost in tears, screaming and hollering. This all happened at a Plymouth Meeting spot show. The relationship between Paul and I deteriorated after that. The funny thing is so did ECW's product. This was just not in my eyes but in the eyes of a lot of old ECW fans. Between the lawsuits for the fire incident, the talent leaving in droves and Paul becoming more and more involved with pre and post production thus forgetting about the product ECW was starting on its trek downhill. For me when Paul Heyman had Raven come out, break character and apologize for the Sandman crucifixion angle saying that Heyman had no knowledge of it what-so-ever , considering that Terry Funk himself has been heard to say that Paul Heyman had wanted to do for a long time, just because Kurt Angle was there and the angle (Sandman being crucified on a wooden cross with a crown of barbed wire) totally disgusted him, well that was it. The ECW I knew never apologized for anything. But you see this was the time that Paul was kissing McMahon's ass and trying to do a program with the WWF. Paul was selling out. Paul was taking everything he had ever said to the ECW fans and was throwing it out the window. That was too much for me. I hung on to see Barely Legal as I felt I deserved to see it live considering it was their first pay per view. After that I never went back. In fact I mailed my pass back to Paul and told him to stick it up his ass and that is a quote. Dave knows all this so his little writing there was nothing but bullshit.

As far as me wanting Dave or Bob to come to my rescue? All I can do is shake my head at that statement. Dave didn't get me in and Bob only briefly chatted with me once after an arena show and said hi in passing a few other times so why in the hell would I expect them or look to them for any kind of help? Besides I didn't need help. Help for what? Because Heyman and I didn't see eye to eye. Because I wasn't kissing Paul E.'s ass? I'll ask again, help with what? I sent Paul my pass and told him to shove it of my own accord. Paul never asked for it. Paul didn't have the balls to ask for it and you can tell him I said so. Paul didn't have the guts to do anything himself. Paul's character is just that, a character because in real life, just like you Dave, he is a "work in progress".

This is the whole truth as far as ECW and I are concerned no matter what the spinmaster Dave would like to have you believe. You can at your choice believe Dave's version of it if you like. I could care less. I know the truth and the real truth and have never hidden anything from anyone. I do not need to, I do not have to. I have nothing to hide, something the Bobsey Twins cannot say because they have a lot to hide. Their agenda's conflict with what they are supposed to be and what they portray themselves as.

Dave Scherer wrote: "Frankly, I would not have even brought it up, but many of you asked about it, so this is my one time comment on the issue."

Another load of crap. He said that the last time he wrote about me. And the time before, and the time before that. I'll even lay odds that he said this about Keller when he "tried" to get into a war of words with him back a few years ago. Why would I lay odds? Because I love a sure bet! Then all of a sudden he did the usual Scherer spin and said there was no place for that in the newsletter. Translation? Keller put him in his place so Scherer tried to save what little face he had left by acting omnipotent, a trait that Dave always uses when cut to the quick.

As far as why I trashed Bob it was because it is obvious that he is sticking up for WCW and attacking the WWF because of his affiliation with the southern promotion, not because it is what he "feels" in his heart. Dave calls him an independent contractor. Does Dave think so little of the Internet wrestling fans that he feels he can pull that one off? Come on Dave, wake up and see Paul putting on his pants on. (Or pulling yours off which ever you prefer) Ryder is sucking up to WCW and it is blatant. Oh, that's right...everyone does WCW PPV Recaps right? This must be a case when independent contractor actually means ass kissing Mark Madden style huh?

That's why 1wrestling did a whole tirade about the fact that WCW had a website pulled for no reason at all correct? I know, it wasn't news in your eyes was it? But isn't it funny that while the rest of the net was commenting on it 1wrestling was plugging the fact that Bob was involved with the PPV recap? Coincidence? I think not! Your so far above caring for anything but yourself. I can hear you defending WCW as I write this. Your so f'n sad.

You see Dave, there is a lot I haven't even touched on yet. I can't wait to hear some more of your rants about me that you think are being done in private but are in fact sent right to me. I can't wait to hear some more about how you trash me to friends of mine that you don't even know I have. That's right smartmark, between you and Ryder I have a regular laughfest going on up here with people you would never expect, and probably never will. That's the beauty of this and I love it.

You can justify anything you want to in your own mind Dave. You too Bob. That is your prerogative. That is your choice. But when you out and out lie to put yourself over and to TRY and make someone else look bad you only show your true colors and allow everyone who reads what you have to write see you for what you really are. Bumbling assholes trying to cover your bullshit with spinmaster techniques only worthy of the master himself. Wouldn't it be easier and a lot more credible to just admit that your shilling for whomever? The bottom line is Dave, who cares if you are? Does that mean your news in less valid? (It is less valid when you pretend to not be something you are and only print corporate garbage or what they will allow you to print)

I remember when you said if you worked for a promotion that you would sell your newsletter to Jess. I still cannot figure out why Jess doesn't own The Lariat yet except for the fact that you sell the exact same thing you post on your site for free. Nice way to rip people off there Dave. It's funny I haven't heard of a new header in The Lariat stating that you suck ECW's collective butt and you shill whatever Paul wants you too while "pretending" to be a "reporter". But yet I showed your comments earlier when you say I was guilty of the same thing. Besides being a liar, fraud, shill and a loser your also a hypocrite. Damn, you passed Heyman 101 with flying colors didn't you?

Why do I have this feeling that you have lost a lot of subscribers lately? I know of some because they wrote to me asking me why you are selling a product (The Lariat) while you give it away (the news and opinions) for free on the Internet? All I could tell them was that you are you and to write to you and ask why. That is something more than you would do. You would probably just write to them if the situation was reversed and tell them I had an ECW tattoo and remind them that I used to set up chairs at Viking Hall. Funny how it always comes back to out of wrestling shots you have to take at me Dave. Because you have nothing else while I can sit here and pick your sorry jobroni ass apart piece by piece. I did it two years ago Dave, I guess you have forgotten.

Oh yeah, you try to pass off the fact that I attacked Bob and you because I'm trying to generate hits for my site. Dave, I don't need your hits. I don't need Bob's hits and I certainly do not need any hits of any of the Heyman's Gate cult. Believe me Dave, this does not generate hits to my site. You may live in a fantasy world and think your name generates hits but in actuality it does not. I put stuff on my site to inform. When you screw up I inform the people. Why Dave? Because I can and I feel that I should. Problem with that? Then do something about it or shut the "f" up. I know, you can't really attack me unless Paul tells you too right? Why don't you start another e-mail war with me with letters going out bcc"d to a hundred different people? I remember the last one a few weeks ago. You shut up pretty quick. Why was that Dave?

By the way, have you had to put an apology out to anyone lately because one of your friends worked you and made you look like an ass?

Fritz Capp is the editor of Pro Wrestling's Between The Sheets - for comments or opposing viewpoints please e-mail to Fritz Capp

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