Straight Shooting - Issue #95
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by Fritz Capp
October 30, 2000

Well boys and girls let me get back into the swing of things by just going over a few of the happenings as of late. Ah, it's good to be back in form again.......

I was informed today that a certain puss bucket of a PA indy promoter didn't like one of my columns and he has been going around telling people (so they would tell me of course) that the column is sitting on his lawyers desk. And how much am I supposed to be scared about that? Should I be shaking in my slippers and calling him up begging forgiveness and saying that it won't happen again? HA HA!!!

Yeah right, and Paul Heyman is paying his workers also correct? This poor excuse for a promoter has the audacity to then go on to say that I cannot be trusted. Can you believe that? ME!

This is coming from a guy who is no better than an ambulance chaser, reading the papers looking for hard luck cases so he can contact them selling them on the idea of doing a benefit show. I mean without that this guy draws zip, nada, nothing to his shows. On top of that he false books wrestlers, he DOES NOT pay his guys most of the time and when he does it's $10 - $20 tops.

He tells workers they are working the show and when they show up they he tells them he called their house and told them not to make the drive and a lot of his former workers want nothing to do with him because of the way he conducts business.

This guy is the epitome of a douchebag. Here's a story to show you how much class this imbecile has. One time this guy booked Kerry Von Erich (yes this guy has been around for awhile) and the Honky Tonk Man. Anyway, after his match Kerry took off. Now Kerry was Honky's ride so when this happened Honky went to this promoter and told him what happened and that he needed a ride. Know what this idiot did? Left Honky in a high school gym all night long over 40 miles away from the airport.

Honky had no idea where he was so he stayed put hoping someone would show up to get him to his flight at 6 am the next morning. After trying to catch some shuteye on the benches at the school, Honky was starting to get pretty upset at the whole situation. Luckily, a janitor came in to which Honky explained his situation and the janitor got him to the airport just in time to catch his flight. Now you tell me people, what kind of jackoff does this to a worker. Oh yeah, just in case your wondering I was told this by....yup you guessed it, Honky himself.

If you ever have a chance to talk to the Honky Tonk Man, ask him to tell you the story of the time he was left all night in a gym when the promoter left him there to fend for himself. Then ask him who did it to him and if he'd ever work for him again. Oh yeah, ask him how much this promoter stiffed him for. My best advice for this jabrone is to just keep his mouth shut or I am going to have to start digging a little deeper into his so-called promotion.

Maybe I can uncover some really juicy information on him, his overweight out of shape loud mouthed going no where Hawaiian shirt wearing booker and maybe even some of his other employees. I am sure that people who take kids to his shows would love to know some of the past history of some of his employees. Plus there are the slanderous statements he is making about former workers for his promotion who he falsely advertised as being on a show, leaving himself open for a lawsuit or two. I ask you people, can anyone get any more stupid?

Talking about plain stupid, let's talk about a promoter who's kid decided it would be cool to rip off a sponsor about a year or two ago. You see there was a big WWF autograph signing in PA. with quite a few WWF stars participating. Well this kid was hanging out with a former blond WWF superstar and her husband and rode with them to their hotel.

Of course, this #@#&$f wouldn't have gotten within 400 feet of this couple if not for his father. Anyway this kid comes down from the room and tells the sponsor that this couple wasn't coming to make their appearance unless this guy coughed up another $1000.00. The guy balked a bit but since there was a crowd there he relented and gave this dope the money.

Fifteen minutes later, the couple came down stairs with the kid. Now the sponsor of this didn't say anything because the kid told him not to because that is just the way the business is. About a week later, this guy was talking to a WWF official and he mentioned the $1000.00. Of course, the WWF official told him he would get back to him and did some investigating. He called the sponsor back and told him that this couple had no idea what he was talking about.

It was then learned that a little later on this kid was bragging how that was how he got his money to buy his car. And we wonder why it is getting harder and harder to find sponsors for events? With jackasses like this, it's a wonder the sport continues. The real funny thing is this car was insured for more than it was worth and it was mysteriously stolen a few months after purchase, this happening after the kid and the father was bragging two weeks prior to the theft that the car would be worth more if it was stolen than it was by using it. Go figure, huh?

I have received more than a few calls and e-mails about the new promotion that is going to be running in the PA. area that I alluded to a few columns back. The problem is it appears that some people are out there just making up information as they go along for whatever reason. I talked to the owner of the promotion over the weekend and this is what he told me :

1 - That there are five promoters in the area that he respects and would never do anything to hurt, in fact he is looking forward to working with them. They are Jimmy Kettner (ECWA), Mike Burns (FWA), Blaine DeSantis (PCW), Gino Moore (NWA-Jersey), and Bad Crew (EWF). He said these guys run honest hard working shows and he wishes that everyone would follow these examples.

2 - That unless you fall into the five names mentioned above then you are basically running less than stellar shows and if that is the case, which means the territory is open, he will run there if he wants to but is basically looking at the Philadelphia area to do shows.

3 - He is going to use a lot more than the local talent and that there should be no problem between promotions as far as availability of the talent that they are used to using.

4 - That this is a business, and as such people and talent will go to the best possible choice. This is a plain fact and that he cannot help it that he will be running the best shows in the area.

5 - There is a huge meeting this coming Saturday between the brain trust of the organization and at that time the officers of the promotion will be named and also their strategic plan will be unveiled.

That is all I can say at this time but with all he has told me there could finally be a promotion in the Philly area that as Edge would say, "reeks of awesomeness".

I had a great time at the last NWA-Jersey show. Not because the card was fabulous because I really couldn't say if it was or wasn't. I didn't get to see that much of the card.

Most of my time was spent getting bios for the NWA-Jersey website and playing video guy for Bill Apter as he was shooting promos for NWA Wildside. For those of you not familiar with NWA Wildside, it is shown in the Philly area Monday nights at 11 pm which is of course right after RAW.

It is shown on channel 48. It is shown in many other areas too numerous to mention. Go to to find out what time it is shown in your area.

Now I have seen promos done many times but this is the first time I got to be the one doing the filming. It was cool to watch the guys cut their promos with the most outrageous one coming from Dapper Johnny and Slayer. The guy who seemed to have the most fun doing it was Gillberg.

Dwayne always seems to have a good time. More guys should follow his lead. 911, Axl Rotten, Touch Of reality, X-Factor and a few others all cut promos for the show and they should be appearing in the upcoming episodes. Check it out and check out WOW magazine as this is one mag that is coming into it's own.

Chaotic Wrestling will be doing a television taping in the beginning of December. There is also a crew following them around to do one of those television reports on wrestling. While I haven't had the chance to see one of their shows I have received a few e-mails telling me that they are the real deal and to expect big things from them in the near future, which makes me happy since I have been promoting them for a while now. If your in the MA. area check out a show and let me know what you think. I am sure I'll be getting up that way soon.

I haven't been traveling the boards lately due to my work schedule so I do not know what news is going around but one thing is painfully obvious, ECW is definitely in worse shape then they are letting on. A lot of the guys are taking bookings outside of ECW, but then again who can blame them. They need to make money and empty promises just don't pay the bills.

Some of the guys are scouting out the New England area for work while others are looking southward. I have talked with a lot of promoters who have received feelers from many of ECW's talent lately. If Heyman don't get his act together soon he may not have anything to worry about as everyone will be gone.

As far as the guys who work for ECW that are saying that they have the hardest working locker room in the business are concerned, that and fifty cents won't buy you a glass of orange juice at the Holiday Inn...think about it, especially considering that most of the current ECW locker room is currently booked on shows outside of much for those contracts we have been hearing about lately....or is that Paul telling the guys to take the bookings because he can't pay you? Loyalty is one thing, outright lying for something that has proven time and time again that it WILL let you down is another.

SmartMark Video has some brand new releases :

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What would you all think of a promoter/school owner that fabricates belts then sells them to "special" children for hundreds of dollars? Well that is exactly what is going on by one promoter who likes to call new jersey his home base of operations. Seems this promoter has found himself a patsy in the form of a person who is not all together. This guy fabricates belts whenever he is low on money and then tells this person that it is his old WWF belt.
Well according to how many belts these guy has duped this individual into buying this guy had to have been the all time greatest wrestler in the history of the sport. His latest sale was his WWF Intercontinental Tag Team Championship belt. Of course we all know there is no such belt but according to this putz there was. I hear he has sold this guy 7 belts so far, all costing in the $700.00 range. It is stories just like this one that makes me think that at least half of the promoters running today should be drawn and quartered.

If you really want to hear something that is even worse, how about a wrestler that rips off another wrestler. Such is the case when a former WWF and WCW superstar went around telling younger workers in the business that he could train them at a training seminar he was holding and that all that was needed was half of the cost up front. Well of course the younger workers jumped at the chance to work with someone who had been in the business for 25 years so they gave this jabrone the money only to never have this guy get in contact with them again. Now it doesn't get much lower than this. When a worker, who has traveled the roads for years, sees fit to rip off other younger workers by using his past reputation as the catalyst to get the money this is really sad.

I know three promoters who recently inquired on using this guy and all I can say is that after I got done talking to them they want nothing to do with him. Can you blame them? If he'd rip off another worker, he'd be out to steal everyone he could blind. Well I hope that quick burst of cash was worth it. Let's just say that if your a young worker in the business and your approached by someone who has years in the business and swears Hulk Hogan is a good friend of his, STAY AWAY!

And with that I am outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be but also remember a quote from James Billington, "Intellectual and cultural freedom is the most important single precondition for the breakdown of the kinds of tyrannical and totalitarian systems that periodically threaten us."

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