"Straight Shooting"
by: Fritz Capp

Straight Shooting
by : Fritz Capp
October 24, 1999

The Vince Russo/Ed Ferrera era is now in full swing with the two of them taking over the last Monday Nitro booking. Let's just take a quick peek into what really happened.

While I enjoyed the first hour (anything is better then what was being presented) I do have to wonder how long the two of them will allowed to give the fans an almost exact reproduction of "RAW" before the powers that be tell them they have to try to do something different. As the show went into the second and third hour it started to remind of the old Nitro though. The longer Nitro was on, the more it seemed to drag.

I mean, let's be honest with ourselves everyone, did the first hour look any different then any "RAW" you have watched in the past year? I sat in the WCW "Live" room to see the responses of the people who have criticized "RAW" on numerous occasions these past 12 months and what I saw was this exact statement being said by all the participants, "Nitro Is RAW"!

Is that what WCW had in mind when they signed these two people to book their program?

I also am totally amazed at the number of people who have "trashed and bashed" Russo and company over the past year for their booking of the WWF and they are now kissing his ass like he is the second coming of God. This is not only true of wrestling columnists but also of WCW fans themselves! How can this be people? I have received letter after letter telling me that over the past year I have supported and enjoyed a pornographic exploitive wrestling promotion who was only interested in the bottom line, which is doing whatever it takes to makes themselves a dollar no matter who it offends. I have received letters saying that the WWF Booking Committee has absolutely no morals and should all rot in hell for their actions. Well now, how is WCW any different?

1 - Dustin Runnels being brought in as an "Undertakerish" type character.
2 - Kimberly Page using "sex and adultery" to try to lure David Flair to a hotel room.
3 - Sting's use of "crotch chops".
4 - Evening Gown matches just for the sake of having a woman's clothes ripped off.

I'm not sitting here bashing them people, so put your e-mails away. I am just pointing out a few things to the millions....and millions...of hypocrites that reside here on the Internet. If I was trashing and bashing, as all who are familiar with this column know, I would delve into much more detail.

There is a huge difference in what Russo and company had to work with in the WWF and what they have now in WCW. In WCW they have some of the greatest wrestlers in the world today. There is no way to deny that fact. (And I never have) But.....does that mean that Russo and friends know what to do with this wealth of talent? No, it does not. You see, the difference is that in the WWF the Russo boys had some of the industries greatest entertainers. While I am not saying in the least that the WWF's top talent cannot wrestle (because they can) they have a monumental edge over WCW's talent as far as intensity (in matches and promos) and mic work ability.

Again, put away your e-mails as I do not want the letters telling me that Flair is great on a mic, or DDP or even Hogan. Flair was great 10 years ago and sometimes finds his old groove but for the most part Flair flips out too much anymore. Go back and look at his interviews from 1986 and compare them to know to understand what I am saying. DDP is good and Hogan is in the midnight of his career. Who else does WCW have though that is as fluid on the mic as Austin or the Rock or Foley or Road Dog or Jericho or Helmsley, just to name a few. One thing is true though, Scott Steiner's promos from earlier this year would fit right in with the new WCW philosophy.

It is going to take WCW a little while to grasp the new concept that is being presented to them, but I have every bit of faith that they will grasp the "sports entertainment" moniker that Russo and company will shove down their throat all in the name of ratings. That's too bad to, because except for the NWO angle when WCW was trouncing the WWF in ratings it was done by solid wrestling. I hope for WCW's sake that the Russo boys will mature just enough not to take the edge of what they can do but to also realize that the name on the marquee is still "wrestling" and can find a way to incorporate that into their program.


The Wrestling Guys Radio Show this Monday will have LEGENDARY champion Harley Race, and are working to have either Don Callis (Cyrus) or Little Guido with us on Monday. Plus some of the Outlaws stars that will appear at The Tropicana will be in 'da house!! Tune in Monday at 6pm for the action!! http://www.wrestlingguys.com


The "King OF Reporting" contest is down to it's Final Four and here are the final brackets:

Bob Ryder vs. Dave Scherer
Zach Hickenbottom vs. Joe DeLeon

Pick and choose your favorite reporter as we get ready to head into the finals.


While touching on the above subject for a minute word going around is that my last opponent has gone on record as saying that I promo'd myself during this contest trying to get votes??? While it is true that I hyped this contest around the boards I have still yet to find ONE place where I said "Vote for me" as he did in private e-mails mass mailings.

The reason I hyped this contest so much was because it was fun and the guys at Steel Cage Asylum put a lot of work into doing this. They never asked me to do this, I don't even know who runs SCA. But I do want to go on record as saying that I never asked for anyone to vote for me. That would be lame if you ask me. If you have to "beg" for people to vote for you then you probably shouldn't be in the contest in the first place. Anyway, what it comes down to is once again people on the Internet "outright lying" for a small piece of glory which is sad.


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And with that I'm outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be.

Fritz Capp is the editor of Pro Wrestling's Between The Sheets - for comments or opposing viewpoints please e-mail to Fritz Capp

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