Straight Shooting - Issue #93
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by Fritz Capp
October 23, 2000

The Internet rumor mill is heating up with the news that K-1, a Japanese shootfighting organization, is out to do their best at stopping the sale of WCW to Vince McMahon so they themselves can purchase it. It would be interesting to see what the product would be like if this would in fact happen. Japanese promotions for a long time have tried to get a foothold in the U.S. pro wrestling scene but have not found a viable way to do this. Word has it that a lot of the people in WCW would rather see the sale go to Vince McMahon. This is a no brainer as I am sure that they realize that they would not be able to pull the lazy role with a Japanese owner. The Kevin Nash's of the world would either have to actually have a workrate or get out of the business. This could only help the promotion as for far too long the older established names in WCW have put in absolutely nothing to help turn the company around. It has been an ego fest in Atlanta with everyone vying for the big push. Of course the political bull that is so prevalent backstage in WCW today does not allow the booker, no matter who it is, to actually have a say in what is going on. I for one would like to see someone other than McMahon get a hold of WCW because this would not only bring us a fresh product but would keep the competition level up on all sides with the wrestling fans being the winner overall.

Goldberg is the latest pro wrestler to take shots at Internet reporters. Shawn Michaels recently has as well as DDP. Now it is no secret that the person the Goldberg shot on, Bob Ryder, and myself are not best friends. We have gone round and round many times on a variety of subjects but before I revel in the fact that he was outted by Goldberg let's dig a little deeper.

If Bob would have kayfabed his feelings Bill Goldberg never would have said a word. This is just a fact. But because Mr. Ryder felt it necessary to speak his mind Goldberg decides he doesn't like what he said so he will take it to a more public forum than what is afforded Bob, this being a CNN interview. But let's look at this piece by piece.

Ryder is reported to have said, "Goldberg is one of the biggest names in the business because WCW allowed him to be, because of the push that they gave him. In the process they've created a monster, in more ways than one."

If you go back to early columns of mine during Bill Goldberg's first undefeated streak you would see that I said the same thing. Bill Goldberg did not deserve the push he received. He was green and Bischoff needed something to boost his ratings. In essence, Goldberg was nothing more than a "ratings" champion. That is not attempting to take anything away from Goldberg at all, it is just a statement that is true. It does not take away from his intensity, it does not take away from his in-ring presence. It just states that Goldberg was pushed well before his time by general standards , but as I said it was necessary due to help push WCW's ratings. This push also came at the expense of many workers who had "paid their dues" which is something Goldberg never has had to do.

Goldberg then goes onto say that his response will take the high road and then goes on to say that Ryder is fat, bald and goofy looking. This is the high road? Now this is either one hypocritical person or one elaborate work on both Goldberg's and Ryder's part to help take Ryder's name even farther into mainstream media, which was accomplished I might add by these statements. In my best estimation though, I will give Bob the benefit of the doubt about it being a work, as he wouldn't admit to it anyway. It's just he has been the focal point for so many WCW works that he himself has cost himself some credibility in this department. Be that as it may be though let's look at sudden fame of a green wrestler and how that can affect his judgement.

You take someone who's original career is over due to injury, throw in a monster push, new found fame and adulation, a ton of money and some old school guys who warp your way of thinking and what do you have? Bill Goldberg. Before his push at WCW Goldberg lived in obscurity. No one outside of Atlanta even really knew who he was. Now Goldberg is a household name and has even testified in Washington in behalf of animal rights. He has been in movies, is sought after by mainstream media and now lives lavishly all due to his role in World Championship Wrestling. Does new found fortune and fame warp a person's mind? Sure it does, this has been proven time and time again. Does it give someone an extra large ego? Of course. Now add to this people such as Hulk Hogan and Kevin Nash, who have historically only been out for their own agenda, feeding into Goldberg's mind set and what do you get? A rather large ego that is hard to control.

This was evident when Goldberg refused to do the program with Chris Jericho. Goldberg went from humble worker to someone who knew what was good for the company and what wasn't all in a very short amount of time. All of a sudden he knew all there was about the mind set of pro wrestling and refused to work with Jericho due to size difference and believability. How would it have hurt Goldberg to work a program with Jericho? Now if WCW's mind set would have been having Goldberg job to Jericho in 20 seconds for four months straight I could see his concern. There must be a certain amount of believability in what ever is being shown to the mass populace. Of course this wasn't the case. But to do a series of matches with Jericho would not have hurt Goldberg one bit. In fact it may have helped. This shows that ego reared it's ugly head and as time goes on it just may be getting worse.

Goldberg goes on to say, "I don't think I'm above the wrestling business, I just think that I can help it, and I would appreciate if people would listen, because they at least owe me that." Why does anyone "owe" Goldberg anything? He has been in the business a few short years. I think he is a bit misguided as I believe it is Goldberg who has been piling up the debts. No one owes Goldberg, or for that matter anyone else, anything. Workers today seems to want to "live the gimmick" far too much. In fact I think it is safe to say that each and every worker owes their biggest debt to the pro wrestling fans. That's right, THE FANS! Without the fans pro wrestlers would be bagging groceries, working construction jobs or be sitting in an office with 9-5 jobs making about $35,000 a year. But wrestlers are the ones who historically call the fans "marks" and they do mean it in the most degrading way. They see fans as nothing more than "open wallets" for them to pluck from. They view fans as idiots who really have no lives. They see fans and laugh at them, show no respect and view them as an annoyance. Has Bill Goldberg joined the ever growing ranks of pro wrestlers like Curt Hennig, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Terry Bolea and yes even Bret Hart who view fans with disdain and contempt? If ego's are to be shown let's have Goldberg say it in his own words, "But when Bob Ryder's punching at that typewriter when he's fifty years old, and I'm sitting on an island, that's named "Goldberg's Island" I'll be laughing at him then, just like I'm laughing at him now."

Again taking the high road I see. Well Bill, all I can say is if Vince does buy WCW I hope you are a bit more humble. You may be a viable product but Vince doesn't need an ego ridden cancer in his locker room. You may have been blessed with the tools but all things aside you don't solidify your position in the wrestling world by being a tool.

For those interested this is the end of the column. The next paragraph is basically just in response to someone who feels the continuing need to take cheap and unwarranted shots at me because I showed him to be childish and unprofessional by using a memorial shows results to take a cheap shot at a wrestling promotion he does not like, due in large part to his friendship with the promotions former owner. While this guy still insists it was a tongue-in-cheek joke, it is not funny to even hypothetically accuse a wrestling promotion of trying to disrupt a memorial show for a fallen wrestler. It shows no class and has no place in wrestling reporting.

To Phil Varlese : And the desperate cries for attention continue. Oh for the days when people would just be what they pretend to be today. But in today's long winded Internet wrestling positioning fest, those days are long gone. No more can people stand on their own two feet. It is one thing to expose someone for the fraud they are. It is another thing to try to discredit someone under that particular guise when you have nothing relevant or substantial to say. Little pictures of animals and a lot of double talk does not an argument make, in fact those methods are childish and hold no merit. Nor does writing up a column and e-mailing it to the world in the hopes that you can put yourself over in someone's eyes. To say you speak your mind when you are nothing more than a tool for someone else's vengeance shows that you indeed have no intelligence. To try to place blame for your actions on someone else shows you have no moral fiber. There is nothing wrong with being loyal to a friend. I know this from first hand experience. But there is a problem when your loyalty blinds you to the truth. All you have become is the answer to Mr. Coralluzo's prayers and that is a voice on the Internet. That is something Dennis did not have with his son Mark or with his former or current mistress, one of which whom Dennis's actions caused her to lose everything she had. While you say I "sold out for the big bucks" with my association with NWA-Jersey, you have whored yourself out to Dennis just for the sake of being a whore. By e-mailing your last column to no less than 64 different e-mail addresses you show that you are doing nothing but trying to put yourself over at my expense, which is fine because that shows that is all you have to offer. This is also easily shown by who you sent your last column out to. I have received many letters from you and this is by far the biggest cry for attention I have ever seen from you, it is also the saddest attempt I have witnessed in a long time. While you continue to post Dennis's dribble as your own and continue to take unwarranted shots at me remember one thing, when the smoke clears and all is said and done I will still be who I have always been but you my friend will realize that you were duped and used like so many before you. You have my deepest sympathies.

And with that I am outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be but also remember a quote from James Billington, "Intellectual and cultural freedom is the most important single precondition for the breakdown of the kinds of tyrannical and totalitarian systems that periodically threaten us."

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