Straight Shooting - Issue #90
by Fritz Capp
October 12, 2000

Quick hits :

It is being reported that Juventud Guerrera has been released from WCW due to his actions in Australia. Sometimes I really have to wonder what goes through these guys heads. What the heck was Juvy thinking? But it's not just him though, this industry is full of stories of guys letting their press go to their heads and then having it screw up their lives. Look at Scott Hall. What I cannot fathom is the fact that these guys bust their butt to make it to the top and then throw it all away because they want to "live the lifestyle". Well living the lifestyle has cost a few their wives and families and it has even cost some of them their very lives. Don't they realize how much schooling and time it would take for them to make the kind of money they are making anywhere else? This isn't rocket science people. It is highly unlikely that Juvy or Hall or the rest of them could ever make the kind of money they make in wrestling. The last time I heard Home Depot is not paying 6 - 7 figures for stock boys. This industry is known for "ruining" wrestlers home lives. The reason that continues is because the wrestlers themselves allow it to happen. They get caught up in this "rock star" attitude and forget they have wives, kids and family at home and do what they want to without thinking about the consequences. They do not think about the "other" people involved in their lives. Soon we'll see a report of how a wrestler came home and gave his wife aids. I wonder how many will think that was cool to have happen?

Rikishi pulling the racial gimmick in the WWF makes me really wonder what the heck they are doing. It is obvious that it will end up being The Rock who ran down Austin last year but why play the race thing? Now I don't have the luxury of going over all the news boards anymore due to time constraints to see what everyone is saying, but just the fact that Rikishi emphatically stated that The Rock had NOTHING to do with it usually means that he had everything to do with it. Who knows, they change things all the time so I guess we have to see this one play out.

Over at CZW they not only have problems in the promotion itself but also on the website. It is true that most message boards are nothing but garbage because of a few fans but CZW has a unique way to take care of that problem. When a fan voices their opinion on the state of the company and it's problems they delete the post, but if you just want to go on there and slam someone they leave it alone. Makes sense huh? Before their last show the CZW fans were complaining about the lack of response CZW management gave about the upcoming "extreme" bill that is going to be enacted into law in the very near future. They also tried to organize to help fight the bill. What happened? The board was deleted. Recently a bunch of backyarders have been putting themselves over on the CZW board and have been starting fights with the regulars. What happens? They leave that alone. No wonder rumors are going crazy that CZW will be folding soon. Management has no control. But then again how can they? They are too busy putting themselves over in Japan.

I had a very interesting chat yesterday with someone who works in the WWWA. (Do they still have workers?) Anyway, since the WWWA drew 23 paid at their last WWWA Arena show and a lot of the workers got stiffed on their pay it appears more workers are looking to leave for greener pastures. Can anyone blame them? Here you have a promotion that cannot draw flies and makes sure that their clique gets paid and that's about it. Why should anyone work for a promoter like that? The management of WWWA is lost on what it takes to run a promotion anymore and it shows.

ECW is on TNN. They are off TNN. They are on TNN. They are off TNN. Can someone make up their minds? I don't know why Heyman just don't sell the promotion and go be a booker somewhere else. He has no business sense and is doing the promotion a great disservice. Sell it and let someone who knows how to run it correctly.

In the same vein we have Mandalay buying WCW. No AOL. I thought it was SFX? No it's Eric Bischoff. No Jim Crockett wants it. Ooops, now he doesn't. Give me a break. All these reports show that NO ONE knows what is going on. Can't we wait until a deal actually goes down before saying anything? And this is what makes a credible reporter or website? Wrestling reporting isn't reporting anymore. It's mostly just speculation. There are many websites that get hundreds of thousands of hits because they have a new female picture but when I talk to a lot of promoters I know what sites they travel to for their news. Trust me it is a very short list and you would be surprised who is NOT on it.

Chaotic Wrestling up in the MA. area appears to be on the brink of something big. Reports are coming to me that they have one of the best shows going up in the area and should be expanding in the upcoming year. Don't take my word for it, either check out an upcoming show in your area or go to

Word is coming out that Tod Gordon is going to make an announcement that is going to shake the wrestling industry. Yeah right, this guy couldn't shake up a bag of "Shake and Bake" and make chicken. What's he going to do? Announce he's Dennis Coralluzo's new money mark? Couldn't you just see Gordon, Coralluzo and Simms hanging out together? Why that's a match made in heaven. Three of the biggest mark promoters in the business working together for one goal, screwing the fans, lying to the workers and ripping sponsors. With Sandman (James Fullington) opening a sports bar in Delaware maybe Tod is going to do something with him. Word has it that he'll have a ring in the back of the bar and be running a school out of there with The Pitbulls as trainers. It's no secret that Sandman and Tod are good friends. I wish Sandman the best on his new venture, even if Tod would be involved. The only other possibility is that he is going to rejoin ECW but that wouldn't make no sense as he didn't make money last time and it cost him more than money. I guess he could start another wrestling promotion but then how long would he be with his new wife? Tod does have a penchant for rats. But then again he likes to watch too. Another case of someone living the gimmick or lifestyle and it costing him. Oh well, I guess we'll all have to wait and see what this "big" announcement is. Personally there is more anticipation to watching paint dry.

The NWA Convention is set for this weekend and it should be a great event. The convention itself and two days of cards should make this one of the biggest events of the year. If you anywhere near the Nashville area be sure to check this out as top NWA stars from all over the world will be at this event. The convention itself will be at the Wilson Inn -Airport with the cards being held at the Nashville Fairgrounds.

Speaking of the NWA, NWA-Jersey will be holding a card at the Armstrong Middle School on October 27th. The card will have Crowbar, Chris Candido, Gillberg, 911, Rich Myers, Touch of Reality, 911, Dave Mysterio and a whole host of others. Go to to get up to the minute information.

And with that I am outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be but also remember a quote from James Billington, "Intellectual and cultural freedom is the most important single precondition for the breakdown of the kinds of tyrannical and totalitarian systems that periodically threaten us."

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