Is Madden For Real?

by: Fritz Capp

I just got finsihed reading in essence what was nothing more but corporate diatribe by the self proclaimed "only real journalist", WCW's own Mark Madden. In this instance above all others in the past you can tell he does work for and is paid by WCW.

In his latest writing Madden goes on to say how WCW is the number one promotion in the industry. He sights larger gates, more merchandise sales and better ratings over the WWF as the way of proclaiming this. I have one question, "Where the hell is he getting his figures?"

Madden also goes on the biggest ass kissing campaign since President Clinton met Monica Lewinsky proclaiming Eric Bischoff to be the savior of professional wrestling. He sites that Bischoff turned Hogan heel and created Goldberg and The Giant. He also credits Bischoff with creating the NWO. I can now understand where the book title "Men are from Mars" comes from because it is obvious that Mark Madden is from another planet.

Eric Bischoff may have gone to Ted Turner and got him to go head to head with WWF RAW on Monday nights but when did Bischoff become the main booker in WCW? Also when did Bischoff ever tell Hogan what he is going to do next? Hogan has called his own shots in WCW since he has gotten there. Are we now supposed to believe different?

As far as buyrates are concerned, unless all my numbers have been totally wrong the WWF has by far outmatched WCW month in and month out as far as PPV's are concerned. The WWF also has had it's share of wins as far as the Monday Night ratings are concerned.

When you talk of merchandise sales, no matter where you go there is only one name at the top with everything else trailing in a distant second place and that name is "Stone Cold" Steve Austin. Although this is just a guess on my part but I would believe it is safe to say that Austin's merchandise sales worldwide outgun the top two people in sales that WCW has to offer.

Austin is also probably the first wrestler since Hulk Hogan to have household name status. While WCW pushes Goldberg every chance they get he is still no where near the name recognition status of "Stone Cold" Steve Austin.

WCW's parent company puts out a lot of movies correct? But it is the WWF's own DeGeneration X who's lines are being used in the new Eddie Murphy movie. On the trailer for the movie now being shown across the country you can hear the familiar line..."I got two words for you...SUCK IT!. For osme reason I do not believe that Vince Mcmahon owns the movie company putting out this film, which means that he is not influencing the writing.

It is sad that mark Madden once again has to insult wrestling fans to garner heat. Here is a quote from his column:

You're probably more than content to be second-best (at best) in your miserable, drab little lives, more than happy to look up the ladder with admiration at the current leader in your industry, the best gas-pumper or convenience-store clerk or whatever. Try and compete? That would take too much effort and besides, there would be the chance of failure. Better to go around unnoticed, like a slinking mongrel dog. Be objective. Be real. "

This is coming from a guy who is no where near what he proclaims himself to be. If you dont believe me...and the Untied States Judicial System. They'll tell ya. As far as being real, Mark Madden doesn't know what real means. If he did he wouldn't consitently show himself as "The Internet's Only Real Ass".

Another great thing about Mark Madden is if he feels you are a threat to him in anyway or could make him look like the fool we all know him to be he will not acknowledge you in any way. Far be it from Mark to take a one on one confrontation. He would sooner sit behind a computer and insult people, trying to get cheap heat because his talent can not stand up on it's own anymore. It is true he can write a great column, but Madden does not believe in himself to allow that to be his forte. While there are a few reporters on the net that also believe in this way of "putting themselves over" Madden has the dubious distinction of working for a major promotion while these other so called reporters just kiss ass on the indy level. Maybe we should all go out and buy stock in a knee pad company as these guys are starting to wear them out quicker than they can be produced.

Here are the facts plain and simple:

1- Eric Bischoff was and is nothing more than a business man who is a mark for the business.

2- Eric Bischoff did not create the characters you currently see in WCW. The pushes and angles are created by their writers otherwise known as their Booking Commitee. Do you honestly think WCW would be where it is today if not for the likes of Terry Taylor?

3- While it is a fact that WCW held the TV rating's in their pocket for two years that can no longer be said to be the case as the WWF in 1998 turned the heat on and sent Bischoff running in a panic.

4- While Eric Bischoff and WCW claim to be family programming and constanly attack the WWF for their "Adult Oriented Themes" WCW has been showing week in and week out what it is like to have a drunk as a wrestler in the Scott Hall angle. Now thats family programming right off of the 700 Club don't ya think?

5- WCW has attacked the WWF for their involvment of sex in their product but yet has The Nitro Girls which is blatently nothing more than to have guys tune in each week to see which girls breast may pop out. (Which has happened on more than one occasion)

6- To say that Eric Bischoff created the Giant and Goldberg is ludicrous. Wight's size created the Giant (ergo the name) and Goldberg was originally built as a ratings champion trying to overcome the WWF's ratings victories at the time. Goldberg was pushed to an astronomical record on the backs of every WCW jobber they could throw at him, some four and five victories for each worker.

7- The buyrates of WCW PPV's are drowning in a sea of ineptitude. Only ECW's buyrates are worse and not by much. Now considering what ECW has a far as corporate sponsorship (none) and WCW's sponsorship these to promotions should not even be close. What is happening is that the fans are tired of being ripped off by mediocre shows at $32.00+.

8- With the amount of talent that WCW has at their disposal there should be no question as to who holds the top spot in the professional wrestling industry. When the WWF held that kind of talent in the 80's there was no question. But WCW only caters to the few wrestlers who are friends with Eric Bischoff or to the current unhappy soul who has just resigned and they have to give them a push.

9- While it is true that WCW attendence is at an all time after report from these house shows comes across my desk with less than enthusiastic opinions about the shows while the WWF house shows have people talking about them for weeks and waiting for the next one to come to town.

10- That even during WCW's reign of terror on the rating's system the talk all over the Internet and throughout wrestling circles was always about the WWF. (I have to say that when the NWO first came out they were the buzz but how long did that last?)

I could go on and on disproving everything Mark Madden's has to say but like I said earlier this week on my site I hate going into wars with unarmed people. Madden, like others I know, are too easy to pick apart because they are so transparent in what they say and do. They hide behind facades of greatness which hide their own growing insecurities about themselves. Why else would Madden print such a column? There is no way in hell that Mark Madden (if he is all he says he is) can believe one word of the bullshit he has up on the WCW website. But I do want to ask Madden one question which may finally answer the question of whether Mark Madden knows what it means to be real or not, "If you have sex with your clone are you gay or just masterbating?"

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