Straight Shooting - Issue #89
by Fritz Capp
September 27, 2000

It' s been a bit since I've had the time to sit down and put out some thoughts so just let me jump right into it.

I had the opportunity to take my son Danny to Unforgiven this past weekend. I'll tell you what, seeing him at the show made me remember what it was like to be a true wrestling fan. Without pretense, without being judgmental and without the politics that has so inundated the Internet wrestling sites. He was amazed at the size of the arena and at all of the people there. I haven't seen that much excitement out of a wrestling fan in a while and it made me smile.

As we walked in and headed down the corridor to get to our seats we walked by the Micro Brewery inside the First Union Center. There huddled in a group was the usual group of Internet reporters getting drunk so they could actually try to enjoy the show. Now I'm not going to name anyone because quite honestly they don't deserve the name recognition. All I can say is that I hope ma don't have no mora them. Some of them should be considered a waste of good air.

When we got to the seats he just sat there taking it all in and he popped when HEAT came on the screen. When the show finally started he was glued to the ring. I am glad that we had the seats we did because it afforded him to be able to see without the usual having to almost kill someone to put their damned sign down. One thing I have to say for the fans, they can be rude as hell. They think because they bought a ticket that gives them carte blanche to be rude and just ruin the shows for the people behind them by holding up signs all through the matches and standing up for the whole show. I remember back in the early and mid 90's this wasn't tolerated and it was a better show as far as being able to see is concerned for the most part. I saw a couple fights break out because people just wanted to see and the idiots in front of them wouldn't put down their signs. It is one thing to express yourself, it is another thing to be inconsiderate of others. Another thing is they should really consider curbing the alcohol consumption at the shows. Some people can go and have a good time, others just turn into instant rectal cavities. While I do not drink or take drugs to enjoy life and I don't care what other people do as long as it does not infringe on others the people who feel it is necessary to consume large amounts of alcohol to enjoy an event should also learn how they act when the get inebriated. The problem is a lot of people cannot control what they do once under the influence which makes it bad for everyone. I just wish some people would just grow up.

Anyway Danny popped for just about everyone and everything he saw. Of course his big moments were when he saw Jericho, Austin, Rocky, Triple H., Angle and Undertaker. The really cool thing is that if he was at WCW he would pop just as big for Sting, Steiner, Jarrett, Nash and Goldberg. Sometimes I think he could teach a lot of us about being a true wrestling fan. The show was better live than what it translated to on television, but then again that could just have been the atmosphere. It was a good time and I can't wait for the next show to come to Philly.

I also had a chance to catch ECWA this past weekend and it was a blast. I ran into a few of the CZW guys, some NWA-Jersey and even some of the WWC contingent. It appears that all go to Kettner's shows and I can see why. The production is great and he has some good talent down there. Hopefully the next time I go I can get to see more of the show because it was just one big schmooze fest. My hats off to Jimmy Kettner, he's got it going on.

One person who appears not to have anything going on is Eric Simms. Simms was physically removed from the Too Cool/ Lita autograph signing this past weekend because...well because he was acting like Eric Simms. Simms wanted to leaflet the crowd at the signing for his GSWA show that night and he was told he couldn't, which started a verbal confrontation. Simms then went out and got that independent wrestling vestige of virtue Dennis Coralluzo and when it was all said and done, they were escorted out of the building. Maybe getting prior approval would have been the thing to do guys?

Speaking of the GSWA, they did have Sabu on their show surprisingly enough. I guess they ponied up at the last minute to pay Sabu to come in. It is too bad that they had to announce he was on the show before he had agreed to do it. We all saw what happened with Ric Blade. They said they had Blade on the show and never contacted him. Then when Blade said that he wasn't doing the show they cut him down saying he isn't a draw. Real professional guys. That isn't hearsay either, they wrote that directly to me. Well I have to say that Ric Blade himself could outdraw the 97 paid that GSWA had for their show last Saturday night. The total count was 115 with the difference between the 115 total and 97 paid were comps. Don't buy into the 275 they are reporting for the show. They wouldn't have had to have their sponsor cough up $500.00 to pay the guys. Why do I think that with Sabu and Crowbar on the show there were people who didn't get paid that night? Another fine indy promotion on the scene everyone. No wonder indy wrestling is the butt of most jokes.

Speaking of butts of jokes, lately I have been getting all kinds of stupid e-mails and when I respond to them I get back that these people are legit reporters. Of course this is the new thing to say when you flame and get a response that makes you look like an idiot. How many legit reporters are hiding under fake Hotmail accounts and flaming people these days? The funny thing is they usually only come out after I say something derogatory about Coralluzo. Well, what I say isn't really derogatory, it is the truth. It's not my fault Dennis ripped off the NWA and didn't pay them back like he was supposed to so he had his promotion taken away from him. It isn't my fault that Dennis Coralluzo ripped off charities. It isn't my fault Dennis is currently being arrested in county after county in NJ. I do not make his problems, he does. I only report on it. Isn't that what I'm supposed to do? At least with Dennis out of the NWA we don't have to worry about him making a complete rectal cavity out of himself at a future Eddie Gilbert Memorial like he did two years ago do we?

The CZW fans are in an uproar over the legislation banning "extreme wrestling" that was passed in NJ recently and I for one cannot blame them. I mean let's look at the facts. Here is a new law that totally inhibits what the promotion normally does and what do they get from the promoter? "NO BIG DEAL" Of course it's no big deal to Zandig. He's working his butt off over in Japan. He left right after the last show and doesn't come back until October 3rd. Then they have their show on the 7th and zip...Zandig and company are back in Japan on the 11th. Now what are the fans supposed to think? It almost looks as if CZW in NJ is nothing more than a spot show anymore. Don't get me wrong, I believe that Zandig has something up his sleeve, just what exactly I don't know. At a time when the fans are clamoring for answers they get none. This is the wrong thing to do to the fans. Appearance is everything, and right now it appears that CZW may be heading down Tokyo Blvd. and not looking back.

Donnie B. Has informed me he now have tapes available from the last show on September 8 from Toms River, NJ. The guys at Smart Mark video did the tape and its great!

Crowbar vs Kevin Knight
Bundy vs Patriot w/Jasmine St. Clair
Matrix vs Biggie Biggs and Backseat Boys
Slayer vs Dr. Hurtz in a stretcher match
Harley Lewis returns
Donnie B and Meanie vs Rik Ratchet and Felipe the pool boy cage match
(Ratchet retirement match)

The tapes are 20$ a piece and other tapes are also available at the site. The site is located at

For those in the northern Philadelphia suburbs Blaine DeSantis informed me that PCW will be running Sunnybrook Ballroom in Pottstown, PA on Thursday nights. For those of you who don't know Sunnybrook is a great place and Blaine should be putting on some great shows there. He also told me that PCW is really gearing up for the 2nd Annual Giorgio Foods Tag Tournament on Friday, November 10 at the Hamburg Field House.

Rumors going around the PA Indy wrestling scene is that there will be a new promotion running in PA at the start of next year. While I am trying to dig who will be running it is pretty hush hush at the moment but I have a feeling that I will find out who is who and what is what in the near future. It would be nice to see a real promotion running in the Philly suburb area again. Hopefully whoever is putting this together has a wrestling mind set and is not just another Dino Sanna.

The EWF's 3rd annual "Cage Terror" card will be at the Castle Hill Ballroom in Bethlehem, PA on October 27, 2000. There will be three cage matches that night and a barbed wire taped fist match between George Anthony and Mongoose. Also on the card will be a Tag Team Championship match "ladder match" between the Backseat Boys and Bad Crew. General admission is $12.00 with 1st row seating priced at $15.00. For info call 610-502-1184. The EWF will also be in Pennsburg, PA on November 25, 2000. More info on that card to follow.

The NWF is having a show this coming Friday is their press release:

Nittany Wrestling Federation presents...
Campus Chaos 3: Triple Threat
Friday, September 29, 2000
8:30 PM - White Building, Penn State campus

Preview Courtesy of:

Welcome back everyone to another exciting year of the Nittany Wrestling Federation at Penn State! The NWF is entering its third year of existence this fall and this year promises to be the best yet!

The NWF has announced that the first show of this semester will take place on Friday, September 29 at 8:30 PM ET at the White Building.

Matches slated...


Two-time NWF Champion "Too Phat" Yutzak Arafat will be defending the belt in a triple threat match against the man he won the title from, former Nittany Lion mascot Mason Cage, and a newcomer to the NWF, Supreme Lee Great!

Cage has spent the entire summer fuming about the loss of the NWF Title to Arafat in the infamous best-of-three falls match at VIP back in April. As we have seen in the past, Cage will do anything to wear the NWF's prize, including turning on his one-time friend Arafat. The master of the "Zero Gravity" Shooting Star Press will once again look to achieve the top prize in the NWF by winning this match.

The addition of "Supreme" Lee Great to the mix will only serve to add to the drama of this match. Trained by Afa the Wild Samoan, Great is an exceptional in-ring performer who has held the WXW Cruiserweight Title and lists his finisher as the Supreme Punishment. Great impressed NWF scouts so much that he has been thrust into the NWF Title picture with Mason Cage and Yutzak Arafat.

It is also rumored that NWF Champion Arafat, tired of being outnumbered and ganged up on by the Revolution, has recruited some backup in his war against the stable. Both of the men he recruited to take up the cause for Penn State will make their debuts at Chaos! With the strong ties that Mason Cage has with the Rutgers Revolution, Arafat will most likely need that backup to equalize outside interference.

RUTGERS PLEDGE MATCH: John Balsamo vs. Kid Crazy

Balsamo, the champion of Italian-Americans everywhere, returns to the NWF in the Rutgers Pledge Match to take on Kid Crazy. Crazy, who lives up to that name with some incredible high-risk maneuvers, made his debut at the NWF's last show in April, as he tried to impress Rutgers Revolution member Joe Rules. However Rules seemingly turned on the daredevil Crazy, attacking him after they lost a match for the NWF Tag Team Titles. Kid Crazy, though, has been given a second chance at joining the Revolution but Balsamo wants in too, and only one man will be inducted into the Revolution while the other man will be turned aside.

MYSTERY CHALLENGE: "As Seen on TV" Joe Rules vs. mystery opponent

Rules has held the NWF Tag Team Titles with fellow Rutgers Revolution member Rick Silver, and he has also held the University Park Title. He's been on "The Jerry Springer Show" and he's generally gotten under the skin of every NWF fan for the past two years. The "Most-Hated NWF Wrestler," as voted by you the fans last year, is on a mission to regain NWF gold. But before he can climb back to title contention Rules will have to deal with this mystery opponent, whoever he may be.

Also on tap...

Don Juan Desanto is scheduled to make an important announcement at "Campus Chaos" as well. What "Dancing" Don will have to say is anyone's guess, but it will be entertaining to say the least.

High-flying Fumar, the former NWF University Park Champion and former NWF Tag Champion, is also slated for action at Campus Chaos 3. The last time we saw the Revolution member he won a brutal "Special Challenge Match" against NWF Referee Tom Kennedy in April at Retribution. Will the bad blood between Kennedy and Fumar spill over to the new year? And exactly who will be Fumar's opponent at Chaos?

Touch of Reality, the tag team of Jim The Messenger and Bob Steele which has been taking NWA-New Jersey and other Eastern US indy's by storm, will make its NWF debut at Campus Chaos as well. Jim The Messenger has wrestled with or against such ring greats as The Steiners, Bam Bam Bigelow, Sandman, and Tommy Dreamer just to name a few. Together they weigh in at a combined 614 pounds, and joined by the lovely Lana, they will be looking to make a big impression in their first NWF match.

And in the biggest news of all so far about Campus Chaos 3 will involve the naming of an interim NWF Commissioner! Apparently Commissioner Samu has appointed someone to keep law and order in the NWF while he takes a leave of absence from regular duties. The exact identity of this interim NWF Commissioner is so hush-hush, that his true identity will not be revealed until Campus Chaos!

For full details of Campus Chaos visit the NWF website!

It appears that is no more. Just as quick as it came on the scene it is gone leaving a lot of readers very upset. John Woods from Rock Out Censorship and Wrestling Fans Against Censorship have been in talks about about combining the effort. Mike Willette, who has been doing a bang up job as webmaster of the WFAC, is looking to get a shorter url for the site and also adding a new message board and other features to the site. So if you are one of the readers of and want to keep up with the ongoing antics of the PTC go to After all it was the WFAC that united the Internet against the PTC last year.

And with that I am outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be but also remember a quote from James Billington, "Intellectual and cultural freedom is the most important single precondition for the breakdown of the kinds of tyrannical and totalitarian systems that periodically threaten us."

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