"Straight Shooting"
by: Fritz Capp

Straight Shooting
by : Fritz Capp
September 17, 1999

Is there more wrestling news than we really need in one week? Sure, so let's have some fun and go over some of the happenings throughout the industry:

Well since the last time I wrote it is now confirmed that dear old Eric Bischoff is out of WCW for the most part. Not that it really mattered much this past Monday night as WCW once again took what could have been a great angle and blew it right out of the water because they still do not have a clue on how to start a successful angle. Maybe if they could get some more WWF talent to defect like they did when Nash and Hall went down there so they could give them some ideas they would be ok again.


Ahhh....let's not miss this tidbit. Sexy, voluptuous, and every mans dream Nichole Bass is suing the WWF for 120 million dollars for get this...sexual harassment. Now lets have a dose of reality here people, who the hell would find this reject from the Amazon even the least bit attractive? If you do then you need to see your optometrist as soon as possible. While other so-called "journalists and webmasters" are putting at the end of their newsbyte on this topic that Rena Mero filed a similar suit against the WWF that was settled out of court let thus trying to make the WWF sound like this happens all the time let's look at the suit.

Rena Mero filed a suit against the WWF in the amount of 120 million dollars.
Nichole Bass filed a suit against the WWF in the amount of 120 million dollars.

Rena Mero claimed she was sexually harassed.
Nichole Bass claimed she was sexually harassed.

Talk on the Howard Stern show brought up the subject of holes being drilled in locker room walls when he talked with Rena.
Talk on the Howard Stern show brought up the subject of holes being drilled in locker room walls when he talked with Nichole.

Rena made comments that she was afraid to say anything because of alluded threats made to her.
Nichole made comments that she was afraid to say anything because of alluded threats made to her.

Rena made claims that she was not trained to be in the ring thus she could get hurt.
Nichole said she was hurt in the ring by an ungimmicked guitar.

Rena Mero brought up the name Owen Hart to put that memory in the forefront of people's minds hoping that it would tie her in with the people that she was wrong by the despicable WWF.
Nichole Bass brought up the name Owen Hart to put that memory in the forefront of people's minds hoping that it would tie her in with the people that she was wrong by the despicable WWF.

Need I go any further?

Rena's lawsuit was about one thing, getting out of her recently renewed/re-signed contract because she wanted to pursue an acting career.
Nichole's lawsuit is about one thing, the WWF couldn't find a nitch for this steroided out no brained no talent idiot and got rid of her and she has no where to go because no one else wants her either.

This is without a doubt the most bogus lawsuit brought in this country this year. Nichole Bass should understand that even ECW didn't want her anymore. She talks like a goon, she has no personality, she has no verifiable wrestling skills what-so-ever and she is probably hung bigger than most of the guys in the locker room anyway. Nichole should stick to steroids. Oil wrestling and listening to her little bitch of a husband who is probably the one behind this anyway. Who would voluntarily sleep with that anyway! UGH!


Chris Benoit went online to squash the rumor that was started by Micasa. The rumor once again was that Chris refused to job to Dean Malenko and vice versa and subsequently Sid Vicious did a run in so neither would have to put the other one over on a Nitro a few weeks back. Funny, I thought we squashed that rumor last week right here in this very column and on the PWBTS website. Oh that's right...we did. But as usual no one wanted to hear that the great Mike Samuda was worked to the hilt by WCW's "Dancing Machine" but as always time bears out everything that we try to tell you and you all refuse to hear. Someday you'll all learn who is giving it to you straight and who is nothing more than a "Net Mark with a website." Just because the website looks cool and someone can write a column and re-write what he reads in the Observer and Torch doesn't mean that they have credibility, all that shows is how gullible a lot of "Net Marks" really are when it comes to seeing the truth because of some misplaced belief of loyalty.


Taz is being reported that he has inked a deal with the WWF and should be leaving ECW by the end of the year. Now there are a lot of people saying that Taz has "sold out". Why? Isn't he allowed to shoot for better money? Isn't he allowed to try to make it one of the bigger promotions? Doesn't he have the right to be able to say, "Hey, it's time to try and take it to the next level? Obviously not according to a lot of people. What's the matter? Won't you be a Taz fan anymore? If not, why not? Isn't he the same person you were just rooting for last week before he signed with the WWF? When I was at the height of being the consummate ECW mark and Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko left I was still a fan of theirs. When Public Enemy, Steve Austin and Mick Foley left I was still a fan of theirs. When Rey Mysterio Jr., Psychosis and Chris Jericho left ECW I was also still a fan of theirs. Sure I didn't like it that they were leaving ECW but this stuff happens all the time. It just meant if I wanted to see them I had to watch whichever promotion they went to. Just because someone leaves a promotion doesn't mean they are selling out. It usually means that they feel they have a better shot at going big time somewhere else or there are problems happening that warrants a departure. Sometimes it even is just because of a bigger payday. Now tell me which one of you would stay at your present job if you were offered a lot more money by someone else? Anyone who said they would is nothing but an absolute liar! You people who label people as sellouts just because they go to another promotion shows that you are just a fan of the promotion and not the workers involved. Remember people, it's not the promoters who are out there busting their ass each and every night, it's the workers who do that.


One uninspired Internet writer is hinting that the WWF cannot ever say anything again because now that Vince McMahon is the heavyweight champion their champion is 56 years old. The difference is Mr. Reporter/Webmaster is that this is an angle. WCW's heavyweight champions are all over aged and most are over the hill and should have retired years ago. Everyone knows that Vince is turning that belt over soon, How long has Hogan held the title since he's been in WCW?


I usually do not make many predictions and I'm not going to start here because if anyone cannot see that Chyna is being set up as the "savior for all women" and should take the I.C. belt from Jarrett at the upcoming pay-per-view I do not know what to say.


Mark Madden is once again trying to make himself larger then what he is (and that is not some small feat). Recently on the WCW Live program he stated that he just gave the new WCW vice -president an idea that will have Vince "pulling his hair out". Well of course we have the exclusive for all of you. Word has it that Madden himself wants to step into the squared circle himself after all these years of just dreaming about it to help WCW's sagging ratings. His first altercation is being set up as we speak. His first match will be a dreaded "Thong Match" against Yokozuno in which Madden of course will be victorious thus leading to an in-ring persona for him. He will become superstitious and wear the "thong" he beat the great Yokozuno in during every match and interview and he will take on a bakers gimmick adding a white hat to his thong costume and will be called "Big Bunz". Expect a huge push for him around the end of the year. (could there be any other kind)


The official opening of the PWBTS Chartroom was a success. While we were not inundated with huge numbers (which has it advantages) the chat was friendly and cordial and we all got to talk without having to deal with the minions of chat room goers who like to do nothing but disrupt. One funny thing that went on was that Fanatics (the WCW chartroom op who's ego is definitely larger than his genitalia) decided to lurk under a phony name so he could see what was going on for whomever. Well of course we gave him the boot the same he does to everyone in the WCW chat room after we all gave him enough to run back to his new idol with. The next chat will be during the ECW pay-per-view. You can access the chatroom via irc at #PWBTS or by going to the PWBTS website (http://pwbts.com) going to the "Fan Interactive" section and clicking on the chatroom link. Also visit our interactive message board.


Mankind's comic book is now on the shelves at your favorite comic book store. If you do not now where a comic book store is in your area just call 1-888-COMICBOOK.


Mark Madden said on the WCW Hotline that Vince winning the WWF title is a sign of the WWF panicking. Is this guy the quintessential moron or what? Panicking over what? WCW's sagging ratings? WCW not knowing how to book a complete storyline? Maybe the WWF is panicking because they collectively kick WCW's ass every time a WWF program goes up against a WCW program. Hell the WWF doubles the ratings of WCW when WCW goes unopposed. I remember when WCW tried the same time slot that the WWF used during the U.S.Open and they got trounced. So I ask Mark Madden, what is the WWF panicked over? It cannot be the ratings because WCW wishes they could pull the umbers that the WWF does. I also ask him what is it like to shill for a dead in the water promotion?


There are a lot of rumors going around that Disco Inferno will be starting up his own group. Well PWBTS's P.J.Capri caught up with Disco and here is what he had to say, "Someone must know something I don't.... I've started three angles in the past couple months.... All of them were never followed up on for whatever reason. Now that everything has been shaken up... Who knows....If I get to start my own group, great.... I'm not holding my breath." For those of you who don't know, P.J. Capri was Disco's tag team partner when Disco was wrestling the independent circuit.


And with that I'm outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be.

Fritz Capp is the editor of Pro Wrestling's Between The Sheets - for comments or opposing viewpoints please e-mail to Fritz Capp

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