"Straight Shooting"
by: Fritz Capp

Straight Shooting
by : Fritz Capp
September 4, 1999

Well hello everybody, I'm back from vacation and ready to take on another weeks worth of wrestling news. Now for those of you who have continually said that I do not have a life outside of the computer I guess the fact that I was away from it for a week should prove to you all that you are once again wrong. Of course I'm not going to tell you about the cold sweats and the shakes I suffered each and every day because of lack of wrestling news basically because that would only make you think that you could be right about me and we all know that isn't possible.

Anyway even though Hurricane Dennis swirled off of North Carolina making for a less than sunny stay at the beach there were plenty of people walking the boardwalk. There was also a plethora of wrestling merchandise for sale so being the naturally inquisitive person that I am as I browsed the gift shops I talked to the owners of the stores about their immense wrestling inventory. What I found out was really no surprise. Steve Austin and The Rock was the highest selling merchandise they all had. What was a bit of a shocker was what was being worn by the majority of wrestling fans visiting Wildwood this week. The Rock's shirts outnumbered everyone else by at least 3:1, and that included Austin. The same was true at Six Flags Great Adventure but the margin was a bit smaller. I would say 2:1. It strikes me funny as debate after debate is happening as to how the WWF will fare without Austin. I believe from what I have seen that the WWF will do just fine. Of course we all know that Austin will be back soon but I have a feeling that the WWF will survive even if Austin retired right now.

So I understand that WCW wrestling fans have shown that they are worthy of the moniker, "Absolute True Morons"! Well what else can you call them after the past Monday Nitro? Now while it is true this happens in "ALL" the promotions, this time it happened in WCW so I am going to use that as a small platform. For all the WCW jobrones who feel I am attacking them, get a life. This goes out to ALL WRESTLING FANS: "WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE?" Are you all that mentally challenged that you have to resort to throwing things into the ring? Are you all that much of a "MARK" that you cannot differentiate between what is real and what isn't? Are you all that "STUPID" that you throw "GLASS BOTTLES"? You know, this sport has fought and begged and crawled for even the smallest amount of respectability and here are the fans, the people who are supposedly the ones who will do anything to help the sport actually hurting it with childish and inexcusable actions such as what happened Monday night. This kind of behavior should not be accepted in WCW, the WWF or ECW as not only are the workers at risk, but also other fans. Grow the hell up people, don't hurt what you say you love so much!

According to the WCW Hotline, Shawn Michaels is running his mouth about what he feels is wrong in the WWF, especially Austin. For someone who does an occasional appearance but make $750,000.00 I do not think Shawn should be opening his mouth about anything. It seems as if Shawn is quick to jump on Austin, which I feel is nothing more than professional jealousy as Shawn no longer has the stroke that he once had in the company.

StevePJC reported on the PWBTS newsboard he had a chance to talk to Road Dogg about his recent reported suspension. Steve is a pro wrestler and we are happy to have him on the site. Here is the "exclusive" quote from Road Dogg, "Some guys like the Internet, other guys hate what it can cause.... Me on the other hand, I don't pay enough attention to worry about it.... When something involves me that is along the lines of me being suspended for drugs??? Well some kid probably ASSUMED the worst..... Only thing I can say to the kid if he is reading is this.... NEVER assume... It makes an ASS out of YOU and me if people believe it."

It appears that people are now taking Bischoff to task saying that they can book WCW better than he can. Funny thing is I did that over a week and a half ago in my "Straight Shooting" column that was also published in the Wrestling Booking Sheet. Can anyone come up with an idea on their own?

Even though WCW went unopposed it still didn't garner any ratings this past week. Do you think that they may get a clue any time soon?

Everyone is still talking about Gene Okerland and his contract expiring soon. I have to ask, Who cares? If Gene goes to the WWF will it change anything? How about if he stays in WCW? The answer to both is an emphatic NO! Okerland is a kayfabe reporter who puts over whatever company he works for. Nothing more, nothing less. Why is this even considered news?

ECW on TNN took it to the next level by opening the show with a title shot for Tajiri against the Human Suplex Machine, Taz. It was a great way to initiate the news fans into the fact that ECW can do more then break tables. While the match was short it showed that these two have some great wrestling ability. ECW will have to realize that it is going to be a long slow road to great ratings, but with patience, perseverance and continued solid broadcasts they have a great shot to bring themselves to levels they only dreamed of. One thing though...watch the placement of the commercials.

And with that I'm outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be.

Fritz Capp is the editor of Pro Wrestling's Between The Sheets - for comments or opposing viewpoints please e-mail to Fritz Capp

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