"Straight Shooting"
by: Fritz Capp

Straight Shooting
by : Fritz Capp
August 21, 1999

Leslie Davis, an environmental activist who filed a lawsuit and applied for a restraining order Wednesday against Governor Jesse Ventura, was denied his suit by District Judge Kathleen Gearin who cited that Davis did not have enough of a stake in Ventura's outside activities to sue. Is this the epitome of a moron or what? How about getting a life? This imbecile did this just to see his own name in the paper. I guess it also helps that he was a write in candidate last year running against Ventura for the gubernatorial position. I'll bet he's the kind of total complete jackass that would give up a job with union pay and benefits just so he could sit at a computer all day so he could think he was some sort of Internet hero. I guess it takes all kinds to make up this world. The problem is, some we could really do without.

The Insane Clown Posse, now of WCW fame, was on Howard Stern this week mostly taking jabs as Ozzy Ozbourne and his wife Sharon. Now this was some good clean entertainment something I am sure every WCW official should have let their kids listen to. (Very sarcastic remark) If WCW was worried about whats her name and that stupid porn video she did they should be quaking in their shoes having these two idiots in their rankings. Instead of trying to add another legitimate tag team in their locker room they go out and get these two dolts off the street. How about giving Public Enemy a push...I mean these guys have paid more dues then most. Oh that's right you did, right into oblivion.

To all of our surprise Hulk Hogan is now saying he is not going to retire. Need I say more?

I have received a lot of letters lately about wrestling websites that do not send the merchandise that they advertise on their sites although they are very quick to take the cash. If you have had this problem there is a list of State Attorney General's Offices on the PWBTS 2000 site that you can call to help you rectify this problem. Also if you have had this problem e-mail me at pwbts@pwbts.com with your story. Please put the subject as "I've been ripped" and include your name...who the offending site was.....what you ordered, how much they took and how long you have been waiting. I am printing these letters to let everyone read these so they can make an intelligent decision as to who to or who not to order wrestling merchandise from. There are great wrestling sites out there that do what they promise....I just want the ones that do not to be known so they are no longer supported by you, the honest hardworking wrestling fan.

One week before ECW goes on it's first national feed, Paul Heyman was on MSNBC and I must say that he made a good accounting of himself. I have to say (well I don't really but I will anyway) I have been waiting a few years now for Paul to get his act back together and it may be happening. I look forward to watching the ECW program on TNN this upcoming Friday night.

According to my good friend Phil Varlese of The Wrestling Guys Radio Show the Dudley Boyz will be the 7th tag team this Sunday night at SummerSlam. Phil has a pretty good source as he told the world 4 weeks ago that Stevie Richards was heading to the WWF. That is before ANYONE else ran that story. If you are not familiar with The Wrestling Guys Radio Show it is broadcast live over the airwaves of Southern New Jersey every Monday night at 6 pm. If you are not in the area you can still listen to the live feed and also call into the show toll free by going to http://www.wrestlingguys.com

I was over a friends house and I believe I saw the next woman the WWF should go after. We were flipping through the channels and on the Playboy Channel they had a show called Sex Court with Judge Julie I believe it was. She would fit right in and the gimmick would be a kick to watch them play out. She's got the looks and an angle that would make all the fat, out of shape, begging to make some money WCW marks and shills out there cringe but to hell with everyone crying about the lack of morality in wrestling, if everyone is going to complain and whine anyway might as well have a little fun in the process huh?

Why is it that almost everyone who writes me hate mail whines a little bit about what I wrote then goes into a tirade about how I probably never had a girlfriend? Is this their way of shoving their inadequacies onto me? Let me tell you all I have been a musician for over 35 years and believe me when I tell you I had more women than your little fantasies will ever dream up. You can go back to your hand cream now.

Savage is now saying that it is Hulk Hogan who is responsible for his lack of heat. Is he joking? Randy Savage is about as over as a minority at a KKK rally and he has no one but himself to blame. He sucks! He's over weight, old and has no more charisma. He is trying to ride off of what he did 10 years ago and it just doesn't work anymore. Face it Randy, time to go out to pasture.

Chad Damiani of WCW caught up with Nash this past Wednesday and Nash told him that he has bought several pieces of land in Arizona. Damiani says Nash appears to be serious about the museum. Nash said the museum could provide work for such wrestlers as Chief Jay Strongbow. Chad...Chad...Chad...don't let WCW turn you into one of their morons. Nash's line about Strongbow shows that this is all a bunch of crap. Even if it isn't who really cares? Is this wrestling news Chad? You used to play the kayfabe role and I never said anything about it because it was your job and we've always gotten along but leave this stupid kind of reporting to the people who do it so well, that is if you can get either one of them away from the cafeteria.

While Lenny and Lodi have been revealed to be brothers WCW continues to have very homosexual overtones to the angle. Chalk up another one for family oriented wrestling programs.

A few weeks ago the Internet was deluged with fake news sent by e-mail all due to a little contest by Scotsman of xwrestling.com. The list of people who just took the news and reported it without checking the facts first was unbelievable. From Shannon Rose to Ray Kim to Dave Scherer to Dan Wahlers, all were taken in by this prank. There is one name who isn't on this list though....MINE! Remember that when your looking for someone who always checks their facts as far as wrestling news is concerned?

And with that one I'm outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than what it appears to be.

Fritz Capp is the editor of Pro Wrestling's Between The Sheets - for comments or opposing viewpoints please e-mail to Fritz Capp

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