Straight Shooting - Issue #81
by Fritz Capp
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August 14, 2000

Another week, another bunch of stuff to write about...Let's Get To It!

The first thing I want to touch on is the fact that once again the WWF is about to shown to a national audience when it makes an appearance at the Democratic National Convention. Or will they? With Senator Joe Lieberman as Al Gore's running mate and also a member of the PTC it will be interesting to see how this plays out. How can Lieberman allow the WWF to be at the convention and still keep his integrity as the "moral" voice of the Democratic party?

Speaking of integrity, Phil Mushnich once again showed he has none as he once again wrote a column in the N.Y.Post blaming Vince McMahon and the WWF for all of societies problems and sins. You would think that by now he would understand that he is seen as having nothing more than a personal agenda against Vince and company, thus killing any credibility he thought he had. Some people just never learn.

According to a lot of Internet reports leading up to New Blood Rising, Brad Siegel was supposed to be backstage at NBR and handing out releases to people who wanted them. These reports were complete with terms of the releases. I also saw reports stating that the WCW wrestlers were unaware that this was going to happen. Now let me get this straight, these reports were all over the Internet but yet the wrestlers didn't know that this was happening. What is wrong with that picture folks? Needless to say there were no releases offered at NBR and a lot of Internet reporters were once again left with egg on their face. No wonder the wrestlers were unaware of what was being reported, it wasn't going to happen. When are these so-called reporters going to realize that if they "are" talking to someone in WCW they are being worked and they are being laughed at by the guys telling them this stuff or to stop making this stuff up?

Another piece of "exclusive" news was that someone had gotten ahold of an advanced copy of WWF The Music - Volume #5 and put it on Napster for all the world to have. What... did these people break into the recording company and pilfer the only copy in existense? Was it an inside job? Is there someone at the recording company willing to risk his job to become the unsung and unnamed hero to WWF fans worldwide? Hardly! A lot of the the music that was listed as being part of Volume #5 has been on Napster for a long time now. The only thing that the two have in common is that once a list of the upcoming CD tracks was released, someone assumed that since these were on Napster somebody had gotten an advanced or illegal copy of the WWF's music CD. This once again folks is absolutely poor journalism. It shows that these people do not take the time to research what they are writing. They also cannot back up their claims and their supposition. The sad thing is the report came from what is supposed to be a credible website. So much for the "journalistic integrity" they claim to have and try to force down their reporters throats huh?

I have received a lot of letters asking why my column is no longer at IGN. Well to be honest folks, they want a "vanilla" website from what I see. They stated that I was a "loose cannon" and they could not accept the risk that came with running my column. This all stemmed from a PTC article that I did stating that Bozell was living large off of the money he made while running the MRC and PTC. In a follow up report I did to the column that seperated myself from IGN I showed that Mr. Bozell made in excess of $198,000.00 for 1998. I don't know, maybe to the people at IGN that isn't living large. I stated in the column that he stayed in the finest hotels (I don't see a Red Roof Inn in his future anytime soon) I also stated that he ate in the finer restaraunts (Can you see Bozell at the local truck stop in his $500.00 suit?) For stating these "facts" IGN and myself are no longer a team. Let me ask you all something, and those of you in the know will back me up on this, "In the circle that Bozell runs in do you really think that he could do anything less than stay at the best hotels or do you think he is having dinner meetings at McDonald's?" Is he pulling up to press conferences and going to conventions in limo's or 1984 Monte Carlo's? Bozell run's in the very rich, very exclusive political circle my friends, where appearance is everything. Everything I have written about Bozell and the PTC has been always backed with facts, not fiction. You cannot write fiction and expect to get away with it when dealing with someone like Bozell. Oh well, now my column gets put online when it is supposed to be, not a day later, and I can speak my mind and the truth without having to worry about being "censored".

It appears that NBR was uneventful except for the Storm/Awesome match. I love the "Canadian" rules that Rougeau kept throwing at Awesome. That my friends is called "having fun with a match".

I had the oppotunity to catch my first CZW show this past weekend and I had a pretty good time at the show. It was like old home week from the ECW Arena as I saw a lot of the old crowd here. The guys from SmartMarkVideo were there (Gary Walter, Mike Burns, Jim Titus, Glenn Boyle) along with RC and Tommy Idol from the FWA indy promotion, John Bailey and a whole group of other people that I haven't seen in a long time. If your looking for something that will incite you and enjoy CZW is the place to go in the area now that ECW has all but abandoned their fans here.I mean these guys are having an electrified cage match on September 9th. Where else you gonna see that?

I have to say that there are four people in CZW that are going to make it and make it big in this business barring any injury. That is Trent Acid and Johnny Cashmere of the Backseat Boys, Nick Mondo and Rick Blade. Their tag match was fabulous by any standards. The high spots were incredible and the workrate superb. Taking them out of the mix though, CZW reminded me of early ECW, circa 1993-1994. They have potential and are a good indy promotion to go see, but there are some things that have to be worked on before they can lay claim to some of the things their hype machines are producing.

One thing I do have to say is that this company has a lot to learn about respect. During the show their Pastor Jim character came out and shot all over Bob Magee because he "smacked their hands" for them doing a "crucifixion" angle, stating that at this point in time they shouldn't have done it, especially considering the NJ legislation that is on Gov. Christie Todd Whitman's desk at the moment waiting to be signed into law. Now Bob has promoted these guys when no one else would and has been a steadfast supporter of their right to run shows, making his stand against the NJ legislation that if enacted would curtail a lot of what they currently do each show. Bob was perfectly correct in his assessment of the poor timing of the angle. Bob Magee has done more on the Internet to promote CZW than anyone else that I know of and that is no small feat to outdo considering Bob's column and reports are read on over 80 websites, all of which have seen very positive CZW press.

So what does CZW do? They cut a promo on him, don't fill him in on it, and basically blow all the great work he has done for them out of the water. Here they have someone that has done everything he could to help promote the CZW promotion and yet they just toss this in the garbage and make him out to be a bad guy in front of the fans? Now I ask you, "Just how stupid can someone be?"

I mean it's bad enough that they (CZW) come off as "ECW Lite". (They even have ECW old timer Rockin Rebel in the promotion, now all they need is Dino Sendoff, Don E. Allen, Johnny Hotbody and Tony Stetson and they would be complete) It's bad enough that the fans cannot even come up with their own chants. (Most of the chants were stolen from ECW especially the CZW....CZW chant) It's bad enough that they steal angles from ECW. (i.e. the crucifixion angle among others) But they like to say that they are what ECW isn't anymore. They go to such lengths to seperate themselves from ECW but yet refer to them in one way or another all night long. The mindset behind CZW had better wake up to a few facts and quick or they will run into someone who doesn't have the class of Bob Magee and will exposed them for what they really are. That's not a work or a shoot, that's a fact.

Reports from The LAW (Live Audio Wrestling) are saying that the USA Network is shoving two more pre-emptions down the throat of the WWF before they go to TNN. The U.S. Open Tennis Tournament will once again pre-empt the WWF's broadcast of RAW on August 28, 2000 and also of September 4, 2000. The bad thing is the 8/28 show is the RAW that follows Summerslam. I wonder if TNN will ever grow the grapefruits to pre-empt their number one program?

For all of those who tend to write me letters saying that the WWF will go on forever and that the Wrestling Fans Against Censorship website and other sites like it are just wasting their time here are a few lines from a recent Reuters article on Senator Joe Lieberman :

1 - Lieberman has even suggested that the Federal Communications Commission consider withholding licenses from television stations and networks that refuse to reform their ways.

2 - If he becomes vice president, Lieberman said he would continue his campaign to change the entertainment industry. "I'm going to keep saying that to them and appealing to them to draw a line," he told ABC. "And I can assure you ... a Gore-Lieberman administration will be concerned about what government can do within appropriate constitutional limits to improve the moral future of America."

3 - Democratic vice presidential candidate Joseph Lieberman accused Hollywood on Sunday of corrupting the nation's children and corrupting its culture.

I am sure fellow PTC'er L.Brent Bozell is so proud.

Touching on Bozell for a minute I could have sworn that I recently read on the PTC website that the PTC was not about censorship or political aspirations. Are they kidding? A council member on the Democratic ticket that is spouting off about govenment regulations and holding television licenses that do not conform to what they want? This isn't political? And you thought this was just about pro wrestling didn't you?

NWA New-Jersey is about to heat up for the final two weeks that they are in Wildwood, NJ with a card that features in the main event Sabu vs. Chris Candido in a Coffin Match. But that is only one half of their double main event this week. The other half is a "Friendship Lost" no disqualification grudge match between White Lotus and Dave Mysterio. If Mysterio wins the match he gets NWA outspoken manager Donnie B. in a match on August 24, 2000. If Mysterio loses the match he has to quit the NWA New-Jersey promotion. Other notables on the card are 911, The Equalizer, Slam Vader, X-Factor, Metal Maniac, Johnny Cashmere (one half of Backseat Boys), National Women's Alliance and more of the top NWA superstars. The show is being held at the Wildwood Convention Center, on the boardwalk in beautiful Wildwood, NJ. To get tickets either go to the Wildwood Convention Center box office or go to

Former AWA, NWA, WCW and WWF star Pat Tanaka is putting on one of his famous Wrestling Clinics in Philadelphia, PA. Pat Tanaka, former trainer at the WCW Power Plant, who helped polish such wrestlers as Billy Kidman, Mike Enos and Glacier, and is a 25 year ring veteran, has announced his intent to hold his clinic in the beginning of September, 2000. Due to school being back in session, this clinic will be either the first or second weekend in September. The location and times are still being worked out. Straight off the heels of a very successful clinic in Springfield, Ill and is currently in preparation for a clinic in St. Louis, MO from August 23 - 25, Pat is now taking names for registration of the Philadelphia Clinic. No money is required at this time to sign up for this clinic. Registering now guarantees you a place in the clinic as it is sure to fill up fast.

The prices are as follows :
5 years or more experience - $100.00
1 year - 5 years experience - $150.00
No experience - $250.00
The money is due on the first day of the clinic at registration.
What you will receive :
Depending on level of experience :
No experience :
Wrestling ability evaluation
Instruction in basic wrestling technique
Instruction on basic wrestling holds
Instruction in wrestling psychology
Help in joining the right wrestling school
Experienced :
Advanced wrestling instruction in technique, holds/maneuvers/psychology
Age requirements :

16-18 years old : must have parental consent and they must be there day of show to sign consent

For further information on the St.Louis Clinic please call 636-456-4481 or 636-745-8573 To put your name in for the Philadelphia Clinic send an e-mail to and continue to check out to keep up with any updates on this and other clinics currently being scheduled.

Before I leave this week I want to thank the annonymous deliverer to the PTC Headquarters for distributing the different Wrestling Fans Against Censorship material. I am sure the PTC workforce had some enlightening reading material for once as opposed to the usual mundane hypocritcal rhetoric they are subjected to each and every day.

And with that I am outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be but also remember a quote from James Billington, "Intellectual and cultural freedom is the most important single precondition for the breakdown of the kinds of tyrannical and totalitarian systems that periodically threaten us."

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