Straight Shooting - Issue #77
by Fritz Capp
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July 31, 2000

I get many letters from wrestling fans that say how unfairly the majority of reporters "trash and bash" WCW. To date, I have yet to see the amount of "trash and bash" as I like to call it as opposed to people wanting a credible cohesive product from week to week. Lately, at least in my opinion, WCW has been doing it's best to deliver just that. I have to say that the first WCW program I enjoyed fully was a Thunder about 2 weeks ago. I caught myself waiting for what they were going to pull next.

I will admit, at first I did not like the commissioner angle but I have to give it to Ernest Miller, he is doing a great job in the role. It is really funny and it looks as if he is enjoying his role.

The commentators on Nitro, Tony Schiavone, Mark Madden and Scott Hudson, are starting to come together as a cohesive unit. When Madden was singing the Canadian National Anthem and Hudson said that Madden had just neutered all the cats in the area I rolled.

Lance Storm's gimmick is also starting to take off. Between that and his wrestling ability he should go a long way in WCW.

Billy Kidman and the "tape" of him and Torrie was priceless. When Kidman came to the ring with Torrie's panties the look on his face was perfect. Can Douglas beat up a WCW employee or what?

I used to hate the Judy Bagwell thing but since she got hit with the "Kanyon Cutter" I kinda like her now. Hell, she's taken more bumps than most of us have.

I also get a kick out of Mike "The hero to the fat chicks" Awesome.

WCW has finally decided to try to turn things around the right way. No more long drawn tired out rants from Vince Russo. Instead we get wrestling. No more stupid incohesive angles that go no where. Instead we get humor. No more tired old angle week in and week out. Instead we get a product that actually is interesting to watch and makes it just a tad more difficult to change the channel at 9 pm for RAW. One thing though, as long as Nitro replays later in the evening and RAW is only shown once, I will always change the channel and watch the second hour of Nitro later on.

Do I miss Hogan and the rest of the old breed? They have their parts to play and their roles in this business but to be quite honest I think the product is better for the lack of them being on television. This should also help WCW in the leverage of the ego's as they are doing just as well without the "Millionaire's Club" as they were with them. Look at the ratings, they may even be doing just a slight bit better.

It will be interesting how this plays out and to see if WCW can build on the momentum they seem to be acquiring. One simple fact is, do not worry about the ratings. If you put on a good consistent product the ratings will come.

File this in your "greatest transformations" file. This past Friday I was watching ECW on TNN and when the Blue Meanie came out I was totally astounded. Not only does he have Jasmine St. Claire on his arms but he looks better than I have ever seen him in my life. This guy has totally dedicated himself to putting himself into a package that not only makes him look great, but I am sure his health is loving it as well. He dropped so much weight that unless you knew who he was you wouldn't recognize him. This just goes to show you what someone can do when they are motivated. His career should jump by leaps and bounds now. I'll bet ole Vince is wondering why he didn't look like this when he was in the WWF. My hats off to Meanie, great f'n job!

Reports are flying around that Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch have burned all of their bridges and are now heading to XPW. I had the chance to see Candido and Sytch this past week in Wildwood, NJ at one of the weekly NWA Boardwalk Bedlam shows that are running there through this summer. Tammy looked great as did Chris. It appears that whatever problems they may have had, they are working to resolve them once and for all which in my mind could be one of the best things that could happen. If everything that appears to be happening is in fact going down, it would be amiss for the big three to turn their heads from these two as when they have everything together they are not only a great looking couple, but they are a draw in any promotion. Congrats to Tammy and Chris for taking the initiative and turning things around. It is a hard road but one filled with rewards when you get to the end. Take it from someone who has been there.

Rhetorical question : So who here wishes they were Triple H. teaching Trish those wrestling moves?

Once again it is being reported that a promoter, this time in North Carolina, falsely advertised wrestlers on their show to increase the gate. These guys should be run out of the business, as I have said many times before. There has to be something pro wrestling can do about this kind of promoting. Especially since he was saying the Hardy Boys were going to be there. I would like to see Vince get his lawyers onto this jobrone and take him out.

Have you read Lance Storm's latest commentary? If you haven't yet, do it. Lance is not only a talented wrestler but has a humorous side to him. It is a pretty good read. You can read it at

In the "What ever happened to" file, "What ever happened to former NWA promoter Dennis Coralluzo?" Nothing.......................yet.

On the PTC front, more and more mainstream media is taking up the cause against these bottom feeding, morally righteous, ultra conservative, hypocritical people that are a part of this organization. While the PTC is trying to play recent happenings off as non-effective, their ego's are starting to get bruised and they do not like it. Awww...maybe they should learn to stay out of people's business. I can only imagine what skeleton's we could find in each and every members closet if we looked hard enough. We already uncovered many in Bozell's, WHO'S NEXT?

Gordon Solie, "The Dean Of Wrestling" passed away last week and will surely be missed by all of those who remember his many broadcasts over the years. All of us at send out our condolences to his family and friends.

And with that I am outta here. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be.

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