"Straight Shooting"
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Professional Jealousy Or Just What The Hell Is She On Anyway? - Part #2
Tammy responds to my response to her diatribe and my response to her.

Tammy wrote:
"all of you can not say any thing about wrestling unless you have actually worked a match---none of you have~~~which makes you stupid, ignorant wrestler wannabes. you can not have an opinion of what these guys go through until you have taken a bump---have you? i think not. just wait, you havent heard the big picture from me,,,, yet"
My response:

One - you do not know who's taken a bump and who hasn't so once again your running off at the mouth without knowing what the hell you are talking about. But let's talk about stuff you do know about:

How about no showing cards? That's the sign of a real professional there isn't it Tammy? I am sure "YOU" would never do such a thing would you, the consumate professional wrestling personality that you are.

I am sure you would NEVER no-show a charity event. Any charitable event is for one thing...helping out fellow human beings. Considering all the work you have done for others I am sure that you would be shocked to learn that one of your fellow workers would do such a thing. Ummm....what was that lawsuit you had against you for Tammy?

Let's not forget how much you truly care about your fans. What do you think of people who are supposed to have an autograph session and show up late and leave early thus screwing their fans on more than one occasion? I am sure you would have something to say to such a bastard/bitch of a person now wouldn't you Tammy, considering the wrestling background you come from.

Beings you seems to be speaking for the boys and maybe even the industry please let me ask you how you feel about the suspected/confirmed drug abuse problem which seems to be running amok throughout the industry? I am sure since you are so inside the business you have maybe witnessed this "first hand" and I am sure you pulled the person aside and talked them into rehab because someone who cares for everyone as much as you do would not be able to help herself. Such the humanitarian. By the way, why did you leave the WWF?

As far as the big picture goes Tammy...who cares? It will just be another Paul Heyman induced "Internet work" to once again try to draw heat and interest in a promotion that he left for dead for two years while he stroked his own ego playing director. I think that it would be in everyone's best interest if everyone in ECW stopped worrying abut getting cheap heat and instead focused that energy into getting the promotion back to where it was when Eddie Gilbert booked the show. You do remember Eddie don't you Tammy? I thought so.

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