"Straight Shooting"
by: Fritz Capp

Professional Jealousy Or Just What The Hell Is She On Anyway?
Tammy responds to wrestling fans and a response to her writings.

Below is a post made by Tamara Lynn Sytch otherwise known as Sunny:
"I am so sick and tired of everyone praising everything the WWF does---as if Vince would have an original idea. Giving credit where credit is due, Cactus is one of the best, anywhere and at anytime. But to say he and the Rock out did anything ECW has done --falling off balconies, etc.-- they haven't come close. Do you all forget when, last year, at Living Dangerously, New Jack and Spike Dudley fell 25 feet from a balcony in Asbury Park to a man laying on a table only 3 feet above the concrete floor?? I watched the Rumble, and Cactus fell from a balcony about 8 feet to a box, and them fell to the floor another 6 feet. I have worked there before--therefore, I know how tall everything is. Check out a tape of Living Dangerously from last year, and you will see what I mean. And yes, if you don't already have it, we will charge you for one , but you won't be disappointed. Then , feel free to respond--it's not the first time I've read shit from sheet readers. If I am wrong, go ahead and prove to me why Rocky is so hardcore, but didn't follow Cactus down with a leap of some kind, but instead, climbed down the ladder like the prima donna he has become. Anyone in ECW would have followed with a splash or something---even me. As far as your Women's title match is concerned, you are right on the money.. I agree with the fact that Luna had to lower herself to Sable' s inexperienced and uneventful matches. Luna has been around the biz since she was 3--traveling with her father to every town in the country--she knows more than most men in this biz--but to stick her with Rena Mero in a match and make her job to her, is just an insult to her work.. Sable wouldn't know her ass from her head inside of a ring and it is a pity that Vince is so infatuated with t&a that he would push a has-been stripper as a superior wrestler than the likes of Luna.

As far as I'm concerned, if Vince ever asked me back, which I wouldn't accept unless he paid me an absurd amount of cash, and programmed me against the so-called women' s champ, I would have no choice than to shoot and put her in her place like she and the company should have been done a long time ago. Wouldn't that be interesting? Believe me when I tell you, I can beat the crap out a lot of men--I've been taught A LOT by a lot of men in this biz--and Sable would be exposed for what she really is--absolutely NOTHING!!!

In the light of this post, I DARE Vince to offer me something to come back and show who the real HARDCORE CHAMP really is---not Sable, not Sunny, but me---Tamara Lynn Sytch. Now, this is one PPV you would not miss for the world. Tammy Sytch"

Now Tammy or Sunny or whatever the hell you want to be called do you actually believe this crap your writing or has Paul paid you enough that you feel obligated to write this junk?

I can understand your resentment towards Sable. I mean you were top dog in the WWF until she came along. Since that day you were slowly phased out but that was mostly by your own doing now wasn't it? In that respect you have no one to blame but yourself. But let's look a little closer at what you said in your post:

You said Vince could never have an original idea. Like Paul has? Paul is great at getting the most out of his workers but let's be honest, ECW is nothing more than a copy of the garbage promotions over in Japan. What is new and inventive about that? Paul used tables, chairs, barbed wire. So has Japan long before ECW was around. In fact if you really want to get into it so has Florida Championship Wrestling and a myriad of other promotions. In fact I say it is safe to say that pretty much everything ECW has done has been done somewhere else before.

You say that the Rock should have leapt onto Mick from the balcony because everyone in ECW would including yourself. Why? For what purpose? Was it needed? Obviously not as the match will probably be a contender for "Match of the Year". Just because everyone in ECW "has" to put themselves at risk anymore or use needless gimmick moves to put something over doesn't mean everyone has to. To watch New Jack dive off of something when he first did it was astounding. Now it is the same old thing...tired and used up pretty much like most of the talent that is currently in your precious locker room. In fact it is safe to say that the call letters of your once great promotion should be changed again to EFW meaning Extreme Farmclub Wrestling as that is about what ECW has become. A castoff of WWF workers who cannot get over in the big time anymore so they send them there until they get their act together. (I am sure YOU can relate to that now can't you?)

You say you wouldn't work for Vince again unless he paid you a large amount of money. Let's read between the lines here Tammy: "Vince, I would work for you again in a second if you could pay me a couple more bucks than this cheap assed promotion who cannot even put on a decent pay-per-view". Then you go on to DARE Vince to bring you back. Talk about begging. Is it that bad in ECW Tammy?

All in all your post is nothing more than you promoing the ECW PPV and you begging Vince to give you your old job back. Kissing Luna's ass was a nice touch though, I have to give you that. But please, spare us your little ego trips. It really shows just how desperate you are.

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