Straight Shooting - The Final PWBTS Issue
by : Fritz Capp
January 28, 2000

The following is a rant and a complete rip on someone. It is not intended to be classy or full of wit. It is not the end all of wrestling journalism. It is not meant to be nor does it pretend to be. If you are here for wrestling news this may/may not be the place for you although it does contain a chronological history for events as it relates to someone. It is intended to speak out against an Internet personality who I am sick and tired of. Nothing more, nothing less. I will state here as I did in my column that these opinions are my own. I am not being paid to write this by anyone nor was I asked to write this for anyone. If anyone has a problem with what I have to say take it up with to man. (or in the case of who I am writing about insecure whiner to man) If after reading this you feel you must write me because you did not like what I said save yourself the time as nothing you say will change my mind or my opinion. You also do not make enough money to change my viewpoints. I do not "sellout" like the person below does. If you read on you do so at your own risk and I am not responsible for anything you may feel after reading this. If you feel outrage, empathy, happy or any other emotion when you are through that is due to how you relate to this column, not by what I actually wrote. With that being said....WELCOME TO ‘STRAIGHT SHOOTING" - THE FINAL PWBTS ISSUE!

I knew this would happen. People are so predictable, especially when you show them to be the frauds and behind the scenes grub worms that they have been known to be.

As most are aware this column is now written exclusively for IGN but this is a special edition. One that has nothing to do with anyone else. This is mine and mine alone and whoever has something to say about it can bring it straight to me. That means all the lemmings that certain people have do their dirty work for them because they DO NOT have the guts to do it themselves can write me so I can have a good laugh at their expense. Better it...I've heard all your rants and diatribes. Unless you come up with something new don't waste my time or yours.

Now who could I be talking about in this column? Why that vestige of virtue, Mr. Morality himself...Bob Ryder! You see in my last column I took exception to the way he has been non-existent as far as giving us the story on what is happening in WCW considering his claims of being unbiased and being able to say whatever he wants to when he wants to. Instead of summarizing it let me put it here for all to read:

Excerpt from column posted on January 27, 2000 :

Since I'm on the subject of Ryder let's touch on the total and complete lack of reporting of the WCW situation by the person who is supposed to be so close to the situation that he in fact a paid employee by the company. Bob Ryder has used his "Notes From Bob" column to take every shot he can at the WWF. When they were down he stomped on them citing all that is wrong within the company structure. When they were up he took every shot he could at the content of their programming calling it porn among other things.

With the current situation in WCW with them losing wrestlers who in effect ‘walked out" on the company and the low ratings week in and week out combined with the T&A that is more and more prevalent on each show you would at least expect some form of report or opinion from him considering he likes to use his column to "shoot" and is supposed to be so unbiased. But the past two weeks have netted one column vaguely talking about the problems in the company and one that gives nothing that really tells you anything about anything. My question is, "What's up?"

Could it be that he is "not allowed" to talk about the situation? Of course he is "not allowed" to talk or write about it. It could mean his paycheck. With that in mind doesn't one have to question the total validity of the news that he has reported since he started receiving paychecks from WCW? His website is supposed to be an unbiased website. Many people go there for that reason.

With Ryder doing his bidding for WCW and his partner admittedly doing the same for ECW what is it going to take for people to realize that this site is nothing more than a self promoting website that does not have the fans or its readers best interest at heart? This site exists for two put the owners over and to make money. Now I have no problem with the making money part. That is the American way. But to use a site to purposely work the news for self promotion to selected wrestling promotions is a conflict of interest to say the least.

All in all I wish Bob would have said his piece on the current WCW problems like he does so much on the WWF. He could have proven me wrong and I would have been ok with that because at least I would have known that he got his testicular fortitude back. I guess the almighty dollar does strange things to people.

(end of excerpt)

Truth hurts I guess. Do you know what this complete and utter buffoon did because of this being in my column? He didn't write me telling me would be too manly. He didn't even have the guts to refute it on his site. No this gutless wonder did what he always does....he called IGN and threatened to sue them over it. WHAT A PUTZ! This is the only place now that you can read that excerpt because the great people at IGN had to "edit" that part out of my column. While I do not like censorship in any form I cannot blame them. Ryder calls up with that shifty Louisiana accent sounding like he has come straight out of the movie "Deliverance" and actually sounds like he knows what he is talking about. So I don't blame them at all. It is not their fault that he "duped" them into thinking he actually has some "legal" grounds to sue. (All you Internet "lawyers" save the e-mail....Ryder is a fraud plain and simple...I have proven this many times)

Did I lose my position there? No...not in the least so sorry Bob but your little plan didn't work. Did it show everyone once again that you are a complete thin skinned piece of crap? Why of course, you always come through with that.

But is there an underlying reason for Bob not wanting to be exposed for the fraud he is again? Sure there is. Dear ole Bob is totally tired and disgusted because it is always either myself or my site that does the majority of the exposing of just how one-sided he really is.

Now believe me people, this is not some story to make you feel sorry for me. I haven't had my tires slashed and I am not looking for sympathy. In fact, quite the opposite. I have done this before and I will do it again. To Bob Ryder : I know you come to the site...I know you read everything I have to write....So if you want to play mind games and threaten to sue someone give me a call so I can personally make you look like the ass that you are!

You see everyone, I get sick and tired of Ryder and his bullshit. He tries to bully everyone behind the scenes while putting on this air of always being the victim of vicious and unwarranted attacks. That is without a doubt the biggest pile of monkey crap ever given. Ryder has created his own hell, I just have fun at pointing that out. He also does everything he can to goad me into doing this. I believe there is some sick part of him that likes to see me write about him so every now and then I have to oblige him. I mean I really hate to disappoint my fans.

So if I'm wrong Bob why haven't you reported on the WCW situation? Fingers hurt? Too drunk? Food stuck between your teeth? Nope, none of the above...YOUR NOT ALLOWED TO! Oh you have fed information of sorts to Mr. Goodwrench and told him he could say a little about it but for the most part your not allowed to pick apart the utter stupidity that your company has shown the past two weeks. But you sure find time to report on whether or not Mae Young's breasts were real don't you? Funny how that works on such an "unbiased site" isn't it Bob? Where are those ripping satirical columns of yours speaking out against the injustices that were perpetrated on some of WCW's workers? Where was your insight into the locker room problems that were happening right before your very eyes? Where is that moralistic integrity that you used many times in the past to rip into the WWF because they were using women basically for T&A because now WCW is following the same policy. (Tell me the Artist's valet crawling across the ring on her hands and knees and putting her face in his crotch or the close-up shots of every woman's breasts involved with the NWO is wholesome family entertainment)

Let's go over some of the happenings the past two years to show you why Bob probably did this.

1 - I exposed him for owning and which showed blatant conflict of interest when no one realized he owned both sites. Check out Network Solutions under the WHOIS section....this is still true although Bobby has been going around for months telling everyone that he "sold" the rights to to ECW. I can hear the excuse now. It will be the same one he said two years ago. "Network Solutions hasn't updated yet". Funny how such a company who updates their files on a daily basis for everyone else never seems to update for poor ole Bob.

2 - I told the world that Ryder was a WCW employee, a fact that he denied for months before finally admitting to it. (I guess working the hotline and doing things behind the scenes doesn't count)

3 - 20 minutes after he made the announcement I showed Ryder to be a complete fraud on his Hogan retirement story. I also showed how he was promoted in the company directly after that to WCW Live!

4 - I have on more than one occasion told everyone who ordered merchandise from and did not receive it after months of waiting to contact their Attorney General. During that time it was ok for Bob to charge their cards for the merchandise as soon as he got the order though.

5 - I told the tale of how Ryder got rid of all the ops who helped build the WCW chat room because they did not agree with him so he could have the chat room filled with Ryder marks who would fear him and not contradict his philosophies. Be forewarned, if you go into the WCW chat room and disagree with anything that Ryder has to say he will kick you under the guise of being disruptive. If you want to have some fun though see how many different ways you can type "PWBTS" into the room because he has it banned like it is foul language. (Or is that his message board...quite honestly I believe it is both) For someone who is supposed to be so cool he sure is really childish.

7 - When Ryder threatened to sue ScoopsThis for parodying his column by cut and pasting it and then picking it apart I did the same exact thing and dared him to sue me. I heard absolutely nothing showing him trying to be an Internet bully and full of crap.

8 - I have given his default address on many occasions so everyone can bypass his Ad-Cast billboard. In fact I'll do it again..... (This formula works for his entire site if your interested, in fact if you enter through this address you pretty much bypass it altogether except for his message board)

9 - I have gone down Ryder's throat in e-mails when he has threatened to sue writers on my site for various reasons...all bogus! So much so that he has excluded me from being able to write him. (But boy he hates that when people do that to him)

10 - I have shown that Ryder's threats of "copyright infringement" are also bullshit. Unless this boy has verifiable copies registered with the Library of Congress he has no copyright on anything. You need two hard copies of each "copyrighted piece" plus the correct forms filled out and the proper fee paid for the filling of each piece of "copyrighted" material. Just because you post something on the Internet doesn't make it copyrighted. I could post anything and put any date on it I want to. It is too easy to scam on the Internet. You need printed copies registered for proof of "copyright". I know I dealt with copyrights for over 20 years. I highly doubt that the Library of Congress is going to accept an e-mail saying, "Hey I copyrighted that because I posted it on the Internet". Haa Haa, what a joke. What records are there to prove your claim? The date sitting on your post? Three of your friends writing them and telling them your telling the truth? Give me a break. Laws are laws and while it is true this exact subject is still being discussed in courts there has been no determination. Also believe me I highly doubt a pro wrestling opinion column is going to come up during these discussions and debates.

11 - For those of you who are under the impression that Ryder and Mr. Michelin are into giving full credit for news that appears on their site...forget it. One time Bob Magee sent in a news article to Georgiann Makropoulos which she posted and mentioned Bob's name as where she got the news from. Well Mr. Firestone went into Georgie's section of the website without her knowing it and took down Bob Magee's name without her permission thus not allowing her the right to give proper credit. Now isn't that a class act? These are the guys who always bitch about websites who do not credit them but yet they censor their own writers. If you notice while I do not like these two guys the people that post here always give them credit for their news. I don't censor the people who post here and I certainly wouldn't go into one of their posts and rip down the credit they have published especially without permission or at least informing the person I was doing so. If that isn't talking out of both sides of their mouths nothing is. I feel sorry for Georgie as I am sure someone of her class has a hard time dealing with immature crap like that.

12 - When Ryder threatened to sue I believe it was over a column that Darryl Wolk wrote where Darryl stated something to the effect that Ryder was a paid shill (which is the absolute truth) I again showed everyone that they were bowing to non-existent pressure. This case actually had Wolk writing an apology to Ryder for no reason at all. Oh I remember, Darryl alluded that could actually be owned by WCW. While factually this is wrong by looking at the lack of news on WCW's situation this makes this true in theory. If Bob Ryder is not allowed to go in-depth on a huge wrestling story because of his affiliation with WCW then he may as well change the name of to which for all pretense and purposes is exactly what it is anyway.

Need I really go on? The bottom line is that Bob Ryder is a promotion toting shill who is not allowed to speak his own mind because of his paycheck and he doesn't even have the guts to face that fact. He would rather hide behind his facade of being someone important in the industry when in reality he would sell his own mother to get his name included with a wrestling promotion. Could it be that Bob is ashamed of being a promotional shill? Not in the least. He just doesn't want it to affect the thousands of dollars that brings in each month due to their constant begging for people to click banners and his Ad-Cast frame.

So Bob...on the phone with your "lawyer" yet? Why not? Because there is nothing here to sue over that's why! I have spoken the absolute truth in each instance and the last time I checked I am still allowed to speak the truth. Everything that I have said is fact. Maybe not YOUR facts as you have such a selective memory and a great creative way of rewriting history but the facts are that a lot of people have seen all this come to pass over these past two years.

My advice to you Bob is to stop threatening people and to start acting like a man, not the little girl you act like anymore. You whine and cry behind the scenes but yet you act all tough when you hang around the guys. Your credibility has been shot pal, your a paid flunky and it's time you admit it. You really did this to yourself when you didn't comment on the WCW situation. I thought you were Mr. Opinion and said what you wanted to when you wanted to? How does it feel to be a "kept" reporter? Your worse than a prostitute. At least a prostitute chooses who she sleeps with. No one tells her "she can't" do it with that particular person. But then again I guess in retrospect you are just like a prostitute because you sold your objectivity to the highest bidder didn't you? So how can you still claim to have an unbiased and newsworthy site? Is it because you pay for all your writers? Do you tell them what they can and cannot write the same way WCW does to you and ECW does to Mr. AutoZone? The news you put out has now been proven to be only what the company allows you to put out. That is fine for all of your columns with but that isn't supposed to happen on is it? That goes for Mr. Goodrich also. In fact I have a question for you both. Since both of you are so tight and you make all of this money why is it YOUR not sponsoring CyberSlam 2000 instead of having Misnik trying to get outside sponsorship to fund this? Isn't CyberSlam 2000 good enough for you to sponsor? Hasn't ECW done enough for you two that you would want to give something back by helping sponsor this event? I guess it is good to take from but not give back to huh? It's a shame too because if Misnik is looking for sponsorship I guess that means he needs money to run this years event. You would think that you two would be the first to help out. I guess there is really nothing in it for you though so why waste the time and money right?

Are the court papers in the mail yet Bob? No???...again why not? Because the Constitution allows me freedom of speech? Because I am allowed to say what I want to? What is your reply going to be Bob? Another shot at my ever popular ECW tattoo? How about that I set-up chairs at the ECW Arena? That is always good for a laugh or two. (From me anyway)

Remember Bob you and Mr. Pepboys have trashed me to people. In fact totally lying and basically slandering me when all they did was ask you about me. I know, they told me. Do you remember everyone you have done this with? Wouldn't that be interesting in a court of law huh? You have me telling the truth about you in court and I also have people who can confirm the way you slander me in public. I think this would make for an interesting case don't you? Maybe you should call your buddy Coralluzo, maybe he can get you one of his hack lawyers...or at least have his kid Mark write you up a really neat interview.

So let's go Bobby, bring on the attorney's. Bring on the threats, bring on the bull. Have your people contact my people and we can all do lunch. I wouldn't mind seeing your gutless face again especially under these circumstances. Just make sure you take your own car or else you could be writing a wrestling related story about being stuck in a hotel because you needed some tires. I guess writing for a dirt sheet didn't help anyone out with a garage this time did it? (reference to an ego ladened column written in an early issue of The Lariat)

Better yet Bob why don't you go crawl back in your hole and stop worrying about what I am doing and what I am writing about. If you weren't such a sham you wouldn't be trying to cover your ass now would you?

You would be better served coming up with another one of those great ideas of yours to try to save your floundering wrestling promotion. Maybe you can suggest bringing in Salvatore Bellomo as Vice President of WCW...or better yet how about Jake "The Snake" Roberts as the head of Standards and Practices. If he got everyone in the arena drunk maybe the fans wouldn't mind all the screwups and botched angles that your company tries to pass off as wrestling.

And with that people I am outta here! With this out of the way you can now return to your favorite wrestling news. Remember wrestling is nothing more than it appears to be.

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