Straight Shooting - Issue #103
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by Fritz Capp
January 15, 2001

Well boys and girls it was a hell of a weekend last weekend. Touch of Reality had to hit the road on a thousand mile journey as they were doing shows in Revere, MA (just north of Boston) and then we had to hit the road again and beat feet back to Harrisburg, PA to do a show for an old friend of mine, Johnny Glitter, who is once again running shows under the World Star Wrestling Federation moniker, only this time out of the Harrisburg area. I will touch on both shows below.

Now I have been to quite a few indy shows with and without TOR on the card but I have to say that I had a great time this weekend. While the drive is tedious (wrestlers do not live glamorous lifestyles at all), it was great to finally meet Randy Miller who is the brains behind Chaotic Wrestling in Mass.

We had to travel to Wonderland Dogtrack. (sound familiar?) It should, because that is where the infamous Eric Kuhlas/New Jack incident happened. Anyway while blood may be spilled on this night, I was confident that there would not be the flowing river of blood that was witnessed by all of those in attendance the night of the Kuhlas hack job.

The first thing I noticed when getting to the show was that everyone involved with Chaotic was really friendly, which is cool when you just traveled so far to get there. You never know what to expect when going into a new locker room. Sometimes the people are cool, other times there are so many ego's in the locker room you just want to turn around and walk out. I am glad this was not the case. We went around and met everyone and settled in for our first glimpse of Chaotic Wrestling, up close and personal.

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised. Too often promoters toot their own horns saying that their promotion is all this and all that with that not really being the case. The show started out pretty good and grew as it went on.

Now the crowd was not the largest crowd I have seen for an event, nor was it the smallest. Considering how horrible Boston traffic is and that this was the first time that Chaotic ran at this venue they didn't do too bad. About 150 paid came to see their debut in this venue. One thing I have to say, it was a vocal crowd and the fans seemed to get into the matches and be having some fun.

Here are the quick results of the night :

-El Mascarado beat "Latin Fury" Luis Ortiz

-"Legend Killer" Kyle Storm beat "Slyk" Wagner Brown

-Chaotic Wrestling Midget Champion, Short Sleeve Sampson beat The Golden Buddha

-Master Sandy beat Slater and "Yankee Rebel" Bart in a 3-Way Dance

-Chaotic Wrestling Tag Team Champions, The One Night Stand - Ronnie D. Lishus and Edward G. Xtasy beat Touch of Reality - Bob Steele and Jim the Messenger in a screwjob finish because the ref counted the wrong man for the pin. (Sorry Randy, had to say it, maybe you should invest in some glasses for your refs)

-Ali Muhammed beat Curtis Slamdawg in a "King of Chaos" Tournament Match

-Chaotic World Champion, "The Extreme Strongman" Gino Martino beat Eliminator Kronus in a Revere Street Fight

It was good to chat with Kronus again. Hell I hadn't seen him since the old ECW days. He put on some weight but he blames his wife's cooking for that and if she can cook half as good as he says she can, even I would probably put on some weight.

We sat with our opponents for the night, One Night Stand, and went over the match. It was really good to see just how much these guys knew about the business. Ronnie D. Has been in the business about 15 years so he knows what it is all about. Eddie G. Has only been in for a couple of years but you would never be able to tell it by how he handles himself in the ring. In fact, all of the guys at Chaotic seem to know their way around the ring pretty well.

Another thing I noticed was that they believe in storylines and doing things that make sense. This may be because they are on television in the Boston/Worcester WUNI Channel 27, but I believe that even if they weren't on television they would still be running storyline to keep it interesting for the crowd. A lot of promoters who aren't on television see storylines as an unnecessary evil and just slap together matches for the sake of having them. It is good to see that there are still promoters that believe in keeping it interesting for the fans.

I could go on and on about Chaotic Wrestling but the best way to see what they are all about is to take in a couple shows and see what they have to offer. You can also go to their newly redesigned website at and check them out. If you're in the area of one of their shows stop by and check them out. You won't be sorry you did as they have some great talent up there and I will be reporting on them more in the upcoming months.

After our scenic trip down Rte. 84 and Rte. 81 we hit Harrisburg and again did not know what to expect. Boy were we surprised. A sold out standing room only show of over 300 greeted the World Star Wrestling Federation stars in Marysville, PA on Saturday night. Also in attendance was the local Fox affiliate who was there to do a report on the WSWF. Hopefully they will do what they said and come back to do a more in-depth story on the fed.

I ran into a lot of old friends while out there. Pinky The Flamingo Kid and Tommy Idol were both there. It was good to see them again. Both are talented workers. The show itself was great. It was good to see a packed house with all of the fans into the show. The fans stayed through the whole show and even stayed for the promos for the next show on March 17, 2001. After the angles were played out and it was time to go every sat their and clapped showing their appreciation for what they saw that night. I can think of one group of promoters who would kill to have that. To bad they not only missed the boat on that, they also lost their ticket, got robbed on the way to the docks and misplaced their passport.

One thing I have to say that I learned from this past weekend and that is that there are some wrestlers that are without a doubt the biggest, most obnoxious fans that there could ever be. I am talking in particular about someone who calls himself Rob Noxious. Now to look at this guy you would not think he is a wrestler at all. Not very tall, out of shape kinda dweeby looking, this guy must think that he is the greatest thing since Hulk Hogan. Sorry pal, far from it. Just by looking at you I know that you will never be invited to the big dance except to maybe sweep up afterwards. Now the reason I am going off on this little tirade is because I had the pleasure of sitting behind this clown and his group of friends at a show this past weekend. Throughout the show this guy laid out insult after insult to everything and everyone who entered the ring. Now it is one thing to try to help the show along and have some fun in the process and maybe in this clowns mind he was having fun, but the way he acted was pretty much like the drunk a-hole fan that you get seated next to every now and then that you just wish would dry up and blow away before you pull your own eardrums out so you don't have to hear him anymore. I got a big kick out of how he called people fat. I would love to see this guy in his gear. But then again I would love to see this jaybro wrestle because I know for a fact that he is not anywhere near what he thinks he is. If he was he would have at least had some interest from someone. Hey, if he was that good he wouldn't have been sitting in the seats watching now would he? Nope, if he was that good he would have been in the show. He told me that some promotion, I believe it is the old Lethal Arts Wrestling that still runs in Lebanon, is having some kind of show in February and told me I needed to go to it. Yeah right, just what I want to go see. I saw the way his little group acted and if that is any indication as to the mindset of the promotion itself they can keep it. I would expect what I saw from fans, not wrestlers. God how this business makes people think they are so much more than what they really are. Well your great at giving heat Robbie boy, let's see how good you are at taking some.

I have talked with a few indy promoters who told me that they contacted a pro wrestling website to try to get some coverage from them but were told that since they didn't book enough "names" on a regular basis that there would be no coverage for them. Now let me get this straight, a pro wrestling site that refuses to promote pro wrestling organizations? How quaint huh? Of course I had to ask who it was and I was not surprised when I was told that it was Blake Norton of IGN who said this. But what does this really mean? What this means, to all of you independent wrestlers out there is that according to Blake Norton, your just not good enough for him to waste his time on you. Plain and simple. No matter how he tries to spin it that is the exact bottom line. How does that make you all feel? Here is a guy who couldn't lace a boot if his life depended on it and your just not good enough or important enough for him to give you any kind of promotion, although he is making his living off of the business you bust your ass to work in. This chump has never taken a bump. This chump has never gotten anyone a payday, but yet he, in all of his infinite wisdom, has decided that the website he works for, IGN, is just too damn good to promote you. Nice huh? Just imagine if the Internet and good old Blake was around 15 years ago. Lets look at all the names he would have refused to have reported on because they weren't "Names" : (since the Internet started coming into it's own in the mid nineties lets just look at the 80's and early 90's to see whom dear Mr. Norton wouldn't have reported on because they either weren't names themselves or didn't work for promotions who booked names on a regular basis in the beginning of their careers)

X-Pac-1990, 911-1994, Johnny Ace-1986, Steve Austin-Dec 1989, Mark Bagwell-1990, Chris Benoit-Jan 1986, Booker T-1989, The Barbarian-1981, Bam Bam Bigelow-Aug 23, 1985, King Kong Bundy-1982, Chris Candido-1986, Masa Chono-Oct. 1984, Great Muta-1988, Shane Douglas-1985, Tommy Dreamer-1989, Duke Droese-1987, Ron Simmons -Oct. 1986, Eddy Guerrero-1988, Billy Gunn-1992, Bart Gunn-1992, Scott Hall-Oct.1984, Owen Hart-May 30, 1986, Hawk-June 1983, Animal-Nov 1982, Triple H-Mar. 1992, Marty Jannety-Apr 1984, Jeff Jarrett-Apr 1986, Chris Jericho-1991, Jesse James-1992, Ahmed Johnson-1989, Kamala 2-1987, Brian Knobs-1985, Konnan-1988, John Kronus-1989, Phil Lafon-1982, Jushin Liger-1983, Lex Luger-1985, Cactus Jack-1985, Sherri Martel-1982, Shawn Michaels-1984, Rey Mysterio Jr.-1991, Great Muta-Oct.1984, Kevin Nash-1990, Raven-Feb, 20 1988, Stevie Ray-1989, Steven Regal-Aug 1986, Rick Steiner-1983, Scott Steiner-1986, Sting-1985, Lance Storm-Dec 10, 1990, Rikishi- 1985, Taz-June 1987, John Tenta-1988, Typhoon-1984, Ultimate Warrior-1985, Ultimo Dragon-1985, Undertaker-1989, Vader-1986, Gangrel-1988 and Rob Van Dam-June 1991. (Names and dates gathered from's Debut Page)

Quite an eclectic group wouldn't you say? But I would bet all I have that Mr. Norton would give blowjobs until midnight to chat with and interview these people now. And that is my point. All of these people attained huge names without the Internet. That is what really puzzles me. Who the hell is Blake Norton anyway? Someone who bounced from Internet reporting site to Internet reporting site until he scammed his way onto IGN. Now he decides who in wrestling is important enough to give press to and who isn't? Well to all of you workers out there who he won't report on, you don't need Blake Norton, or anyone else for that matter. If you really apply yourself and you are good at what you do the word will get out to the people that matter, and believe me that wouldn't be some jaybro Internet reporter who thinks he's above the fray.

By the time that you are good enough for Mr. Norton he will need you, not vice versa. I just hope that all of you remember what he thought of you while you were coming up through the ranks and that you treat him with the same respect and admiration that he bestowed upon you in your early years. It is time that the leeches who make a living off of pro wrestling without contributing anything back are cut to the quick and eradicated from the sport because quite honestly the only people who really need these kind of people are the wrestlers who have nothing to offer the sport and live their gimmick through promotional message boards so they can work their angles there because they are not good enough to do it in the ring. If you want to see an example of Internet wrestlers who live their gimmick through the Internet just go to and hit their message board to see just how sad it is when wrestlers have to post on the message boards to make themselves feel cool.

Well that's the end of the column. Now let me rant for a minute. There is a language warning here so don't say I didn't warn ya. Now let's touch on that wanna-be promotion in Jersey that thinks its cool because they have an affiliation with a dead promotion. Of course I'm talking about NWA-Jersey. Well last week I issued a challenge to them which I knew they would accept. Why? Because they are chumps through and through. Look, here's a promotion that has a hard time drawing flies to their shows so what do these genius's do? They split shows on January 20th so they won't draw in two different venues at one time. Let me tell you something, these guys are not related to Einstein at all folks, especially Gino Moore.

Well let me ask you something you bald headed, wig wearing, blowup while you walk to the bathroom fat motherfucking piece of shit, what would ya do if we just happened to show up at one of your pathetic shows? Besides us bringing some class to your show would you :

A : Call the cops
B : Try to have security remove us from the building
C : Just ignore the fact that we were there and run your show
D : Hide behind Denise's and Kathy's skirts

I think it would be safe to say that the real answer would be "D". Need less to say we may just show up at either your Cedar Grove show or your Elizabeth show. Now do we want to see Sabu, Tom Brandi, Candido and Tanaka who is at Cedar Grove or Reckless Youth and Ace Darling at Elizabeth. Most likely we'll come to the Cedar Grove show. I'll be nice and give you some advanced warning. Isn't that nice of me? Oh yeah Gino, next time you have something to say to me be a man and call me on the phone, don't hide behind an e-mail where you act like your yelling at me like some tough guy. I myself would wipe the floor with you and I'll bet you I could sell more tickets to that than you can on Saturday night total.

Oh yeah, one more thing. C.J. Marsicano has informed me that I write negative columns. Well let me change that right now. I think that this kid positively is the biggest jackoff on the Internet right now. Is that better B.J....I mean C.J.? It is good to hear that you can swallow and type at the same time.

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